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    Hertz Full Size Cars

    Hertz Car RentalWhen booking a full or family size vehicle with Hertz, you'll probably be curious to know what Hertz full size cars are in their fleet. While exact make and model cannot be guaranteed you can still get a detailed idea of the class and caliber of car you'll be taking off the lot. After all, it's your vacation and you deserve to know about what you'll be driving!

    Book with Auto Europe and you can rent any Hertz full size car at a discounted rate.

    To learn more about your Hertz full-size car rental options, call the below 1-800 numbers. You can also use the link below to make any needed edits to your booking.

    Contact Auto Europe Manage Your Booking Contact Hertz Directly
    1800-223-5555 Edit My Reservation 1-800-654-4173

    Hertz After Hours Drop-Off

    Hertz offers customers the ability to utilize their after hours drop off. Be sure to park your vehicle in the designated area, note the return time on your rental agreement and turn the keys and rental agreement into the drop-box on site. Even though it is possible to return your car outside of business hours, we still advise customers in returning it within their designated rental time-frame noted on your Auto Europe rental voucher.

    Hertz Additional Rental Options

    During the booking process you will be presented with the options to select additional options to your Hertz rental like additional insurance, infant/child/booster seats, GPS as well as possible upgrades. While you can purchase any of these at the rental counter, we strongly recommend adding them at the time of your booking for two reasons. 1: it will ensure that the rental office has all of additional rental options on hand and 2: booking additional rental options ahead of time can greatly reduce the cost, saving you money in the long run.

    Age of Hertz Full-Size Rental Cars

    Hertz works to ensure that customers have the ability to rent the newest full-size vehicles on the market, ensuring all of the most modern conveniences many have come to expect from a reputable rental supplier. Don't wait and book the perfect full-size rental for your dream trip from Auto Europe and supplied by hertz today!

    Hertz Full Size Car List

    Use the Hertz full size car list below to learn more about the full and family size cars available in the Hertz rental car fleet. 

    Hertz Full Size - Opel Insignia

    Opel Insignia

    The Opel Insignia is a generous upgrade from the compact class, offering a spacious trunk and comfortable seating. 

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     Hertz Full Size - BMW 3-Series

    BMW 3-Series

    Popular for its world-renowned engineering, the BMW 3-Series is a pleasure to drive and surprisingly fuel-efficient.

    Learn More 

     Hertz Full Size - Peugeot 508

    Peugeot 508

    The Peugeot 508 is a spacious option perfect for families with plenty of room for 4 passengers and luggage. This full size car from Hertz makes an ideal companion on longer road trips. 

     Hertz Full Size - VW Passat

    Volkswagen Passat

    The VW Passat is a standard among full size car rentals, providing a balanced mix of fuel efficiency, reliability, and space.

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     Hertz Full Size - Mercedes C Class

    Mercedes C Class

    The Mercedes C Class offers a refined option among family size rentals. Sleek styling and comfortable seats make this an ideal vehicle for any family trip.

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     Hertz Full Size - Audi A4

    Audi A4

    Driving an Audi A4 will be a welcomed upgrade from any compact car, with sporty styling and plenty of trunk space.

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    * Specific makes and models within given classes will vary depending on country of rental

    Hertz Full-Size Car Frequently Asked Questions

    What Brands of Full-Size Cars Does Hertz Offer?

    Hertz Supplies many well known and trusted brands of full-size vehicles available to rent from Auto Europe. These include Opel, BMW, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi and more. For more information regarding Auto Europe's available fleet please follow the link.

    Hertz Full Size Rental CarsWhat are the Prices of Hertz Full-Size Rental Cars?

    Similar to airline tickets, hotels and other travel industry prices, Hertz full-size rentals change in price daily depending on the time of year, popularity of the vehicle, governmental regulations, etc. Keep in mind that Auto Europe offers a price match guarantee for vehicles within the same size, class and dates.

    What Is The Hertz Fuel Policy?

    In some instances Hertz will offer you the ability to pay for your return filling at the time of pick-up. In the event that you do not pay for your refill up front, we recommend returning your vehicle with a full tank of fuel, whether it requires diesel or petroleum. To ensure that your tank is as full as possible we recommend re-fueling within 10 miles of your drop-off destination.

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    A Trusted Auto Europe Partner: Hertz Rent-a-Car

    The Hertz Corporation is one of the world's largest and well known car rental companies, it handles more than 30 million rentals world wide every year with approximately 6,500 locations in over 140 countries. Hertz continues to strive to be the lowest cost, highest quality and most customer focused rental company in every market, a philosophy which aligns perfectly with that of Auto Europe's mission which is why Auto Europe and Hertz work so well together. The way we achieve this goal is by focusing on and balancing customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and asset management.

    Auto Europe takes pride in helping you rent vehicles in countries around the world for the lowest rates in the industry. Working with suppliers like Hertz who offer the highest level of customer service and the best fleet selections are paramount to our success and we strive to ensure that you will be taken care of throughout your rental experience, from your initial search, throughout he booking process, and through the duration of your trip.