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    Full Size Car Rental in Europe

    Full-Size Car RentalsA full size car in Europe is the perfect option for families looking for a powerful yet comfortable vehicle. The most common full size model in Europe is the Mercedes C Class offering 15-25 miles per gallon. This size vehicle offers seating for up to five passengers, with approximately 18 cubic feet of luggage space. This will accommodate around four medium bags or suitcases.

    About Renting a Full Size Car

    With its sprawling green countrysides and landmarks galore, Europe is a great place to see by car - and nobody gives you the selection of luxurious full-size cars quite like Auto Europe. We work with some of the largest auto manufacturers and distributors in the world to bring you the best selection of full-size car rentals that will help make any vacation or business trip to Europe that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

    Something you should know, however, is that in Europe, full-sized cars are more closely related to what Americans consider to be mid-sized cars. So if you are looking to rent a car with more room than an American mid-size, you might want to consider renting a European station wagon or van.

    History of the Full Size Car

    The phrase "full-sized car" is essentially a marketing term that was first used by the leading auto manufacturers in the United States (Ford, GM, American Motors, and Chrysler) in 1960. The term was used to help identify and separate the largest and most feature-packed models in a manufacturer's lineup of vehicles, from the newer compact and mid-sized models that were being introduced to the U.S. auto market during that time. Prior to the introduction of these smaller models, virtually all passenger cars in the U.S. were "full-sized," so no classification was needed.

    Ford was the first auto manufacturer to use the new designation, starting with its 1960 lineup of vehicles. The Ford Fairlane, Galaxie, Ranch Wagon, Country Sedan, Country Squire, and Courier carried this distinction to help set them apart as premium luxury models, as the company's new, compact, and more economically priced Falcon was introduced. In Europe, this style of car is often referred to as an "executive car," or "luxury car."

    Pros and Cons of the Full Size Car Rental

    Depending on the experience you're looking to have and your travel needs, a full-size car rental may or may not make the most sense for you. On the plus side, a full-size sedan or SUV gives you plenty of storage space and the most possible passenger room, making family trips around Europe that much easier.

    Driving a Car in EuropeThese rental cars are also at the higher end of the luxury stratosphere, so leather seats, a sunroof, a premium audio system, and the latest gadgets and gizmos are often standard. Because of their size and weight, these models also tend to have blissfully smooth rides and wonderfully insulated interiors, so taking on the older, cobblestone streets of some European cities will be a breeze and driving on Germany's Autobahn network will be lots of fun.

    On the other side of the coin, renting a full-size car in Europe isn't always practical. Europe is plagued by narrow streets, some no more than 20 feet wide in older sections of cities, so navigating a larger car down some these venues can certainly be harrowing. And with the current cost of petrol, you can be adding a significant expense to your travel budget, as these cars are not the most fuel-efficient. Ultimately, whether or not a full-size rental car makes sense all depends on where you're visiting, and what you're planning on seeing and doing while you're in Europe.

    A More Nuanced Look at the Full Size Car

    Europe is comprised of some of the world's tiniest communities, as well as some of its largest and most sprawling green spaces, so your driving experience can change drastically throughout the course of a single day. For instance, it can be tough to navigate and challenging to park a larger car or SUV in a city, but should you get on the Autobahn in Germany or on the Transfagarasan Road in Romania, you will appreciate the quiet and smooth ride, and the safety protection features and engine muscle that a larger car provides.

    The Best Full Size Cars Available for Rent

    Auto Europe has a complete selection of full-sized sedans for you to choose from, many of which are among the highest rated in their class. We have the Audi A4, a sleek and stylish, manual four-door sedan that's capable of seating five people, or if you're looking for full-size luxury in a two-seater, then you might want to try the sexy Mercedes SLK - even with its automatic transmission, this car gets an incredible 42 mpg on the highway.

    We also have the roomy Renault Espace 7 pax, which can carry as many as seven people comfortably, making it ideal for family sightseeing trips. The Volvo XC60 offers the combined conveniences of both a luxury car and the spaciousness of an SUV, while the Citroen DS5 offers state-of-the-art features and comfort in a sleek, sporty sedan that's capable of fitting five passengers.

    Your Full Size Car Rental in Europe

    Driving a Full Size Car RentalIf this is your first time traveling to Europe and you want to rent a full-size car while you are there, then Auto Europe has the vehicles you're looking for. Just remember to keep these things in mind. Europe's streets are considerably narrower than most American roads, and the highways tend to have less strict speed limitations.

    As a result, now may not be the time to rent a car with a manual transmission, especially if you are visiting England, where the cars drive on the opposite sides of the road and the car's gearshift is located on the driver's left side.

    For the lowest prices on full-size rentals and the largest selection of cars anywhere, book your next rental through Auto Europe and our unbeatable list of quality suppliers. If you need any assistance at all, just give us a call at 1-888-223-5555 and one of our staff will help guide you through the rental process so you can enjoy the perfect full-size car during your stay in Europe.

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