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    Rental Car Age Requirements & Restrictions

    Age Requirements to Rent a Car

    Regardless of where you are looking to travel, rental car age requirements and restrictions may affect the cost of your vehicle reservation. This is especially true for those looking to rent a car under 25 because many rental suppliers will determine how old you have to be to rent a car with strict rental car age limits or charge an additional daily fee known as a young driver surcharge. These age limits will vary depending on where and who you plan to rent your car with, so it's best to keep yourself informed and in control of all your local car rental fees.

    How Old Do you Have to be to Rent a Car in Europe

    All auto rental suppliers have requirements on how old you have to be to rent a car. In most countries, drivers as young as 18 will be able to book a rental car (see chart below), if a driver's license has been held one year from the issue date. Although rental suppliers are willing to rent vehicles to young adults, this will likely come with additional rental fees and certain restrictions on rental fleets available. With over 60 years of industry experience, Auto Europe can help travelers of all ages book rental cars, as well as, book private drivers for hire. No matter what your travel requirements may be, Auto Europe has got you covered!

    Car Rentals for 18 Year Olds
    Although there are some countries where renting a car as an 18 year old can be tough, there are a number of popular travel destinations where renting a car at 18 is common.

    Car Rentals for 21 Year Olds
    Car rentals for 21 years of age and younger typically have more restrictions. As long as your car rental needs are for a basic category car, we can almost always find an equitable solution.

    Car Rentals for Under 25 Years Old
    If you are hoping to book a car rental under 25 years of age, you will typically be categorized on any continent as a "young driver". Travelers can compare rates for young drivers with several of the most recognizable and reliable suppliers across the globe.

    Car Rentals for 70+ Year Olds
    When booking a rental car at the age of 70 or older you are categorized as a "senior driver". Senior drivers are subject to surcharges but there are many variables that come into play regarding fees. At Auto Europe our wealth of knowledge will have renters confident in what to expect when booking your trip abroad.

    Rental Car Age Requirement Facts

    1. Rental car age requirements are determined independently.
      How old you have to be to rent a car is determined by the rental car companies. Car rentals for 18 year olds are possible, and even though the minimum legal driving age in most European countries is younger than 18, each respective car rental company can choose who they will or will not rent to and can set their own rules and restrictions. 

    2. Car rental age limits are based on the terms and conditions from the country you rent in.
      The only car rental age restrictions that will apply to you will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your rental contract, but national laws will still apply if you plan on driving to different countries. Always be sure to read up on driving laws in any country you intend on visiting and give prior notice to Auto Europe if you plan on driving a rental car internationally.

    3. Young driver surcharges are incurred by rental suppliers and paid locally.
      If your age requires you to pay an additional fee according to the terms and conditions of your rental car contract, the additional amount will not be included in your pre-paid rate with Auto Europe and will need to be paid locally at the rental desk when you pick up your vehicle.

    4. Rental car age restrictions may require you to purchase insurance.
      If you are a senior driver or younger driver, particularly those looking to rent a car under 21, you may be required to purchase an inclusive rate rather than opting for a basic rate or using insurance provided by a credit card.

    5. Car rental age requirements may restrict you from renting certain vehicles.
      Many rental companies will set higher age limits for specialty and luxury vehicles. Vehicles in the economy and compact classes will always have the fewest age-related restrictions.

    Rent a Car Age Chart

    Use the chart below to gather some quick info on rent a car age limits for the country you plan on visiting. Remember that rules may vary depending on the location and rental supplier you choose, but specific terms and conditions will always be listed in your car rental contract.  

    Contact Auto Europe to Learn About Rental Age Requirements in EuropeAlways enter the correct age of the primary driver when booking with Auto Europe, and we'll be sure to inform you of any restrictions that may apply to your rental. Remember that our agents are waiting to assist you with whatever questions you may have, on call 24/7 and toll-free at 1-888-223-5555. You'll never have to be confused about rental car age requirements when you book with Auto Europe, and we'll also help you get the best rates in the industry, with special promotions to and beyond!