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    Can I rent a car if I am 18?

    Car Rentals for 18 Year OldsRenting a car as an 18 year old, while not as widely available as they are for older travelers, can still be obtained in many international countries with certain suppliers. A rental car in Europe provides you with the most flexibility in diversifying your travel while abroad. Auto Europe partners with car rental companies worldwide to offer you unbeatable rates on all our transportation services. Refer to Auto Europe's travel tips for a car rental under 25 and car rental under 21 for more helpful information on car rental age requirements.

    Where can I rent a car if I am 18 years old?

    Although there are some countries where renting a car as an 18 year old can be tough, there are a number of popular travel destinations where renting a car at 18 is common and a stress-free rental process. Some of these top international destinations include:

    For a more inclusive list of European Countries with their minimum and maximum rental age requirements, see our rental age requirement table.

    Is there an additional fee for drivers renting a car who are 18 years old?

    Renters who are 18 years old will almost always have to pay an additional daily fee on top of the cost of their rental. With most suppliers, a young driver fee is applied to any renter who is under the age of 25 and will range between $10-$20 USD per day. For many suppliers there is a cap on the total number of days you can be charged this fee but that number can vary by supplier. The young driver fee is paid locally when you pick-up your vehicle but Auto Europe does inform renters of what the fee will be in the booking process on our site.

    Are there ways to avoid a young driver fee?

    Travelers trying to avoid paying a young driver fee may have a few options. Auto Europe partners with Citroën and Peugeot to offer short term car leases in popular European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The short term lease is only available for bookings 17 days or more but is available to drivers as young as 18 with no additional fee. There are a number of benefits for drivers including a brand new vehicle and full insurance coverage. Learn more about Auto Europe's short term leasing program in Europe.

    AAA partners with Hertz so members between the ages of 20-24 who meet standard rental qualifications can have the young driver fee waived for their rental with Hertz. Although this doesn't help the 18 year old renter, there may be other memberships that offer benefits for young drivers to seek out.

    What classes of cars are available to renters who are 18 years old?

    It is true that most suppliers provide a limited fleet of cars available to rent for drivers who are 18. In most cases, the car classes available will include smaller cars like minis, economy and compact car classes. If you are looking for a larger vehicle that is available, we urge you to give us a call at 1-888-223-5555 to see if we can help find you the ideal vehicle.

    Why you should rent a car with Auto Europe at 18?

    After 60 years as a travel industry leader, Auto Europe's dedication to providing the lowest car rental rates is rivaled only by our high-quality customer service. We're committed to providing you relevant recommendations on everything from creating an epic study abroad experience to save on a car rental under 25 years of age. As you're making plans for your next international trip, contact Auto Europe's team of car rental specialists toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, or make your reservation using our secure, online booking engine.

    At the age of 18, on the cusp of adulthood, the world is your oyster, burgeoning with potential. There is an exceptional array of professional, international programs that recruit from the crop of recent post high school grads to explore, not to mention the abundance of general travel opportunities. You have more freedom at this age, than you will for many years (if not decades) to come with the inevitable obligations to school, family and a career. Take this time to savor the life-changing experiences that come through being a global traveler. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    What is 'WWOOF' Around the World?

    Rental Car Options for StudentsWWOOF is the acronym for an organic farming project (willing workers on organic farms), that began in England in the 70's and grew into thriving global movement that it is today. Many youthful travelers WWOOF as a means to offset their travel expenses while touring a destination as the organic farm operators provide room and board in exchange for labor. WWOOFing internationally is not only an economical way for you to travel, it teaches you about the importance of sustainability, offers a crash-course in local cultures and provides a new level of appreciation for where your food is sourced. In your downtime, a car rental allows you to traverse the landscape of your chosen destination more easily, anywhere from Australia and Norway to the Americas. Check out Auto Europe's green travel tips for more insight on ecotourism!

    Can I become an au pair?

    There are many international families who are ready to welcome you into their home in exchange for childcare. Beyond offering room and board, there is a language and cultural exchange that is shared between you and your host family. Keep in mind, when considering becoming an Au Pair that you'll be responsible for the health and safety of someone's offspring while delighting in the travel experiences both on your own and with the family. This is a type of job you should consider carefully before pursuing.

    Can I teach English as a second language?

    There are numerous ways to be a traveler and teach English as a second language, including living with a host family that you would work with exclusively, or you could to be in charge of a small classroom of students a few hours a week. While there are programs that require older college age students or graduates for participation, there are still many chances for an 18 year old to find placement as a language educator. Most time commitments are the equivalent of a part-time job, 15 - 20 hours, leaving you oodles of leisure time to tour! France is not the only country that welcomes ESL teachers in cities from Bordeaux to Paris, so if the idea of climbing the Eiffel Tower or sipping espresso along the Seine isn't your cup of tea, you've still got options!

    Call us to learn more about car rentals for 18 year oldsAre there international internship opportunities?

    International internships can be found, particularly in the hospitality industry for college-age travelers, with little to no experience required. Some will be paid, and others will require you to cover your own expenses, but both will offer you hands-on training in the hospitality industry in an exotic setting!

    If you plan on furthering your education, have you considered expanding your horizons with a study abroad program? Here's a comprehensive list of international scholarships we've compiled to get you started! Study Abroad Scholarship Programs - A Comprehensive List