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    Rent an Economy Car with Auto Europe

    Economy Car RentalEconomy cars are small, low cost rentals that have been designed with short term travel in mind. These fuel efficient vehicles are great for students, couples, and small families travelling through Europe with a couple of small bags. One of the most common economy sized cars in Europe is the Volkswagen Polo, which is similar in size to a two door Volkswagen Golf, and is available in manual and automatic transmission. Depending on availability, you may rent gasoline or a diesel fueled model, and both will usually get at least 30 - 35 mpg. There is room for four adults, two medium sized suitcases, and a small carry-on bag. It's time for you to enjoy great gas mileage and easy maneuvering in a rental car from Auto Europe.

    About Renting an Economy Size Car

    Whether you're planning a scenic drive through the Col de la Bonnette or aiming to comb every single inch of London, England, Auto Europe provides a wide selection of the best economy car rentals available anywhere. Economy cars are great for up to two travelers who plan to cover longer distances, as well as small families looking for convenient transportation in and around their favorite European town.

    Learn more about these fuel-efficient vehicles and let Auto Europe help complete your trip with the best vehicle for you.

    What is an Economy Car?

    Small, safe, and affordable is the name of the game when it comes to arranging an economy rental car. Economy cars are a popular choice and get high marks for their low price point, and reliability out on the road. These vehicles are also notorious for superior fuel-efficiency, and who could complain about that? Auto Europe breaks down the difference between economy and compact rental cars to help better educate our customers on what they should choose.

    A Brief History of the Small Economy Car 

    Before the turn of the 20th century, automobiles were reserved for those with extreme wealth. The Ford Model T, which was first introduced in 1908, is credited as being the very first "economy" car. At the time of the Model T's debut, Henry Ford pointed to the versatility and affordability of his economy car vision, calling the Model T a vehicle that would appeal to families and individuals alike.

    Over the years, market demand for the small economy car has grown, as did the variety of vehicles available for consumers. Nowadays, there is seemingly an endless list of economy cars from which to choose. 

    Pros and Cons of Economy Car Rental in Europe

    Narrow Street in EuropeThere are many advantages to an economy car rental in Europe, with fuel-efficiency at the top of the list. Economy cars are great gas savers, which means you can reduce your Euro expenditure at the pump (gas tends to be much more expensive in Europe), and reserve that money instead for more European activities and attractions. This is an especially great option if your trip to Europe involves traveling great distances between countries.

    Another major benefit to the small economy car is its size. Vehicles are generally more compact in Europe, and as the saying goes, "when in Rome." In fact, you won't find many, if any, Cadillac Escalades or other full-size SUVs during your stay abroad. Most European streets are narrow and parking can be difficult, especially if you find yourself in a big city. Because of this, arranging an economy car rental in Europe might be the best route to take by necessity.

    Of course, there is always a trade-off. Small economy cars generally provide less interior space and trunk capacity when compared to larger models. If you plan to travel with a lot of luggage, then economy car rental might not be the best fit for you (consider a compact car - a good compromise). Additionally, some consumers find the basic features of most economy cars to be a turn-off. If you're looking for a sportier, more stylish rental that has more bells and whistles, you may be better suited for the compact and luxury vehicle fleets.

    Excellent Fuel Efficiency with Economy Cars

    When it comes to choosing the best economy car in Europe, travelers often zero in on gas mileage as a deciding factor. And with that in mind, Auto Europe provides some impressive options. Our best fuel economy cars include the Volkswagen Polo, which gets 36 city miles and 41 highway miles. The Fiat 500 is another popular small economy car; it's a little bit sportier than many other options in the economy car fleet, but comes with equally great gas mileage.

    Those who need a bit more room can try the Seat Ibiza wagon, which comes with four doors, making it a perfect option for family travel. There's also a bit more space in the back than you would typically find in the economy car fleet category. 

    Reserve Your Economy Car Rental With Auto Europe

    Auto Europe works with only the finest car rental suppliers. With Auto Europe, you'll take comfort in a hassle-free economy car rental experience. If you need assistance with your reservation, have urgent questions, or are looking for a specific small economy car not found on our site, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-223-5555. Our expert reservation associates are here to help you make the most of your trip!

    Popular Economy Car Rental Models

    Below we highlight some of the most popular economy class car rental models in our fleet. Click on any vehicle from the list below to learn more about that vehicle including specs, size, luggage capacity and a detailed description. You can rent the economy car of your choice by completing a search in the booking engine at the top of any page on the Auto Europe website.

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