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    Domestic and International One Way Car Rental in Europe

    Great Deals on One-Way Car RentalsThere are two types of one way travel with a rental car: domestic and international. One of the conditions of returning a rental vehicle to a different location is a compulsory charge known as a one way car rental fee or "drop fee." This varies in price depending on the rental car company's rate for a prearranged return at a domestic or international location.

    Domestic One Way Fee - Thanks to our continuing partnerships with our suppliers, a domestic one way fee is generally free of charge for a trip from one city to another within the same country, as long as a minimum rental period is met. Auto Europe does work with suppliers who will waive this drop fee if your domestic one-way booking is over a week. The actual cost of a drop fee will vary based on your itinerary, most domestic drop fees aren't over $100 and can be as little as $25⁠–$30.

    International One Way Fee - An international one way fee is almost always required for a trip from one country to another country and tend to be much more costly. In a random sampling of drop fees analyzed for rental bookings in Europe for summer 2019, international fees ranged from $250⁠–$1200 USD. Unless stated otherwise, it is important to note that rental companies around the world charge an international one-way drop fee, though some companies don't disclose this fee up front. Auto Europe always discloses one way rental car fees.

    Is a One Way Car Rental More Expensive?

    As mentioned above, most one-way car rental itineraries will result in an additional charge added on to your final car rental rate. A common one way fee for a car rental from Amsterdam to Paris is around $436, and from Paris to Barcelona is around $618. Fees are constantly changing based on destination and time of the year you are booking so be aware the fee may change if you alter your itinerary. Auto Europe recommends travelers visiting multiple countries look into making two separate bookings or multiple bookings to avoid the drop fee when possible. Read our post about 6 Tips Tricks to Score the Best One Way Car Rentals.

    Auto Europe works with multiple suppliers in most cities across the globe. Compare rates between different suppliers to find the lest expensive drop fee for your next trip. Below are 2022 travel estimates for one way fees to popular destinations. 

    One Way Car Rental Fee Estimates for November 2022
    Country Pick Up City Drop Off City One Way Fee Range
    France Paris Marseille $155
    Germany Munich Frankfurt $20⁠–$43
    Ireland Dublin Shannon $66⁠–$149
    Italy Rome Florence $66⁠–$140
    Italy Florence Rome $66⁠–$140
    Italy Milan Rome $112⁠–$140

    How to Save Money on a One Way Car Rental

    When booking a one-way car rental it is helpful to be aware of the different ways to save money. If you are picking up a rental car and dropping it off within the same country often times you will not be charged a one way fee. Typical one way fees can range from $100–$300, but if the drop off location is far away the fee can be up to $1000. Particular places can be expensive especially when crossing country borders. Also, keep in mind that picking up a car rental downtown is frequently cheaper than picking it up from the airport or train station. Rick Steves, a popular public television host and best-selling guidebook author, has some great recommendations for saving money on car rentals.

    Why Book a One Way Rental Car in Europe?

    If extensive travel is on your itinerary, driving your rental car from Spain to France or Italy to Germany will be an inspiring, unforgettable journey across a landscape brimming with ancient monuments, innumerable dining choices, diverse cultures, and exciting celebrations that deliver the ultimate European holiday. When you pick up your car in one destination and drop it off in another it allows you to cover more ground and experience more during your trip. Check out our One Way Car Rental PDF Guide for more information. For rates, reservations, and information about one way fees call us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team or get your quote online in minutes. Here's how:

    How to Search One Way Car Rental Deals

    One Way Car Rental

    Step 1. Using the booking form on top of the page, enter your desired pick-up and drop-off locations for your one way trip. Fill in the pick-up and drop-off times and dates. Click the "Find Your Car" button to proceed to the vehicle results page. A disclaimer will appear at the top of the results page advising of potential costs for one way travel.

    Step 2. Continue your reservation by choosing a suitable rental vehicle with a guaranteed low rate. Various insurance coverage options will listed to the right of the vehicle image, detailing the price for a basic rate, inclusive rate with deductible, and if available, inclusive rate with a zero-deductible.

    Step 3. Once you choose your rental vehicle, click the blue "Show Locations" button to proceed to the next step. Once there, you will be able to choose where you would like to pick up and drop off your vehicle from the available locations shown on the map, as well as the different insurance packages.

    Step 4. Once you selected your pick-up location, return location, and desired insurance coverage you will proceed to the one way confirmation page, asking you to verify that you understand there is a locally paid fee for one way car rentals.

    Step 5. After selecting the "Accept One Way Fee and Continue" button, you will be brought to the contact and payment information screen, where you will also find a break down of costs and fees.

    Finalizing your One Way Car Rental in Europe

    Once you have successfully generated a booking, you will receive a confirmation email with your voucher number and a PDF of your reservation which is complete with your contact information, rental details, the car rental company's confirmation number. This will also include a detailed breakdown of the terms and conditions of your car rental, advising of inclusions and exclusions. Information about the one way fee will be printed on the voucher. Simply print and present the voucher to the rental car desk to obtain your rental vehicle and start enjoying your time in Europe! See our car rental FAQ for more information.

    While any car rental company can take a reservation for a one way rental car in Europe, Auto Europe goes the extra mile to confirm all of the details so that when you pick up or drop off your rental car there are no surprises. Auto Europe also can reserve a private driver for hire to allow your arrival to be as easy as possible. We understand that your trip to Europe is a special occasion, and as European one way car rental specialists with over 60 years of experience helping customers arrange complex (but fantastic!) itineraries, we look forward to making sure your upcoming trip is perfect.

    Auto Europe One Way Car Rental

    One Way Car Rental in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Contact Auto Europe for your One Way Rental"I called and talked to a couple of the employees for an international trip I was doing during a study abroad. They were able to look up all the information that I requested in a timely manner and I was able to end up with a vehicle at about half of the price I was originally quoted once we played with pick-up and drop-off locations (I drive through more than one country so hard to be international one way fees that varied a lot by country). I was happy to book everything over the phone after they had answered my questions."