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    Car Rentals Worldwide

    Car Rental Under 25 Facts

    All About Renting A Car Under 25

    There are many programs and activities worldwide geared specifically towards attracting the attention of enthusiastic young travelers. Don't miss out on these life-changing opportunities! Auto Europe has been renting cars for over 60 years, our wealth of knowledge will have renters under 25 confident in what to expect for fees, insurance, and tips to save money on your car rental. Find all this info and more below!

    Auto Europe's team of travel experts are here with the facts on car rental age requirements so you can make an informed decision when arranging an international car rental for your next trip and save money when renting a car under 25 years of age.

    What is a Young Driver Surcharge

    If you are hoping to book a car rental under 25 years of age, you will typically be categorized on any continent as a "young driver" and will likely incur a young driver surcharge. A young driver surcharge is the fee set by car rental companies that is applied to your credit card when your rental car is returned. Auto Europe will advise you if there is a maximum threshold in place with your car rental supplier as well, so you can plan ahead to have the appropriate funds available.Car Rental Under 25

    **Please be advised that the young driver surcharges, just like an additional driver fee, is assessed as a per person charge. If you are contemplating having more than one driver and you all fit in the young driver age category, you'll each be obligated for the young driver surcharge plus each additional driver will be obligated for either a daily charge or a flat fee depending on the car rental company.

    Minimum Car Rental Age

    The minimum rental car age is mandated by the country. Next, the individual car rental companies can choose to keep that minimum or increase the minimum car rental age. For example, the minimum car rental age in Germany is 18, but the car rental companies are only required to use that as their base age.

    The three examples below are for compact car rentals in Germany from three different car rental companies. You can view similar details when you click on the option for product information that's listed next to the sample picture of each vehicle on the results that populate on the second screen after you've entered your travel criteria.

    Car Rental Age-Based Availability

    A car rental under 25 years of age can also affect the variety of fleet categories available according to the regulations of each car rental company. Your options to rent larger car categories, luxury vehicles and sports cars may be limited, or refused due to car rental minimum age requirements.

    Car Rental Under 25 - Insurance Requirements

    As you're creating your car rental reservation online with Auto Europe, or speaking with one of our car rental reservation agents, it's important to provide the correct age of the primary driver who will be listed on the voucher. This is because select car rental companies may also have different car rental insurance standards for young drivers. For example, while older drivers might be able to take basic car rental insurance and use a credit card for the inclusive insurance coverage (collision damage waiver and theft protection), as a young driver, you may be required to take the inclusive insurance rate. Refer to Auto Europe's car rental insurance travel tips to learn more about basic, inclusive and optional car rental insurance requirements and availability.

    When You Rent a Car Under 25, Pay Attention to Driver's License Date of Issue

    Most car rental agencies have rules in place that require aspiring car renters to have held their license for a span of at least one year from the date of issue. If you're planning to rent a car in Ireland your license needs to have been held for 2 years. Auto Europe can also advise if you will be required to have an international driver's permit along with your driver's license to rent a car.

    Ways to Minimize Costs for Your Car Rental Age

    The simplest solution to reducing your car rental costs is if you have someone in your travel group that is over the age 25 and willing to be the sole driver. If you're all under 25, you can still decide to delegate the driving to one person and defray the cost of the additional driver and young driver surcharge.

    Another economical alternative is if you're traveling for 21 days or longer, Auto Europe has formed a partnership that provides factory-new vehicles is a monthly car rental with Peugeot to travelers 18 years and up! Are you trying to book a car rental under 21? A short-term car lease is a great opCar Rental Under 25tion for young drivers because it alleviates many additional costs that might be applied.

    Now that you're more familiar with the options available regarding international rental car age requirements, it's time to create your car rental reservation! Auto Europe offers travel resources on a variety of subjects that you can easily reference and when you're ready. Our online booking engine is a safe, secure and simple way to confirm your car rental! If you still have questions about arranging a car rental under 25, contact our 24-hour call center and speak with Auto Europe's travel team. Our toll-free number is 1-888-223-5555.

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