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    Yuma car rental

    Rent a Car in Yuma, AZ

    Blast the air conditioning and grab a few extra bottles of water; it could be quite hot while renting a car in Yuma, Arizona! When it comes to planning a road trip in the Southwest, Yuma is certainly a must-see destination. With an estimated population of over 203,000, Yuma is a major car rental location in Arizona, especially with more than 85,000 "snowbird" retirees making this city their winter residence. Because after all, Yuma has become the “Sunniest City on Earth” with warm weather for over 91% of the year. So, if you’re a chilly New Englander trying to get out of dodge for the winter, booking a USA car rental in Yuma can be your golden ticket. Here’s another fun fact: one of Yuma's nicknames is the "Winter Lettuce Capital of the World" due to the area’s immense agricultural industry that feeds the United States during cold months.

    It doesn't matter if you prefer to book a car from our USA fleet online or over the phone; we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in coordinating your trip to Yuma. Between our optimized car rental rates and award-winning customer service, travelers won't regret choosing Auto Europe. Seeing is believing; perform a quick search on top of the page to go over real-time rates in Arizona or simply give our award-winning customer service team a call at 1-888-223-5555 for unbeatable prices.

    Fun fact: legendary films such as Spaceballs, Return of the Jedi, Flight of the Phoenix, among others, were filmed in Yuma!

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    Yuma car rental pick-up and drop-off
    If you're about to travel to the Sunniest City on Earth, you can plan on renting a vehicle from the Yuma Airport in Arizona. Only 3.5 miles south of downtown and 150 miles east from San Diego International Airport, this is where travelers will find the most affordable car rentals in Yuma. The address is 2191 E 32nd St #218, 85365. Read more about this Arizona rental location by clicking on the link below!
    Yuma, AZ car rental options
    Yuma car rental models
    As you are about to see online, there is a Yuma car rental for every type of trip, from motorhomes to go camping or shiny luxury cars. Practically all of the vehicles come with an automatic transmission, not to mention unlimited mileage and up to 30 percent discounts! Ford Taurus, Chrysler 300, Chevy Impala; these are just a few of the Yuma car rental models available over the Auto Europe search engine!
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    Yuma car rental providers
    For over the past 60 years, we at Auto Europe have been collaborating with the most reliable USA car rental companies to guarantee flawless rental experiences for customers in Yuma, Arizona. Just use our search engine on the top of the page to start comparing rates between companies. Also remember to have your passport and driver’s license ready to go when picking-up your Yuma vehicle.

    Don't forget to click on the logos below to find out more about our Yuma car rental partners!
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    Read our reviews for USA rental cars from our satisfied customers.

    Where to bring Yuma car rental

    Cowboy aficionados and history buffs may adore the Yuma Territorial Prison Park museum showcasing a Wild West-style prison from the 1870s. Students from across the country also attend Arizona Western College in town. Geographically, Yuma lies in southwestern Arizona right on the state line of California as well as the border with Mexico near Mexicali. For some interstate exploration, we also encourage travelers to check out the following cities in Arizona and California with your Yuma rental car from the Auto Europe booking engine:


    Driving Route

    Distance (mi)

    Distance (km)

    Avg. Trip Time

    Yuma to Phoenix in a Rental Car Yuma to Phoenix 185 MIs 298 KMs 2h 52 mins
    Yuma to Tucson in a Rental Car Yuma to Tucson 237 MIs 381 KMs 3h 25 mins
    Yuma to Mesa in a Rental Car Yuma to Mesa 191 MIs 307 KMs 3h 3 mins
    Yuma to Flagstaff in a Rental Car  Yuma to Flagstaff 318 MIs 512 KMs 4h 4 mins
    Yuma to San Diego in a Rental Car Yuma to San Diego 172 MIs 277 KMs 2h 44 mins

    Yuma car rental FAQ

    Auto Europe customer service contact

    Is an International Driver’s Permit required to rent a car in Yuma, AZ?

    Vast majority of car rental providers will not expect international visitors to the United States to apply for an International Driver's Permit (IDP) to rent a car in Yuma. On the other hand, certain car rental providers still may want to see this credential, so it’s best to check with the company. No matter what, passengers will still need a valid driver’s license from their country to rent a car in Yuma or anywhere else in Arizona.

    Can I rent a one-way car from Yuma, AZ to Mexico?

    Relatively more complex compared the European Union, insurance policies may result in pricier drop fees for travelers taking Yuma car rental to other countries. It may be possible but best to contact the Auto Europe team to find out beforehand to find out which car rental suppliers permit one-way car rentals Mexico from Yuma.

    Is there free cancellation for my Yuma car rental?

    Why yes there is! Travelers can cancel reservations completely free of charge up to 48 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time. However, anything sooner will result in a $75 fee.