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    Day Trips: Rent a Car for a Day

    Rent a Car for a DaySometimes, you just need to rent a car for a day. There are going to be times when the idea of spending days of your vacation racking up mileage on a driving tour is the furthest thing from your mind. Instead, the appeal of thoroughly exploring a city or region is irresistible. So, you select a location that provides either plenty of recreation and points of interest to stay busy, or a low-key environment to rest, nest and rejuvenate. These localized travel plans are the perfect occasions to rent a car for a day and mix up your itinerary.

    What is Considered a One-Day Car Rental?

    Car rental costs are based on a 24-hour block of time. When you book a one-day car rental, with a pick-up time of 10:00 AM for example, you'll be required to return the rental car by 10:00 AM the next day, or you'll be charged for an additional day. Don't count on grace period for returning your car rental, as there may be another customer that is being kept waiting because you are for all intents and purposes late, if you're not returning the vehicle at the time listed on the car rental contract.

    One-Way, One-Day Car Rental Travel

    The advantages of renting a car as the means to travel between various locations are numerous, not the least of which is the prerogative to stop, go and make snap decision detours. If you're a traveler who is planning a one-way, one-day car rental you should be aware that car rental companies often have minimum requirements and restrictions based on car rental category, model, length of travel and the intended drop-off destination.

    As car rental company locations prefer to keep fleet vehicles at their respective locations, when you request to rent a car that commences at one point and concludes at another, they usually have to offset the cost of returning the vehicle to the original pick-up location by charging you a one-way fee. Car rental suppliers will have their own rules and fees for this based on the company and individual location.

    Auto Europe can advise you whether you are able to rent a car for a day between two domestic locations and any fees that will be applied to do so. If the specific location(s) that you prefer do not allow the domestic one-day car rental, or only allow it for a longer period, we can help you price out these costs or find the next best alternative.

    International travel typically has at least a three-day minimum, more if you're traveling by car to Eastern Europe. If you are hoping to rent a car for a day to travel internationally one-way, the hands-free experience of a private chauffeur might be worth pricing out.

    One-Day Car Rentals for Cruise Ship Passengers

    Car rental companies are more likely to permit a one-day car rental if it will be returned to their location as it saves them from the expense of retrieving it, savings which are then passed on to you! Round-trip travel is the most cost-effective and feasible option whether you rent a car for a day or more.

    Auto Europe has an extensive network of cruise clients who opt to rent a car for a day to gain more flexibility in their travel while in port. Something to consider the next time you find yourself on an extended sea voyage.

    Rent a Car for a DayMaking a One-Day Rental Car Booking with Auto Europe

    Creating a reservation to rent a car for a day with Auto Europe is quick and easy using our online car rental booking engine. If you have questions at any point before, during or after the booking process, you can contact Auto Europe's call center toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, where live rental car reservation agents are available 24-hours a day. We also provide in-depth, web-based travel tips for you to refer to that cover a wide range of topics from minimum car rental age requirements to planning a European road trip.

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