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    How to Book Your Next Rental Car with Auto Europe

    One of the best ways to explore any destination is by rental car. Don't scour the internet trying to find the best rates, simply rely on Auto Europe for all of your rental needs while traveling abroad and rest easy knowing that you are getting the lowest rates in the industry. Our three step booking process has made renting a car in Rome easier than ever! We have set up the booking interface to be extremely user friendly and it will not take long for you to reserve a rental that will best suit your travel plans.

    Find a Rental Car in Three Easy Steps

    All you have to do is follow the step by step directions and fill in the required fields to book your next car rental in Europe.

    1. Select your pick-up country/city.
    2. Select your desired pick-up and drop off dates.
    3. Click the "Find Your Car" button.

    How to Book a Rental Car in Europe
    Once you have completed those steps, you are given a list of what vehicles available. If you would like to get more information on a particular vehicle, hover over the car with your mouse pointer and additional information will pop up. If you hover over the prices listed next to the car, information on the inclusions of the rental will also be displayed.

    Choose your Rental Car

    Keep in mind, Auto Europe cannot guarantee makes and models of rental cars; we can only guarantee class and size. If you are looking to reserve a specific vehicle during your trip, consider our prestige service offerings, which cater to specific requests regarding make, model color and size.

    Select your Rental Car

    Select your Car Rental Insurance and Enter your Payment Information

    The next section of the booking process asks drivers what car rental insurance they'd like to proceed with before they enter their payment information. All Auto Europe car rentals include Liability and Fire Insurance. Some countries and suppliers may require CDW and Theft Protection which will be noted on this screen.

    Select your Car Rental Insurance Coverage

    Enter Driver Information and Submit your Payment

    The final step required asks renters to fill in the driver's information and submit payment. Be sure the driver information reflects the person who will be picking up the rental car.

    Enter the Driver's Information

    Confirming Your Car Rental

    Once you have chosen the rental you would like, you are prompted to enter several bits of mandatory information. After you have done this, you will be able to review the terms and conditions. Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed this section before checking the box that indicates you have read them. At this point in the process, your voucher is looked over by a reservation specialist to ensure that everything listed is correct and in order. If your rental is not confirmed for any reason, we will notify you, offer other options, and help you figure out a solution.

    Enter your Payment Information

    Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Car In Europe

    Factors That Affect Your European Car Rental

    Other than the time of year, vehicle type and the duration of your rental there are a few other factors that can change your rate, which will will cover below.

    Car Rental Transmission TypesTransmission Type: You will find that manual rentals tend to be more common in Europe than their automatic counterparts. While it is possible to rent an automatic vehicle you may end up paying upwards of 50% higher than you would for a manual.

    One-Way Rentals: If you and your passengers plan on seeing as much of your destinations in as few days as possible Auto Europe's one-way rentals make things convenient by enabling you to pick-up your rental in one location and drop it off in another. However, depending on whether you plan to visit multiple countries, use the services of suppliers at airports or train stations or the individual supplier's policy the price for a one way can range from $300 to $1000 USD.

    Airport and Train Station Convenience Fees: Depending on the country and supplier picking up a car rental from an airport or train station may result in a convenience fee that is added to your rental car that ranges anywhere from $25 to $100 USD. While it can be cheaper to avoid these fees by using an office location in a city center or similar location it would be wise to keep in mind that their selections of vehicles are not as robust as major transportation hubs like airports and rail stations, which may lead to low inventory.

    Cross Border Fees: If you plan on visiting multiple countries during your European vacation, please keep in mind that some suppliers may charge cross border fees between $15 - $50 USD. However, if you are staying in western Europe this should not be a problem as many countries within the EU will allow passage between at no additional cost. Please also keep in mind that some car classes, like luxury rentals, may not be permitted to cross borders, as well as some suppliers may not allow you to cross into select countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro from the EU in their rental vehicles.

    Acquiring an International Driver's Permit

    While it is not a requirement for you to get an International Driver's Permit (IDP) for every EU country, it is still strongly recommended for you to get one prior to leaving on your journey. They can be purchased at your local AAA for around $20 USD. IDP's work by translating your local license into 10 different languages and are required for drivers in Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

    You Might Need A Green Card...No, Not That One

    Many Americans hear the word "green card" and think of immigration, however in Europe a green card serves as proof that your car has at least the minimum amount of insurance to legally drive on the roadways. They are not required in every country, but if you plan to go to Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina or Montenegro you will certainly need to acquire one. Green cards cost a little over $2 USD per day and will be issued by your supplier when you pick-up your rental.

    Vignettes and Where You Need Them

    A vignette is a sticker that is attached to your windshield to indicate that you have paid the proper highway taxes in certain countries. If you are renting a car in Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria or Slovenia you will need to purchase on. Failure to purchase a vignette can incur a $60 fine per offence. Be sure to tell the rental agent if you plan to travel to one of these countries when picking up your rental. There you can acquire one for around $4 - $11 USD.

    Pay for your Rental with a Credit CardAccepted Forms Of Payment

    The vast majority of suppliers require customers to pay with a credit card, however some will allow for customers to pay via debit card. If you would like to pay using a debit card, please contact our award winning customer support team as they can point you in the right direction. We still recommend using a credit card in the driver's name, but we are happy to help you find the best payment option to suit your travel needs.

    Be Aware, Most Vehicles In Europe Take Diesel

    Be sure to confirm the fuel type your rental car uses during your travels, as many use diesel instead of gasoline and putting the wrong fuel type into your tank can greatly damage the engine and leave you responsible for fixing the car. Also, please be aware that what we call gas has many different names in Europe like petrol, benzine or essence. Also, the prices at the pump may seem very affordable, but remember that that is the price per liter, not per gallon.

    Driving On The Opposite Side of The Road

    If you plan on driving your rental car in Ireland or the UK, be aware that they drive on the other side of the road, which can feel a little daunting if it is your first time, but with a little practice and concentration you should be right as rain in no time. If you are picking-up your rental in either of these countries you will also notice that the steering wheel is also on the other side of the vehicle, which means that you will also be shifting with your left hand. If using your opposite hand for shifting is uncomfortable for you, then you might want to think about selecting an automatic, which like stated above may cost a bit more.

    Manual Transmissions and How They Are Different Across The Pond

    Putting your manual vehicle in reverse in the USA is generally pretty straight forward, it is either up and to the left of first gear or up and to the right of sixth. However, in the EU they can be a little trickier. While the location on the shifter will be the same you may need to engage a switch, press a button or push down on the shifter prior to moving it into reverse. This is intended to be an added precaution so you do not accidentally shift into the wrong gear and wear out the gearbox. Be sure to make sure with the rental agent whether or not your manual rental car has one of these features prior to setting off on the roadways.

    Booking a Rental Car OnlineQuestions? Call Auto Europe!

    If any problems should arise while you're trying to book your rental car online, feel free to call Auto Europe and we will help you finish the process! We can be reached toll-free, 24 hours a day at 1-888-223-5555. Our car rental FAQs are also very helpful and may provide answers to your questions.