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    Why You Need a MiFi Hotspot for Your Next Trip to Europe

    What is a MiFi Hotspot?

    The phrase 'MiFi hotspot' simply means 'portable WiFi connection'.  As we all know, WiFi is a necessity. It simply is. In a world when everyone has a smartphone, vehicles have the ability to connect to the Internet, laptops and tablets are in the backpack of practically every man, woman, and child on the planet, connectivity has never been more important than it is right now. Even so: there is not always a router around, and when there is, you never know who else is using the same connection. If you are not going to connect via a router to an Ethernet land-line for your Internet, you will have to rely on either satellite Internet services or on wireless Internet through WiFi. With that being said, WiFi is, far and away, the more common of the two and usually requires nothing more than what you already have with you.So what is the issue with MiFi hotspot connectivity while traveling? Well, the issue is actually relatively simple. If you are not going to be in a heavily populated area then you will not have much access to wireless Internet services through WiFi. Even if you are in an area with a high population and a lot of businesses, chances are you will probably have trouble connecting. Not only will you have to find out the usernames and passwords for whatever gateway you are choosing to use to connect, but you will also have to go through a gamut of fears related to the issue of trying to use public WiFi. Having your own MiFi hotspot will provide you with password protected service without the stressors of having to find passwords or to use the WiFi networks that you find in public. One of the perks of having a handy travel tool like a MiFi hotspot is that it goes wherever you go, so you don't have to worry about being in a location too remote to use it effectively.pocket-wifi-europe-auto-europe-mifi-rental

    Why You Need a MiFi Hotspot in Europe

    Here is a brief list of reasons why renting a MiFi Europe hotspot is almost a necessity:
    • Protection of information - When you're using public WiFi while traveling, you never know if your information is truly going to be secure. It's also unclear exactly how easily someone else may be able to access your information when you are using public wireless internet. MiFi hotspots allow you to avoid that problem completely by providing a secure connection.
    • Security - Similar to the listing above, security is paramount when using public Internet. Your credit card information or other sensitive information like passwords could be leaked through an unsecured connection. The last thing you want while traveling in Europe is to have your bank account drained because your information was stolen when you were using an unsecured connection. Thankfully, Auto Europe can help you arrange a password-protected WiFi hotspot rental in Europe!
    • Slow Internet - Internet speeds on public WiFi depend on the initial connection you have to it, the type of router that the place is using, and how many other people are connected. In public and in smaller hotel rooms, this will often lead to very slow connections which are often not even worth trying to stay connected to for any extended period of time. With 3G connections on your MiFi hotspot you do not have to worry about this type of problem.
    • Unbiased browsing - Many times, when connecting to the Internet of a commercial establishment, they will limit the types of things that you are able to look at using their services. Some of these types of Internet will inherently force you to use specific searches or go through certain gateways when you are utilizing their Internet. This is a problem for anyone who enjoys the freedom that typically comes with Internet browsing. This issue is completely solved with the use of a mobile hotspot and will not be a problem.
    • Avoiding advertisements - Usually, to connect to wireless services in public, you will have to go through an advertising gateway that both talks about the service you are connecting to and tries to hit you with sales pitches about what else they offer. This could be anything from a commercial for the shop you are in to data collection advertising. Sitting through a lengthy advertisement is an issue for most people, but this is completely solved through the utilization of a mobile hotspot. Avoiding advertisements is something that everyone tries to do but unfortunately, it is simply impossible on most public wireless services that are available.
    • Convenience - This is one of the largest benefits to having a WiFi hotspot rental in Europe. In most cases when you are using wireless, you will have to already be in a location that is providing those types of services. This means you will have to be in a home that has wireless Internet, or be in a public place like a coffee shop or a bookstore. With mobile Internet hotspots you can be virtually anywhere and have the Internet right at your fingertips. Imagine easily catching up on some work inside your rental car while your travel companion seamlessly navigates the streets of Paris.

    Reviews of Popular MiFi Hotspot Services

    Here are some pros and cons of the most popular units for MiFi Europe:
    • Skyroam 3Gmate Global Mobile Hotspot - Mobile data through this system comes at a fast 3G speed but also comes at the cost of ten dollars per day. With that being said, the first five days of use are included with the unit at no charge to the individual who purchased it. The unit is simple to use, only requiring that it be powered up and turned on and, through initiation of a daypass, you are going to be good to go. Over forty countries are covered by this system all over the world (on every continent). The connection is encrypted to help keep the data that you are transmitting safe from anyone who may be trying to eavesdrop on you and steal your sensitive information. The unit is also versatile enough to connect to multiple types of devices including phones, computers, and tablets with no addition requirements from the user. No subscriptions or SIM cards are needed either, making this unit a good choice for people who don't want to be tied down to specific areas.
    • Huawei Mobile WiFi E5331 - *WINNER* This is one of the best devices on the market for this type of Internet. It supports up to eight WiFi enabled devices at the exact same time up to a grand total of about thirty feet away from the router itself. Every one of these devices will ultimately connect to the router itself by entering a password, which is secured via encryption. Each unit comes with a comprehensive user manual and a SIM card that is going to be fully functioning in whatever country it is designed for. This access the Internet through a 3G connection that offers fast and comprehensive download speeds to users. It also features both a wall and a car USB charger so you never have to worry about your Internet going down during your trip. This unit is truly top of the line.
    • Huawei E5756 - This unit has all of the features that the E5331 has, but it comes with a stronger connection. This unit has around double the data connection that the other one does, but the main problem is that it is also more expensive and difficult to use. Even so, there is no real need to have a higher amount of connectivity to begin with. The connection that is offered by the E5331 unit is more than enough for nearly everyone, and it is also more cost effective. This unit is also a bit more complicated than the other units and needs to be played with for a bit before you will be able to figure out how to use it in the correct ways.

    Recommendations for Finding the Best Europe Mobile Hotspot

    Choosing the best pocket WiFi for Europe is not easy. For one thing, there are many units that are available for purchase, but not many that are available to rent in Europe. Another issue that you may want to keep in mind when you do find a MiFi hotspot to rent is the insurance cost that may be associated with rental, which can be in the hundreds of dollars if you are not careful. The purpose of the insurance, of course, is to help remedy your own liability should the unit become lost, damaged, or stolen. Thankfully, the best MiFi rental in Europe for your money is the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5331. If you are traveling in Europe, you will definitely want to spring for a portable WiFi unit and the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5331 is simply the best. When you rent a MiFi hotspot with Auto Europe, you get the unit for only $5 per day with any car rental of three days or longer in the UK, Italy, France, or Germany. This is the perfect addition to any car rental package and will allow you to extend the enjoyment of your trip without breaking the bank. In fact, with some of the higher-end car rental packages, the fee for the unit is waived entirely, making it an even better deal. And what about insurance? For only $1 per day you can insure your Europe mobile hotspot rental, reducing your financial liability from $300 to zero in the event that the unit is damaged or stolen. You can call Auto Europe and speak with a representative today at 1-888-223-5555 to grab your MiFi hotspot today!

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