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Renting a car in Europe can be intimidating, even if you've traveled to Europe before. There are so many terms to understand andRenting a Car in Eueope nuances which can mean the difference between saving hundreds or breaking the bank. Add a language barrier, foreign street signs, and the occasional right-side-drive vehicle, and your European car rental experience can feel fraught with even more pitfalls.

But it doesn't have to be that way! Here at Auto Europe, we specialize in guiding travelers through the rental car process with ease, and to help make your next experience renting a car in Europe as smooth and hassle-free as possible we've put together a detailed PDF guide, outlining everything you need to know about saving money and choosing the right car for your upcoming trip.

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What's Included in Our Guide

Here's a sneak-peak at the table of contents of our guide ... as you'll see we cover a variety of topics which many first-time renters (and even veteran travelers) will be interested in. Additionally, we provide helpful links so you can learn more about the topics which you still have questions about.

  1. Renting a Car in Europe PDF Guide Table of Contents

  2. Europe Rental Car Insurance Information
  3. Credit Card Coverage & Your Rental Car in Europe
  4. Personal Automobile Coverage for a European Car Rental
  5. Extra Equipment, Winterization & Additional Fees
  6. Europe Car Rental Driver Age-Related Fees
  7. Fuel Policies: Full-to-Full or Full-to-Empty
  8. Car Rental Equipment
  9. Winterization Fees
  10. Manual vs. Automatic Car Rentals in Europe
  11. How Old Do You Have to Be To Renta Car in Europe?
  12. Do You Need an International Driver's Permit (IDP)?
  13. Rental Car Classes & Categories Explained
  14. Economy Car Rentals
  15. Compact Car Rentals
  16. Mid-Size Car Rentals
  17. Full-Size Car Rentals
  18. Luxury & Sports Cars
  19. SUV Rentals
  20. Van Rentals
  21. Domestic & International One-Way Car Rentals in Europe
  22. GPS & Navigation
  23. About Renting a Car in Eastern Europe
  24. Eastern Europe Car Rental Zones
  25. European Road Signs & Driving Information
  26. Long Term Car Rentals & Short Term Leasing Options
  27. Accidents & Emergencies While Driving a Rental in Europe - What to Do

Rental Car Cheat Sheet

Bonus: European Car Rental Cheat Sheet

In addition to all of the above topics, which we cover in-depth in our free guidebook, we also provide a quick-reference "cheat-sheet" on page 4 with tips to help you save money and make sure you have everything you need before renting your car in Europe.

We think this is one of the most comprehensive and useful resources you'll find anywhere on the web and encourage you to download it for free and share it with family and friends who are planning a trip to Europe.


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