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    Hertz in Italy: Read Reviews from one of our Most Trusted Suppliers

    Hertz Italy Car RentalIf you've come to trust Hertz it's easy to understand why. You probably want to continue using their service by booking a car with Hertz Italy, and we can help you do just that. We have built a close relationship with Hertz, allowing us to serve as your personal mediator and book a great Hertz vehicle at the best price. Our large volume of rentals through Hertz each year allows us to receive pretty hefty discounts and we spread the savings on to you. The benefit of booking with Hertz, the name you trust, while getting the best rates is a deal that you cannot refuse. If you've never booked with Hertz, you're certainly going to love the new experience!

    You can learn more about our other suppliers as well as why we partner with Hertz to bring our customers with the best car rental rates around by following the two links.

    You can contact Auto Europe directly by using the number below. Also, if you would like to make any changes to your rental, please click on the link below.

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    Needed Paperwork When Picking-Up Your Hertz Car Rental in Italy

    To ensure that your time spent at the hertz Italy car rental counter is as short as possible, we recommend having the below items ready to present to the desk agent upon your arrival.

    Hertz Italy Cancellation Policy

    One of the best reasons to book your Hertz rental car from Auto Europe is our cancellation policy. You will have all of your money refunded in full if you cancel your reservation 48 hrs before your scheduled pick-up time. If you wait until after the 48 hour window you will incur a small fee of $75 USD, but still get a refund. However, those who do not show up for their rentals or are late without letting the rental agency know before hand will be on the hook for the entire amount of their rental.

    Hertz Italy Young Driver Policy

    Hertz Italy Rate Details | Auto EuropeIn Italy drivers must be a minimum age of 23 to rent a car. All Drivers under the age of 25 will be subject to a young driver fee of EUR 24.40 a day with a maximum EUR 244.00 for their entire trip. You can learn more about rental age requirements as well as other rate details by clicking on the "Rate Details" beside the image of whichever vehicle you are interested in during the booking process. You can also follow the link to learn more about age requirements by country.

    Hertz Fuel Policy in Italy

    All Hertz Car Rentals should have a full tank upon pick-up and must have the same level of fuel in the tank at the time of drop-off to avoid any local refueling fees. It is recommended for drivers to refill their vehicle within 0-10 miles from their drop-off locations as this will minimize the amount of fuel used between re-fueling and dropping-off a vehicle. This policy goes for both diesel and petroleum cars. For more information about driving in Italy as well as what to expect when it comes to fuel policies, please follow the link.

    Additional Rental Add-Ons when Renting a Car From Hertz in Italy

    During the booking process you will be prompted with options to choose from different add-ons available to rent with your vehicle. These include such items as child seats, and more. Contact our award winning customer support team today with any additional questions you may have regarding add-ons to your Hertz Italy car rental.

    Prices included below are estimates based on a few select itineraries, rates will vary based on actual pick-up location in Italy. Please review the Terms & Conditions of your rental to get actual pricing for your itinerary.

    Car Rental Insurance Options
    • Basic Insurance: Included with all Auto Europe rentals, VAT included, liability insurance and fire insurance.
    • Inclusive Rate w/ Deductible: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW insurance with a deductible, theft protection with a deductible, and roadside assistance.
    • No Deductible, Extended Coverage: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW including damage to wheels, glass, underside, roof with a zero deductible, theft protection with a zero deductible, and roadside assistance.
    Additional Driver
    • Each additional driver is EUR 11.59, per day (maximum EUR 208.62), VAT included, paid locally.
    Infant/Booster/Child Seats
    • Booster Seat: 22 -36 kgs: Approximately EUR 10.10, per day (maximum EUR 40.35), VAT included, paid locally.
    • Child Seat: 9 - 25 kgs : EUR 38.90, per day (maximum EUR 155.50), VAT included, paid locally .
    • Infant Seats: Approximately EUR 28.80, per day (maximum EUR 115.20), VAT included, paid locally. Available for children up to 13 kg.
    Snow Tires/Chains
    • Winter Equipment: Snow Chains: Included in rates between Nov 15 - Apr 15 for rentals commencing in the following regions where it is mandatory: Valle D'Aosta , Piedmont , Lombardy , Veneto , Trentino Alto Adige , Friuli Venezia Giulia , Liguria , Emilia Romagna , Tuscany , Umbria , Marche , Lazio and Abruzzo e Molise.
    *Typically, total number of days charged will have a cap no matter how long your rental reservation.

    Hertz Italy Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to rent a car from Hertz in Italy?

    The price to rent a car from Hertz in Italy varies depending on the time of year, popularity of the vehicle, additional add-ons you wish to utilize, the make and model of the vehicle as well as the fuel type. Contact Auto Europe's customer support team today for any additional questions you may have regarding your Hertz Italy car rental.

    Car Rental with Hertz ItalyCan I drop-off my Hertz Italy car rental after hours?

    Yes, Be sure to park the vehicle in the appropriate hertz location, mark the date and time of your drop-off on your rental voucher and leave the voucher plus the car keys in the drop-box. Even though you can return your Hertz Italy rental car after hours, we strongly recommend dropping off your vehicle within the time period of your rental agreement to avoid any extra fees.

    Can I order a one way rental with Hertz in Italy?

    Yes! Hertz does allow for individuals to order a one-way car rental for their trip in Italy. However, please do keep in mind that some one-way rentals may incur an extra drop-off fee depending on the location of the drop-off, whether you are dropping your vehicle off in the same country you acquired it in and other factors. Continue to learn about one way rentals with Hertz and Auto Europe by following the hyper-link.

    A Look at Hertz Italy

    Hertz Italy has rental locations available throughout the country. And those rental locations are made even easier to access when you use Auto Europe, whether you're looking for a car with Hertz Rome or at one of the company's many other locations. We make sure to keep things easy for each and every customer that we serve.

    Hertz Italy has been providing rental cars for more than 90 years. They have built a reputation as being a company that cares about their customers, and here at Auto Europe we have those very same values. When you use our car rental booking agency, we can get you booked at locations like Hertz Florence at the best price while providing you the assurance of U.S. based customer service available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, as well as the ease of booking that we offer. While based in the U.S., we are experts in European travel, including trips to Italy. We make sure that your trip to Italy is all that you hoped for it to be and so much more!

    Auto Europe and Hertz Italy

    Contact Auto Europe to Book a Rental Car with Hertz in ItalyItaly is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Whether you want to rent a car with Hertz in Venice to take part in the history, art and stunning countryside, have a road trip planned or want to tour with a car rental from Hertz Milan for the great food and shopping, we have the perfect vehicle for your Italy car rental needs. Popular car selections in Italy include an assortment of vehicles, from economy cars to SUVs and vans, all of which are offered by Hertz. You will love turning heads in one of these cars while enjoying all that Italy has to offer. With all of the money that you will save booking with us, you can do more while you're in town. What could be better?

    If you don't want to take our word for it, why not check out what some of our customers have to say? We are proud that we have touched the lives of so many travelers that they want to tell you about it. It is time to book with the best and get the service you deserve!