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    Excellent experience.
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    Avis Barcelona: A Brand You Can Trust

    Why Rent An Avis Rental Car In Barcelona From Auto EuropeAvis Barcelona offers car rental service to travelers who want to experience the best service possible. Over decades of service Avis has built a name for themselves and these days people use Avis when they want confidence in a great experience. We admire Avis just as much as you! In fact, we've teamed up with the company to provide you with car rentals in Barcelona. Yes, you heard right: you can get all the benefits of Avis' trusted service with the guaranteed low prices offered by Auto Europe all in one place.

    Visit our Avis supplier page to learn more about the policies offered by Avis car rental. You can also continue to read about our other suppliers by following the provided link.

    You can get in touch with Auto Europe by utilizing the customer service number below. We will be more than happy to assist you with all of your Avis Barcelona car rental questions. Also, if you need to make changes to your rental, please follow the link below to edit your booking.

    Contact Auto Europe Manage Your Booking
    1-888-223-5555 Edit My Booking

    Rent with Avis in Barcelona

    Paperwork Needed to Pick-up your Avis Rental in Barcelona

    When picking up your Avis rental in Barcelona, please have the below items ready to present the rental agent prior to making your way to the front of the line. This will ensure that you spend less time filling out paperwork and more behind the wheel of your vehicle.

    Avis Barcelona Car Rental Cancellation Policy

    In the event that you need to cancel your Avis car rental, having your reservation through Auto Europe may help you save money and avoid fees. As long as you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time you will receive a full refund with no additional fees or charges. In the event that you cancel within the 48 hour window you will still receive a refund, but may incur a $75 cancellation fee. And if you do not show up for your pick-up time or wait until after to cancel you will need to pay the full price of the rental.

    Avis Car Rental Age Policy in Barcelona

    Avis Barcelona Rate DetailsDrivers must be at least 21 years of age to rent a car from Avis in Barcelona. Drivers that are not yet 25 years old may be subject to a young driver fee. You can see what the age requirements are by clicking on the "Rate Details" link next to the vehicles during our online booking process. If you are interested in learning more about age restrictions by country, please follow the link.

    Avis Barcelona Fuel Policy

    All Avis vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel at the time of pick-up and need to be returned with the same level of fuel. This goes for both petroleum and diesel engines. We recommend that drivers refill their vehicle within 10 miles of their drop-off location to ensure they do so with as full of a tank as possible. You may be able to pay upfront for return fuel. This will enable you to skip the final refill and allow you to drive straight to the rental office to drop off your rental.

    Avis Barcelona Car Rental Additional Rental Options

    While making your way through the Auto Europe booking process you will be allowed to select from additional rental options to add to your Avis rental in Spain. These include child seats, winter gear and more. Reserving these items at the time of booking instead of waiting until collecting your rental car can save you more and ensure that they have all of your needed items on hand.

    Prices included below are estimates based on a few select itineraries, rates will vary based on actual pick-up location in Barcelona. Please review the Terms & Conditions of your rental to get actual pricing for your itinerary.

    Car Rental Insurance Options
    • Basic Insurance: Included with all Auto Europe rentals, VAT included, liability insurance and fire insurance.
    • Inclusive Rate w/ Deductible: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW insurance with a deductible, theft protection with a deductible, and roadside assistance.
    • No Deductible, Extended Coverage: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW including damage to wheels, glass, underside, roof with a zero deductible, theft protection with a zero deductible, and roadside assistance.
    Additional Driver
    • Each additional driver is EUR 12.00, per day (maximum EUR 120.00), VAT included, paid locally.
    Infant/Booster/Child Seats
    • Booster Seats: EUR 13.00, per day (maximum EUR 130.00), VAT included, paid locally .
    • Child Seat: EUR 13.00, per day (maximum EUR 130.00), VAT included, paid locally. Available for children 20 - 80 pounds.
    Snow Tires/Chains
    • Winter Equipment: Available in relevant locations.
    *Typically, total number of days charged will have a cap no matter how long your rental reservation.

    Avis Barcelona Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

    Avis Barcelona Car Rental From Auto EuropeHow much does it cost to rent a car from Avis in Barcelona?

    The cost of renting an Avis car in Barcelona, like many other travel based industries changes daily based on time of year, vehicle popularity, on hand supply, extras/add-ons and more. Auto Europe guarantees the best and lowest rates on the internet, so reserve your Avis car rental today!

    Does Avis allow one-way car rentals?

    Yes, you can reserve a rental with Avis in Madrid and return it to an Avis office in Barcelona. Please do keep in mind that you may incur an additional one-way driving fee to your rental. This information will be disclosed in your rental terms and conditions prior to paying for your rental.

    Do I need an International Driver's Permit to rent a car from Avis in Barcelona?

    Yes! Drivers from the United States are required to have an international driver's permit to pick up a rental in Spain. Failure to do so may result in being turned away without your rental as well as receiving fees and fines from local law enforcement if caught driving. You can obtain your IDP from your local AAA or similar automotive firm.

    Rent a Car in Barcelona with Avis

    When you need a rental car in Barcelona, we can book with Avis and give you peace of mind and comfort. You'll pick your rental from a selection of thousands of vehicles in every category and price range. And, you can enjoy picking your car up from any of the multiple car rental locations in the city. That's where we take over. We'll be there to answer questions, provide you with support, and more 24 hours per day. We take the hassle out of renting a car with Avis, ensuring that you have a specially-trained English speaking agent who is there for you at all times.

    Why Work With Auto Europe in Barcelona?

    Contact Auto Europe Award Winning Customer Support Team TodayIn addition to the other awesome perks of working with Auto Europe, we also offer the lowest prices out there. You can compare our prices to the other guys but you will find we have the lowest; in fact, we guarantee just that. You see, we have a relationship with Avis that enables us to get low prices for our rentals and we pass those savings your way to enjoy.

    Check out the Avis Barcelona reviews through the link at the bottom of this page. There are also other reviews on our site if you want to take a look to see what actual customers are saying about their experiences with Auto Europe. Once you are done call us anytime, 24,7 and toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, to begin your Barcelona rental car booking. This is a grand city that offers its visitors so much. Enjoy it all with confidence and security when you book you rental with Avis through Auto Europe!

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