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    May 20
    safe car, easy to drive I liked having a hybrid
    May 02
    A great economical car just a few months old. Staff were superb and adjusted my deal to improve my value when I arrived to pick up the car. Truly a great service.
    April 27
    Smooth, friendly service.
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    Hertz UK: A Great Choice for Car Rentals

    Hertz Car Rentals in the UKIf your mind is made up and you know that Hertz UK is the company that you want to book your car rental reservation with, why not book your rental with Hertz through Auto Europe? We can make your rental reservation simple, easy and affordable. We guarantee that we will provide you the best rate for your rental, even compared to the actual Hertz website itself. We have a close relationship with Hertz, and book many cars through their company each year. Because of our frequent bookings, we are given a discount that cannot be found anywhere else and we pass the savings on to you. We offer great prices, amazing customer service, and U.S. based workers who can take your call morning, noon or night, making it easier to get your questions answered.

    Use the number below to contact customer service at Auto Europe in the event you have any questions, concerns or need roadside assistance during your travels. You can also manage your booking by clicking on the link below.

    Contact Auto Europe Edit Your Booking
    1-888-223-5555 Manage My Booking

    Hertz UK Car Rental Policies

    International rental car suppliers typically have a large number of policies that change depending on location and Hertz UK is no different. Below we will discuss these policies in a broad sense, while providing links for more in depth looks at these topics.

    Hertz UK Payment Policy

    Hertz UK will accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc. as payment for their rentals. Debit and prepaid cash cards will not be accepted. If you are interested in paying for your rental with a debit card, please contact Auto Europe's customer service team. They will be happy to help you find a supplier that accepts debit cards as payment.

    Hertz UK Age Policy

    Hertz UK Rate DetailsThe minimum age to rent a car from Hertz UK depends on your rental location. For example, in Northern Ireland a driver must be 24 years old to rent a vehicle, while in England and Scotland you need to be a minimum of 23 years old. Also, please keep in mind that some locations also have a maximum age to rent, Belfast for example ha an age maximum of 75 to rent a car. If you would like to learn more about age policies by country, please follow the link.

    Hertz UK Fuel Policy

    All Hertz vehicles in the UK are rented with a full tank of fuel and need to be returned to the rental office with the same level as you received it. Failing to return your car with the appropriate level of fuel may result in a local refueling charge that will be added to the price of your rental.

    Hertz UK Additional Rental Options

    During the booking process you will find some additional rental options including child seats and more. While these can be added at the rental counter, we recommend adding them at the time of booking as it will ensure the rental office has all of your needed extras, but also allow you to potentially save more when booking ahead of time.

    Prices included below are estimates based on a few select itineraries, rates will vary based on actual pick-up location in the UK. Please review the Terms & Conditions of your rental to get actual pricing for your itinerary.

    Car Rental Insurance Options
    • Basic Insurance: Included with all Auto Europe rentals, VAT included, liability insurance and fire insurance.
    • Inclusive Rate w/ Deductible: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW insurance with a deductible, theft protection with a deductible, and roadside assistance.
    • No Deductible, Extended Coverage: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW including damage to wheels, glass, underside, roof with a zero deductible, theft protection with a zero deductible, and roadside assistance.
    Additional Driver
    • Each additional driver is GBP 10.80, per day, VAT included, paid locally.
    Infant/Booster/Child Seats
    • Booster Seat: GBP 5.00, per day (maximum GBP 35.00), VAT included, paid locally. Available for children age 6 -11 years.
    • Child Seat: GBP 12.00, per day (maximum GBP 84.00), VAT included, paid locally.Maximum age: 6.
    • Infant Seat: GBP 12.00, per day (maximum GBP 84.00), VAT included, paid locally . Available for children 0 -13 kg. Include weight in the request.
    Snow Tires/Chains
    • Available at certain locations during the appropriate time of year.
    *Typically, total number of days charged will have a cap no matter how long your rental reservation.

    Hertz UK Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Take My Hertz UK Rental to France?

    Unfortunately no. However you can take your rental between countries within the the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Contact the Auto Europe client support center today with any questions you may have.

    Does Hertz UK Offer One-Way Rentals?

    Yes, Hertz UK does offer customers the ability to pick-up their rental car in one location and return it in another. Please do keep in mind that one-way rentals may be subject to an additional drop-off fee.

    Does Hertz UK Offer Automatic Rentals?

    Yes. Hertz UK offers customers the ability to rent automatic vehicles, however the rental cost may be higher than manual due to vehicle popularity, road taxes and available inventory.

    A Look at Hertz Rentals in the UK

    Hertz UK is a leading car rental agency throughout the U.K. They have been offering car rentals in the country for nearly a century and have become a name that many people trust to provide them with quality rentals and great all-around service. Hertz offers many incentives that you won't find with the other guys, including weekly rental discounts, luxury car rentals and a free child car seat if you need it. Hertz UK has cars suitable to all travelers, no matter what region you're traveling to or what plans you have down on the agenda.

    Hertz Rental Car UKYou can rent a great SUV if you are traveling with family and want to enjoy a comfortable ride. If you want to turn heads in your vehicle, Hertz offers car selections such as the Mercedes C Coupe and Volvo XC90. You can rent a Range Rover if you demand extra room. There is a car for everyone available for rental. If you are looking for a rental car with Hertz England or if you are touring Scotland, you can get the perfect car for your adventures, and we will make sure that happens.

    Hertz has locations for pick-up and drop-off throughout the U.K., making life easy when you have come to enjoy yourself. Airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as train station pick-up and drop-off are very popular.

    We can help you book your Hertz UK car rental and arrange for pick-up at your chosen location. Plus you cannot forget all of the other wonderful benefits that we have to offer. It makes perfect sense to book with the best, and Auto Europe is certainly a name that impresses.