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    Rent a Car with Hertz in Barcelona

    Hertz Barcelona Car RentalHertz Barcelona provides top notch car rental throughout this Spanish metropolis. The company has several pick-up and drop-off locations that make it easy to get a car and get on with your vacation. You'll enjoy a nice selection of cars to choose from--there's a vehicle for every traveler no matter what it is that catches your eye. learn more about Hertz, one of our truly most trusted suppliers.. There is a reason that Hertz has become one of the biggest and best names in Barcelona rental cars. Now that we've teamed up with the company the news couldn't be any better.

    You can use the number provided below to contact Auto Europe's customer support team with any questions regarding your Hertz car rental. You can also make any needed changes to your reservation by following the link below.

    Contact Auto Europe Edit Your Booking
    1-888-223-5555 Edit My Voucher

    Needed Paperwork For your Hertz Car Rental in Barcelona

    If you plan on acquiring a Hertz rental car in Barcelona we strongly recommend having the below items in an easy to reach location. By doing so you will greatly cut down on the time spent at the rental counter and give yourself more time relaxing behind the wheel of your vehicle.

    Hertz Car Rental Policies in Barcelona

    Similar to our other trusted international rental suppliers, Hertz implements a wide range of policies to their vehicles that are based off of a range of factors. Below we will go through these policies and provide links for more in depth looks.

    Hertz Fuel Policy

    All vehicles rented in Barcelona from Hertz should have a full tank of fuel upon pick-up and drivers are required to return the rental car with the same level of fuel as they received it. failure to do so will result in a local refueling fee. In some instances drivers can pay the fee ahead of time and forgo the need to refill their rental upon its return.

    Hertz Additional Driver Policy in Barcelona

    For an additional daily fee of EUR 16.10 per day, customers can add an additional driver to their Hertz Barcelona rental vehicle. Additional drivers should also carry the same needed paperwork, as mentioned above, as the primary driver when picking up the rental car. All additional drivers must also be present at the time of pick-up as they will need to fill out some needed paperwork.

    Hertz Car Rental Age Requirements in Barcelona

    Hertz Barcelona Car Rental With Auto EuropeThe youngest a driver can be to rent a car in Barcelona from Hertz is 23. Also, all rivers under the age of 25 will be subject to a daily young driver fee that will be applied to their bill with a maximum out of pocket of EUR 278.30. To learn what the age requirements are for a given location, please follow the link. You can also see the age requirements by clicking on the "Rate Detail" link next to any selected vehicle during Auto Europe's online booking process.

    Additional Rental Options from Hertz Barcelona

    If you are interested in purchasing rental add-ons like car seats you are in luck, as Auto Europe's online booking tool will prompt you to select which options you would like to add during the booking process. By reserving these products ahead of time you guarantee they will be available for your trip as well as potentially save you money.

    Car Rental Insurance Options
    • Basic Insurance: Included with all Auto Europe rentals, VAT included, liability insurance and fire insurance.
    • Inclusive Rate w/ Deductible: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW insurance with a deductible, theft protection with a deductible, and roadside assistance.
    • No Deductible, Extended Coverage: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW including damage to wheels, glass, underside, roof with a zero deductible, theft protection with a zero deductible, and roadside assistance.
    Additional Driver
    • Each additional driver is EUR 16.10, per day (maximum EUR 161.05), VAT included, paid locally. Maximum of 4 may sign on.
    Infant/Booster/Child Seats
    • Child Seats: EUR 16.94, per day, VAT included, paid locally, maximum of EUR 101.64, per month, VAT included, paid locally per month.
    • Infant Seats: Approximately EUR 16.94, per day, VAT included, paid locally or EUR 101.64, per month, VAT included, paid locally.
    • Booster Seats: Approximately EUR 12.10, per day or EUR 72.60, per month, VAT included, paid locally.
    Snow Tires/Chains
    • Snow Chains: Available locally during appropriate time of year.
    *Typically, total number of days charged will have a cap no matter how long your rental reservation.

    Book with Hertz at the Top Airports in Barcelona

    At El-Prat Airport, Auto Europe works with Hertz to provide our clients with a convenient pick-up location at one of Barcelona's most important transportation hubs. The airport is situated a short distance from Barcelona's metropolitan center allowing travelers to venture into the city and surrounding area at their own pace. Get behind the wheel to make the most of your time in the city and book with Auto Europe for a great rate.

    Hertz Car Rentals at Barcelona El-Prat Airport
    Hertz at Barcelona El-Prat Airport
    Location At Barcelona El-Prat Airport:
    Terminal 1 & 2,
    Barcelona, Spain 08820
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 902 01 19 59
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon - Sun: 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM

    Book a Rental Car at El-Prat Airport

    Book with Hertz at Popular Train Stations in Barcelona

    Travelers arriving to Barcelona by train will be happy to find that Auto Europe additionally works with Hertz at Sants Railway Station - one of the city's other major transportation centers. When you pick-up from this busy station, you will find yourself immersed in the heart of the city and surrounded by world famous attractions. Compare rates in our booking engine to find a great rate and the ideal rental car for pick-up from Barcelona's most popular rail station.

    Hertz Car Rentals at Barcelona Sants Railway Station
    Hertz at Barcelona Sants Railway Station
    Location At Barcelona Sants Railway Station:
    Carrer de Viriat, 45,
    Barcelona, Spain 08014
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 902 99 87 07
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    Sat - Sun: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Book a Rental Car at Sants Railway Station

    More Hertz Car Rental Pick-Up locations in Downtown Barcelona

    Lastly, travelers planning on picking-up a rental car after they arrive in the city are in luck as Auto Europe works with Hertz at a number of car rental offices across downtown Barcelona. We recognize that, in some situations, picking-up from an airport or rail station can be expensive and each of our clients has a unique travel itinerary. So, our unique partnership with Hertz allows us to offer these additional locations to best accommodate our clients. Use our booking engine to compare vehicles models from the Hertz locations and book with Auto Europe for a great rate in Barcelona.

    Hertz Barcelona Downtown Office
    Location at Hertz Downtown Office:
    Hesperia Barcelona Del Mar, Carrer d'Espronceda, 6,
    Barcelona, Spain 08005
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 933 56 11 39
    Hertz Barcelona Downtown Office
    Location at Hertz Downtown Office:
    Avinguda Diagonal, 622,
    Barcelona, Spain 08021
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 934 10 10 34
    Hertz Barcelona City Office
    Location at Hertz City Office:
    Carrer Tirso de Molina, 25,
    Barcelona, Spain 08940
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 934 10 10 34
    Hertz Barcelona Downtown Office
    Location at Hertz Downtown Office:
    Av. les Garrigues, 1, 3,
    Barcelona, Spain 08820
    Local Telephone Number:
    +34 933 78 87 64

    Hertz Car Rental Barcelona Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Hertz Offer Car Rentals in Downtown Barcelona?

    Yes! Hertz offers customers the ability to select from any locations throughout Barcelona including airports, train stations and offices located within the city center. Use the Booking Engine at the top of the page to reserve your Hertz Barcelona car rental from Auto Europe.

    Hertz Barcelona Car Rental With Auto EuropeCan I Use My Credit Card Points To Reserve My Hertz Barcelona Car Rental?

    Unfortunately Auto Europe does not accept points from credit cards to reserve vehicles from Hertz or any of our other preferred suppliers. Should you wish to utilize points, whether from a credit card, airline, or any other third party entity, you will have to reserve your vehicle through them.

    Does Hertz Barcelona Offer After Hours Drop-Off?

    Yes! Customers are able to return their vehicles after hours. Be sure to leave your rental car in the appropriate Hertz area, mark the date and time of drop-off on your rental agreement and leave the keys and rental agreement in the drop-box. To avoid any late fees we recommend turning in your vehicle within the time frame specified on your rental agreement.

    Barcelona Car Rentals with Hertz

    When you book your Hertz car rental with us you can expect so much more for your money. We provide all of your service from start to finish. No more trying to find someone who speaks your language or understands your needs. We have a team of dedicated agents who have one goal, and that is to provide you with superior service when you need it the most. In addition, when you book your Hertz rental with us you can count on the best prices for your rental. Choose a daily or weekly rental and we'll work our magic, ensuring that you pay less. We guarantee our prices to be the lowest.

    Call Auto Europe for your Hertz Rental in BarcelonaEnjoy your Time in Spain with Hertz Barcelona & Auto Europe

    When you have a rental car in Barcelona you can enjoy the city and all that it offers to the fullest. We'd love to make that an even happier experience by getting you into a rental car in Barcelona. Call us to reserve your car. You'll be glad you made the choice to work with us.