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Driving in Slovakia: Car Rental Information and Tips

Driving Overview

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Seatbelts are mandatory while driving in Slovakia and a child must be 12 to sit in the front seat. There is no permissible blood-alcohol level allowed when driving and severe penalties are enforced. Minimum driving age is 18, and may vary by car category. Drivers who rent a car under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. A few car classes have a maximum rental age of 70 years.

Speed Limits

Speed limits in Slovakia are as follows: City 30mph/50kph Open Roads 56mph/90kph Highways 68mph/110kph

Rules of the Road

Traffic travels on the right and you should pass streetcars on the right. Motorists charged with traffic offenses must pay their fines on the spot and in the local currency.

Slovakia Driving InformationGas

Most gas stations located on the major highways are open 24 hours. There are very few gas stations in Bratislava.


There are no toll highways in Slovakia.


Parking is always on the right hand side except on one-way streets where you can park on the left side. Most cities permit parking downtown in designated lots only.

Insurance Information

Car rental insurance varies widely, so please review the information below prior to making your reservation. Regulations of the country where you rent the car will be in effect for the duration of your rental. All our car rental rates include fire and third party liability insurance. Our inclusive rates also provide collision and theft coverage at an advance purchase discount. You may elect to decline collision and theft coverage. If you plan to take advantage of coverage offered by your credit card, please contact your card issuer directly for details. Specific insurance information for your reservation will be printed on your confirmation voucher. The following guidelines apply to rentals commencing in Slovakia.

Slovakia Driving InformationRequired Coverage

Fire and third party liability insurance is mandatory and is included in all rentals. Third party liability insurance offers some coverage in case of damage or injury to people or property outside of the rental car.

Optional Coverage

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and theft protection are included in our inclusive rates at a discount. CDW and theft protection comes with a deductible of approximately US$665 - US$2320, depending on the vehicle type that is rented. CDW, if purchased at the rental counter, costs approximately US$14 - US$35 per day. Theft protection, if purchased at the rental counter, costs approximately US$13 - US$27 per day. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is available at the rental counter for approximately US$6 per day. Super CDW may be offered locally to reduce the deductible as low as zero. Optional insurance coverage is available with select suppliers only, rates subject to change without notice.

Rental Restrictions

Most rental car categories in Slovakia can be driven into Western Europe, travel to Italy is 'on request.' Due to insurance regulations, there are restrictions on luxury car categories and on travel in certain countries. Please take a minute to ensure that your intended itinerary will be possible with the car you plan to rent.

Restricted Countries

Slovakia Driving InformationCars rented in Slovakia may not drive in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Herzegovina, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, the former Soviet Union and the African continent.

One-Way Rentals

Domestic one-way rentals are available. International one-way car rentals are available with car class and country restrictions for an additional fee.

Map of Slovakia

This map of Slovakia can be accessed wirelessly from your smartphone at any time during your trip so be sure to bookmark this page. With this map and other resources on you can discover more during your time abroad. Discover top attractions in the capital city of Bratislava. Attractions here include the Slovak National Theater, Old Town, St. Elizabeth's Church, Devin Castle and the UFO Observation Deck. Head further out in Slovakia and make your way to Kosice. There's no worry that you will get lost or will be unable to find the city's best attractions with our map of Slovakia. Known for numerous attractions including the Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth, the Zoo Kosice, the Singing Fountain, State theater and St. Urbana's Tower, we recommend using our Google map of Slovakia to guide you while you're on the road.