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    Greece Driving Information

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    Car Rentals Worldwide

    Car Rental and Driving Information for Greece

    Driving Overview

    Greece Driving InformationThe major roads of Greece were built after World War II and offer many diverse destinations to explore. Many of these roads wind around the scenic hills and pass through many small villages. Many of these villages offer some of the most dramatic views along the Mediterranean Sea. The highways of Greece will guide you through ancient history.

    Driving Age Requirements

    To rent a car in Greece, you must be at least 21 years old (age may vary by car category) and you must have held your license for at least 1 year. Drivers renting a car under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. An international drivers license is required. Some suppliers have a maximum rental age of 70. Seatbelts are mandatory. Child seats are mandatory for children up to age 4.

    Rules of the Road

    Traffic travels on the right and the middle lane of a three lane highway is for passing. Vehicles approaching an intersection on the right have the right of way.

    Speed Limits




    Speed Limits in Greece Gas Availability in Greece Toll Highways in Greece Greece Parking Laws & Regulations
    • City: 30mph/50kph
    • Open Roads: 50mph/80kph
    • Highways: 74mpg/100kph

    Most gas stations are open from 7am to 7pm.

    There are two toll highways in Greece. One goes from Athens to the Peloponnesus and the other goes from Athens to Thessaloniki. The cost is about US$1 - US$3 for the tolls.

    In the major cities of Greece, on-street parking is virtually non-existent. Your best bet is to find tourist parking lots or hotel parking as illegal parking can cost you your license plate.

    Insurance Information

    General Information

    Car rental insurance varies widely, so please review the information below prior to making your reservation. Regulations of the country where you rent the car will be in effect for the duration of your rental.

    All our car rental rates include fire and third party liability insurance. Our inclusive rates also provide collision and/or theft coverage at an advance purchase discount. You may elect to decline collision and theft coverage. If you plan to take advantage of coverage offered by your credit card, please contact your card issuer directly for details. Specific insurance information for your reservation will be printed on your confirmation voucher.

    Greece Driving InformationThe following guidelines apply to rentals commencing in Greece.

    Required Coverage

    Fire and third party liability insurance is mandatory and is included in all rentals. Third party liability insurance offers up to US $85,000 of coverage in case of damage or injury to people or property outside of the rental car.

    Optional Coverage

    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and theft protection are included in our inclusive rates at a discount. CDW, if purchased at the rental counter, costs approximately US$15 - US$23 per day. Theft protection, if purchased at the rental counter, costs approximately US$5 - US$12 per day. CDW and theft coverage reduce the deductible (responsibility of the client) to US$385 - US$1685. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is available at the rental counter for approximately US$3 - US$5 per day. Super CDW may be offered locally to reduce the deductible as low as zero. Optional insurance coverage is available with select suppliers only, rates subject to change without notice.

    Rental Restrictions

    General Information

    Most car categories in Greece can be driven anywhere in Western Europe without restriction. Due to insurance regulations, there are restrictions on luxury car categories and on travel in certain countries. Auto Europe has special rental programs for driving into Eastern Europe. Please take a minute to ensure that your intended itinerary will be possible with the car you plan to rent.

    Restricted Countries

    Greece Driving InformationVehicles rented in Greece may be driven outside of the country by special arrangement. An additional fee may be charged for this service, which is not available for all car categories. Collision and theft protection are not valid while the vehicle is outside the country and the client is responsible for loss or damage. Vehicles may be taken from Athens to islands if the vehicle is returned to Athens; CDW is void while the vehicle is on the car ferry.

    One-Way Rentals

    Domestic one-way car rentals are available between select locations within Greece, additional fees may apply. International one-way rentals are not permitted from Greece at this time.

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