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    Guide to Parking in Stuttgart, Germany

    Guide to Parking in StuttgartIf you are someone who enjoys cheap or even free parking, then Stuttgart, Germany is a dream vacation destination.

    As with most cities, in Stuttgart there is not cheap parking directly in the city center. This is not an issue though, as there are numerous, high-quality parking options in the surrounding areas and many free or very low cost options as well.

    Stuttgart has made it easy for travelers to rent a car and enjoy their visit to Germany. In this article we'll provide all the information you need to know about parking in Stuttgart. 

    How Easy is it to Find Parking in Stuttgart? 

    Parking in Stuttgart GermanyIf you know where to find it, parking is not difficult in Stuttgart, even if it's your first time driving in Germany.

    With that said, it is always good to have a plan ahead of time.

    Downtown Stuttgart Parking

    There is limited street parking in Stuttgart, but paid parking on the street does exist. Within the city center on Monday-Saturday from 8am-10pm, the cost is 3.50 euro per hour. The issue with this parking is that there is a maximum stay of only one hour. The center is also a low emission zone which will be discussed a bit later. 

    Parking Outside Stuttgart's Downtown Area

    The parking right outside of the city center has a maximum of 2 hours, and the cost is 10 euro cents per 8 minutes which is only 75 euro cents per hour.

    In residential zones there is parking at 10 euro cents per 8 minutes and the daily maximum is 7.20 euro.

    There are many car parks available as well with unlimited parking for 1-2.50 euro per hour. In general parking is not difficult to find at all, and it's pretty inexpensive here compared to other cities in Germany.

    Stuttgart Parking Zones: Where is Parking Prohibited?

    There are a few places in which you may not park in Stuttgart.

    There are specific resident-only zones which are active from 8am-10pm. These zones are annotated by signs that state “Bewohner mit Parkausweis,” and the sign will include the residential permit number.

    There are also places to be aware of that say “parken verboten!” meaning “no parking,” or a “Durchfahrt freihalten” meaning “please keep access available.” Anything that has “freihalten” in it, meaning “forbidden,” should be taken to mean it is a no parking zone.

    Additionally you should not park within 3 meters of a crosswalk, in a bicycle lane or blocking a driveway. These rules are pretty much common sense for most drivers, but when you're driving in a foreign country, sometimes little things like this are the last thing on your mind, so it bears stating here.

    There are green zone areas in Stuttgart called “Umweltzone,” which are low emission zones. These are within the city center and require a sticker, only obtained by residents, to be admitted.

    For most tourists renting a car, these areas are a no-drive and no-park zone, so it is important to be aware of where these are in the city of Stuttgart, or you will face a fine of anywhere from 5-25 euro. Your local rental car company may charge you an extra fee as well for processing this payment, so try to avoid this all together.

    Some rental car companies do have cars available which are eligible to drive into and park in green zones, so inquire about this when you contact Auto Europe about renting a vehicle in Stuttgart, Germany. 

    What is P+R Parking?

    P+R Parking in Stuttgart GermanyPark and ride parking is abbreviated as P+R in Germany, and it can be found in many places throughout Stuttgart as well as the rest of Germany.

    These are car parking areas that are located on the outskirts of the city and close to public transportation that will take you into the city center. This parking is generally free or very low cost, and we recommend it to travelers as one of the best options when driving a rental car in Germany.

    If there is a fee for P+R parking in Stuttgart, it will be around 2.50 euro per day which is considerably less than what you will pay for any parking you can find in the city center.

    When you take advantage of P+R parking, you can enjoy a quick ride into the downtown areas of the city. Most travelers find this to be a stress free and economical option that allows them to stretch their budget. 

    How Do You Use a Parking Disc in Germany?

    Parking discs are quite simple to use and will be required in certain parking areas as well as near some grocery stores throughout Germany.

    To begin with, a parking disc is a blue plastic card with an adjustable time dial. This should be included with your rental car, but if not, you should be able to purchase one at a gas station, tobacco shop, or police station at a low cost (we recommend asking at the counter when you pick up your vehicle).

    When driving in downtown Stuttgart, you may see a parking sign which will dictate the use of a parking disc (usually with a picture of the disc). These signs will also let you know how long you can legally park there.

    To use the parking disc, simply move the dial to your time of arrival (rounded up to the next half hour). Leave your parking disc on your dashboard and return within the time frame that the sign allows to avoid a ticket.

    Stuttgart Airport Parking

    Stuttgart Airport Parking InformationParking at the Stuttgart Airport is very convenient with up to 11,000 spaces and specific areas for those with special accessibility concerns and handicaps.

    There are three levels of parking, defined by 1 star for basic, 2 starts for best and 3 stars for comfort:

    • The 1 star level is outdoor parking with a partially covered footpath.
    • The 2 star level is also outdoor parking and boasts the best price to performance ratio. There is a fully covered footpath and a very nice feature of a conveyor belt for your luggage to be transported to the terminal.
    • The final level of 3 stars deemed as “comfort,” has covered parking in a multi-story car park, video surveillance and a path taking your luggage directly to the departure lounge. There are electric vehicle charging stations and disabled parking spaces. If you have an extra large car you also have the option of parking in one of the 60 extra wide spots. 

    Parking Rules, Signs, & Symbols to Be Aware of in Stuttgart

    There are a few parking and road signs in Stuttgart to be aware of to avoid a ticket.

    If you see a sign saying “Feuerwehrzufahrt,” this means that the area is a route that is for firefighters only. You do not want to block this area or you could be blocking the path for rescue during an emergency. Also any areas that have a wheelchair sign should be taken as a handicap only zone and not to park here unless you have a permit.

    There are also a few signs to denote different types of parking.

    The first is a plain white P on top of a blue square. This is letting you know that you are entering a general parking zone and you may park there. If anything changes this sign will be accompanied by a white square explaining the change.

    Contact Us With Questions About Renting a Car or Driving & Parking in Stuttgart, GermanyThis general parking zone ends once you see a grey version of this sign with a line diagonally through it. If you see this general parking sign with an attachment that has a picture of a parking disc, you will know that you must use your parking disc while parking here. There will also be a time limit which, for example, would be “1 Std.” to allow for 1 hour of parking.

    When it is required that you pay for parking and obtain a parking voucher, the attachment will state “mit Parkschein.” 

    Parking in Stuttgart should not be too difficult as there are many low cost options everywhere except directly in the city center. As long as you use your parking disc, pay attention to the different signs, avoid the green zone, and utilize the wonderful P+R system (our best recommendation), your trip to the city of Stuttgart should be a breeze. Have a great time!