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German Road Signs: A Detailed Guide

When driving in Germany it's important to follow the rules of the road, including traffic signs, and parking regulations. Here are a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary travel stress when touring Germany. The detailed guide below provides pictures of German road signs to help you stay safe while driving in Germany.

About Traffic Signs in Germany

When traveling abroad, it's easy to get confused by the variety of unfamiliar traffic signs spread about the country. There doesn't seem to be an internationally standardized system of traffic signs, so it's of utmost importance to go into any travel experience with at least some rudimentary knowledge of the road signs you may encounter. Thankfully, the road signs in Germany are easily understood, and intuitive.

German Road Signs: Warning

Warning road signs in Germany are always equilateral red triangles with a descriptive image contained within. These signs are used to draw attention to various dangers including: slight curves, lane shifts, downgrades, falling rocks, ice/snow, road work, and animal crossing, among many others. All the images displayed within warning signs are internationally recognized symbols, and succinctly convey the potential dangers regardless of what language you speak.

German Road Sign: Traffic Signal Ahead
Traffic Signal Ahead
German Road Sign: Slippery Road
Slippery Road
German Road Sign: Wild Animals Crossing
Wild Animals
German Road Sign: Pedestrian Crossing
Pedestrian Crossing

German Yield SignGerman Stop SignIn Germany, both the yield and stop signs are identical to the signs you would find in the United States. Yield signs are an upside down triangle (pictured right), Stop signs are a red octagon (pictured left).

German Road Signs: Speed Limits

Speed limit signs in Germany state the maximum kilometers per hour (kph) within a red circle. Germany also has two other regulatory speed signs that many Americans are unfamiliar with. The first being a minimum speed limit sign ... yep, a minimum speed limit. This sign is nearly identical to its maximum speed counterpart but is in a blue circle. The last is the advised speed limit, most commonly found on Germany's Autobahns, which is merely a suggested speed limit. This sign is identified as a blue square with the suggested speed printed across the middle (not pictured but easy to identify).

German Road Sign: Speed Limit
Speed Limit
German Road Sign: End Speed Limit
End Speed Limit
German Road Sign: Minimum Speed
Minimum Speed Limit
German Road Sign: End Minimum Speed Limit
End Min. Speed Limit

Germany Road Signs: Prohibited

Similar to speed limit signage, Prohibitory German Road Signs also use a red circle as notification, but instead of displaying a number, the focus of this sign is an easily recognizable image of a particular type of vehicle or driving action that is prohibited on the road in that area.

German Road Sign: No U Turns
No U Turns
German Road Sign: No Overtaking
No Overtaking
German Road Sign: No Motor Vehicles
No Motor Vehicles
German Road Sign: Width Limit
Width Limit

Informative Road Signs in Germany

Lastly, informational road signs in Germany are displayed as solid blue squares or cicles, again with a small infographic centered in the middle of the sign. This type of German road sign advises drivers of a range of information which can include bike lanes or paths, hotel or bathroom signs as well as indicating the type of road or motorway and anything which is required (for example if snow chains are required on an alpine roadway.

German Road Sign: Snow Chains Required
Snow Chains Req.
German Road Sign: Bus Lane
Bus Lane
German Road Sign: Motorway
German Road Sign: Hotel

Parking: Understanding Germany's Parking Signs

Parking can be a hassle no matter where you are, and today's driver faces an excess of seemingly arbitrary parking restrictions in almost every city across the globe. Thankfully, with the help of Auto Europe, you will have a comprehensive understanding of parking regulations in Germany in no time!

German No Parking SignParking signs in Germany can be broken up into two categories: parking prohibition, and allowed parking.

The first category, indicating where parking is prohibited, is displayed by circular blue signs with a red border. There are a few variations on these signs, but overall, parking or stopping in prohibitory zones should be avoided under most circumstances, as it can result in a fine.

German Parking SignGermany Sidewalk Parking SignThe second category, allowed parking, is indicated by square, blue signage. Much like the United States, these signs will have small icons affixed to them to denote handicapped parking, trailer parking, or park and ride locations. Interestingly enough, certain governing bodies of Germany allow parking on (or partially on) sidewalks, this sign is identified by the addition of an icon of a car parked on a sidewalk, to a regular allowed parking sign. In some cities you may encounter a parking sign which is white with a blue inclusion. This often means that a blue parking pass is required to park in that zone.

Additional Information about Driving in Germany

*All Sample German Road Sign Images Are Public Domain According To German Copyright Law

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