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    When Is the Best Time to Visit Italy?

    Stretching from the azure shores of the Mediterranean to the snowy peaks of the Alps, Italy has just about everything to offer tourists, so it's no wonder that Italy is one of Europe's most popular vacation spots. However, because Italy is such a trendy tourist destination, certain cities become overwhelmingly crowded during peak season, and airline and hotel prices can fluctuate greatly throughout the year. There's no need to worry about traveling to Italy at the wrong time, though; taking just a few things into consideration will help you answer the question when is the best time to visit Italy and discover the perfect time of year to tour with your Italy rental car.\

    When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Italy?

    Best Times to Visit Italy - CoastItaly is an incredibly popular tourist destination for Europeans and non-Europeans alike, so it's quite common for the most well-known sites, from the pristine beaches to the big cities, to fill up from late June to early September. This might make you assume Italy is best avoided during peak season, but despite the crowds, there are some advantages to traveling then. In the summer, restaurants and shops extend their hours thanks to the tourists and longer days, so it's nearly impossible to find a moment in which you have nothing to do, making peak season a great time to visit Italy for those who love constant entertainment and varied experiences. However, if making room for your towel on a crowded beach would be stressful for you, aim to vacation from April to June or mid-September to October; temperatures are usually less extreme but not yet cold, spring and fall are beautiful in the countryside, and the crowds aren't as intense. If you hope to get up close and personal with a slice of Italy's history, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, or Botticelli's "Birth of Venus," off season travel is the way to go; you'll have much more time and space to contemplate these historic masterpieces without the bustling crowds.

    Due to the fact that the climate varies significantly from place to place and month to month in Italy, the kind of weather you hope to find at the end of your flight can help you determine the best time to travel to Italy. As previously mentioned, the shoulder season brings mild, comfortable weather to the Mediterranean nation, but it might not be quite warm enough for those who love hot weather. August can be extremely hot and humid, especially in the southern cities, and Italian buildings aren't generally air conditioned. However, most Italians go on vacation during a two-week period in mid-August, which makes it a great time to visit the cities. In Rome, for example, parking your Rome rental car can be frustrating at every time of year except during these national holidays. If you love mild days and don't mind cool nights, November to March is the best time of year to visit Italy, particularly southern Italy and Sicily.

    Best Time to Visit Italy - ColosseumThere is a great deal to do in Italy even during the winter months. Naples is a one of the best European cities to visit in February, for example, and although Italy brings images of sunny skies and bronzed bodies to most vacationers, ski enthusiasts should know that Italy has some of the best slopes in Europe. Skiing in Italy tends to be cheaper than France, Austria, and Switzerland, and there is an emphasis on fun and relaxation as opposed to competition and sporting excellence. Head to Italy from December to March if you want to hit the snowy slopes.

    The Best Time to Travel to Italy

    Italy is such a beautiful, lively, and welcoming country that you're sure to enjoy yourself no matter when you travel. Nevertheless, to really make the most of your vacation, just ask yourself a few questions about what you'd like to do while you're there, and you'll easily figure out the best time to visit Italy for your wishes and taste. Before you travel, learn all you need to know with advice and tips in our Italy Travel Guide, or find inspiration in our Italy Road Trip Planners.

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