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    Increase Your Travel Viability Exponentially with Peugeot!

    Choosing a vehicle for your trip is as an integral facet of the traveling planning process. Auto Europe is committed to ensuring you're receiving the most bang for your buck, and after six successful decades in the travel industry, we've become an acknowledged expert in the field of transportation. Whether you're a college age adventurer of eighteen, a senior traveler over seventy, or somewhere in between, Auto Europe has a long-standing partnership with Peugeot that offers you the unique opportunity to explore Europe from behind the wheel of a factory-new Peugeot. If you'll be in Europe for twenty-one days or more, a Peugeot short-term lease offers a level of freedom and flexibility that enables you to travel from the seaside golf courses of Ireland to the islands of Greece which are qualities that are nearly impossible to match with a traditional car rental, and public transportation!

    Expanded Age Allowance 

    European car rental companies set age restrictions between approximately twenty-one and sixty-nine years of age, which leaves a large percentage of travelers who are outside these criterion, at the mercy of public transport; that is, assuming none of their traveling companions fall within the designated age range and don't mind being the sole driver. Luckily there's an alternative! With Auto Europe, you can be as young as eighteen to participate in the Peugeot lease program in Europe, and there are no maximum age restrictions.

    A Specialized Selection of Car Categories

    Peugeot 4008 LeaseFactoring the size of party that's traveling together, and the luggage capacity needed, is necessary when deciding what car category to choose. Auto Europe's Peugeot lease vehicles are sized from economy (Peugeot 208 Series), to nine-passenger (Peugeot Traveller). Are you looking for a sedan for short commutes? Try the Peugeot 508. Feel secure in the knowledge that there is no second guessing what vehicle you'll be driving, since you choose from the specific makes and models listed, and your selection is guaranteed! Peugeot makes and models are guaranteed!

    Say Sayonara to Car Rental Local fees - I could easily just say that local car rental fees are not applicable with a Peugeot lease and leave it at that, but it's worth taking a moment to explain exactly how much you are saving when you don't have a laundry list of standard fees being tacked on at the car rental counter. 

    Young Driver Surcharges - If you're twenty-one to twenty-four and you've rented a car abroad, you've likely been hit with young driver surcharges that can be as high as $50 per day/driver, which can put serious inroads in your travel funds. A Peugeot short-term lease is your most economical option, as these fees are not applicable. 

    Daily Road Taxes - This is a daily fee that, on average, ranges between $3 - $8 per day. 

    Location Surcharge - By picking up a car rental at a railstation, airport, or other specially designated site, you'll often see a location surcharge. For instance, in Madrid, the airport surcharge is around $70. 

    Additional Driver Fees - It's bad enough to have to pay to be able to have a second driver available, but if you're under twenty-four, and an additional driver, you've probably doubled your daily fees when renting a traditional rental car. Again, these additional fees are not applicable with a Peugeot lease!

    38 Countries with No Excess Insurance Coverage

    Insurance can seem complicated and raises some of the biggest questions and concerns for travelers when they're renting a car abroad. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP), Third Party Liability and Fire Protection are all part of your comprehensive insurance package, with a zero deductible policy, as part of the Peugeot leasing package. With Auto Europe's Peugeot leasing program, you are covered from bumper to bumper with no deductibles to worry about should unforeseen incidents occur. There is 24/7 roadside assistance available as well, so long as you are within the extensive geographical area covered by the leasing insurance. If you stray into other countries and territories it is at your own risk and you are personally obligated for any incidents and damage that occurs.

    Timing is Everything 

    Peugeot - Confirm Your Peugeot Lease Early

    To confirm your Peugeot lease from within France, where Peugeot is based, have your Peugeot paperwork completed and submitted at least four weeks in advance of your intended vehicle pick up. Should you be picking up your Peugeot outside of France, allow for more time to complete the process. Auto Europe makes seemingly impossible transportation situations possible on a daily basis, so if your time frames are less than the noted times to set up a lease, give us a call anyway, and we'll help you find an equitable solution. From the small towns you'll never find on a map and no bus ever visits, to the thriving cosmopolitan cities, extend your spectrum of available driving destinations with a Peugeot lease! Our knowledgeable Peugeot reservation staff is ready to steer you towards the perfect vehicle for your itinerary from our diverse Peugeot car rental fleet, backed by Auto Europe's best price guarantee. To learn more about leasing a Peugeot, visit our Buy Back Terms and Conditions page, or view the Peugeot practical guide pdf. Speak directly to a Peugeot reservation specialist at 1-888-223-5555!

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