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    Featured Festival of the Week: Dom Festival

    There is an irresistible sense of anticipation and wonder in travel. It takes us from the magnificent historic edifices of Italy, to the verdant wine regions of France; across the soaring alpine peaks of Switzerland and the along sizzling shores of the Spanish coast. These treasure troves of beauty and culture are made all the richer when you can coordinate your visit to coincide with a local event or festival.

    Today, I invite you to explore a facet of Hamburg, Germany's entertainment sector for the summer session of the Dom Festival. Unlike the specialized fairs at home that typically lasts a week, the harbor city of Hamburg's Dom Festival is a triennial event which gives you a month's worth of amusement and recreation every time the carnival comes to town.

    Rides at the Dom Festival in Hamburg, Germany


    For small children, the painted ponies of an antique carousel are a whimsical delight, while the romantics will appreciate the classic ride, and the Wurlitzer band organ style music for their nostalgia. Thrill-seekers can join the queue for a more high-tech, white-knuckled experience on rollercoasters like the Wilde Maus, but keep in mind the German carnival rides have a more liberal idea of safety measures in comparison to the states.

    The Ferris wheel allows even your smallest party members to get a sky-eye view across Hamburg and of the bright lights and bustle down below. This is also the best seat in the house for the Friday night fireworks! While many of the fairs activities and sights are geared towards youths, there is still plenty of recreational enjoyment for adults too!

    Delicious Fair Food - Candy Apples


    The scent of fried dough and warm apple pie wafting through the air, the tang of cool, fresh lemonade on your tongue and the crunch of a caramel apple as your teeth sink in; just the thought of fair food can set flights of food fancy through your brain and your salivary glands to flowing.

    As a twist on the customary fried dough, Schmalzkuchen are similar to donut holes with vanilla and lemon peel added into the mixture before frying, then they're sprinkled with powdered sugar. If your sweet tooth has a hankering for something more, try a candied apple, banana or peach and some gingerbread!

    Well-rounded meal options, as opposed to indulgent snacking, can be found at a series of restaurants from basic fare to more lavish options. Wash it all down with a foamy pint of German beer, and for the little 'uns, a malzbier. Whether you're craving street-vendor treats, or a filling meal, the edible and imbibing options at the Dom Festival will not disappoint!


    Some festival-goers enjoy carnival games as an amusing way to pass the time with no real expectation of winning. Others find the games a successive challenge to beat the odds and rise in the ranks to earn the really big souvenirs. Either for short-term entertainment or for bragging rights, listen to the barkers call and try your hand a game or two.

    Auto Europe, car rental, feature festival, Dom Festival, Hamburg, Germany


    The Dom Festival offers an atmosphere of jubilant effervescence that brings friends and families back year after year. The daytime crowd is more populated with the peals of laughter from kiddies accompanied by mom and dad, while the latter hours of the evening see a subtle shift to groups of teens and cozy couples. If your visit coincides with a match of the F.C. Sankt Pauli soccer team, anticipate an invasion of sports fans when the game is out as the stadium is next door. They'll be the ones in the skull and crossbones graphic tees and jerseys.


    Now that we've covered the important stuff here are a few other pertinent points to note.

    Weekdays are going to offer the most freedom of movement as the weekends see even the spacious thoroughfares of the Dom Festival filled with excited folks of all ages. The best day for a family to visit in particular is on Wednesday, when special discounts are extended. Bring cash as there are fewer options for credit card usage. Entrance to the festival itself is free!

    WHERE: Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg's city center 
    WHEN: March 27 - April 26, 2020 (Spring session) 

    The Dom Festival offers a myriad of enticements for young and old in each of its seasonal incarnations. While your Auto Europe car rental is a handy dandy means of transportation for exploring the city of Hamburg and greater Germany, when attending the Dom Festival it's recommended that you park further away and make use of public transportation as all fair parking is privately managed, using up funds better spent on fair food, rides and games!


    Where can you get access to the lowest prices on a car rental in Hamburg, day and night? Auto Europe's online booking system! In three, easy steps you can have the security of knowing that when you arrive at the Hamburg Airport, your ride is waiting! Summertime is peak season for travelers going to Europe; don't miss out on the most flexible transportation by holding off until the last minute to confirm your Auto Europe car rental.

    Auto Europe believes it's important for you to reach us anytime, so knowledgeable reservation specialists are just a toll-free phone call away at 1-888-223-5555. Contact us today!

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