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    Paris vs. Rome | A Summer Vacation Showdown

    It's ancient ruins vs. romance as two of Europe's most popular vacation destinations square off for the title of summer hotspot. France and Italy have a lengthy history of competing with one another. Whether it's in the kitchen, on the soccer field, or on the fashion runways, it seems as though the two are always vying for the title of 'world's greatest.' When it comes to travel, you really can't go wrong when choosing to visit either the City of Light or the Eternal City, but there are certain elements that make each a standout choice in their own right.

    Places to See in Paris

    Car Rental Paris
    When it comes to romance, there's just something about Paris that sets everyone's heart on fire. From walking hand-in-hand along the Seine, to grand vistas with sweeping views of the Eiffel Tower, first-time visitors arrive in the City of Light with a suitcase full of expectations. Although Paris  does grandeur and drama better than just about everywhere, some of its greatest pleasures are actually some of its simplest: the rustic charms of a neighborhood cafe, the tranquility of an afternoon walk through a church courtyard, the crunch of a perfect croissant; the subtle pleasures in Paris will spoil you.  In addition to being incredibly atmospheric, Paris also happens to have one of the most impressive art collections in the entire world. From the Louve and Pompidou, to Musee d'Orsey and the Museum of Modern Art, there are few cities that can compete with the pieces Paris has on display. In terms of nightlife, Paris is the winner hands down, and the Oberkampf district has asserted itself as the city's trendiest hangout. Enjoy touring all of Paris' romantic districts, cobbled roads, and beautiful history at a pace that best suits you and your partner with a car rental in Paris, guaranteed to enhance your vacation abroad to the next level.

    Places to Go in Rome

    Car Rental Rome
    Travelers looking to immerse themselves in art, architecture and culture, will find it tucked behind every corner with a car rental in Rome. Although Paris excels in art museums, Rome simply cannot be touched when it comes to historic masterpieces. Walk along the city's atmospheric streets and you'll feel as though you have an all-access pass to the most impressive museum you'll ever see. For travelers with a strong interest in Roman culture or the origins of modern civilization, Rome will give you everything you're looking for and more. In addition to soaking up the summer sun and vast array of historic offerings, there's probably no better way to plunge into local spirit than to eat and drink well, as food and wine are central to Roman social life. Home to hundreds of pizzerias and trattorias, there's nothing more Roman than devouring a wood-fired pizza al fresco on a sun-drenched summer day; certainly one of the best times to visit Rome!

    What They Both Do Well

    Rome or Paris? Paris or Rome? Where to travel this summer.After we put two of Europe's oldest and most atmospheric capitals toe to toe, it's hard to declare a true winner. It should come as no surprise that both Rome and Paris boast an array of historic monuments, from the ancient Colosseum to the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral, each destination has a very different type of structural aesthetic, so it's nearly impossible to choose which destination has a better offering. Dining in both cities can be pricey, and each (literally) brings a unique flair to the table. We're partial to Rome's pizza, but there is something on offer for every taste in both Rome and Paris, so dining is a category that can best be described as subjective. When it comes to cost, the dollar doesn't typically go very far in either of these cities, but savvy travelers are able to fully enjoy either city if they're committed to sticking to a budget. Wherever you decide to travel this summer, we're sure this famous quote will ring true: 'Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.'

    Ready to Go?

    We've talked about the importance of adding a rental car to your itinerary many times before, and trips to Rome and Paris are no exception to this rule. A car rental will free up precious time, allowing you to see everything you've penciled into your plans, on a time schedule that works for you. No more relying on unreliable and congested public transportation. Whether you're vacationing in Rome or visiting Paris, Auto Europe offers helpful travel tips that will allow you to see both cities on your own terms, and return home feeling fulfilled. Thanks to Auto Europe's secure, three-step booking engine, reserving an affordable car rental in Europe has never been easier! Reservations can also be made online by calling us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555.

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