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Car Rentals Worldwide

Sixt Locations: Great Local Service with Sixt Car Rental

How you treat your customers says everything about you as a business - that's why Auto Europe only books our clients with the best local car rental agencies in the industry. We work with Sixt in locations around the globe to bring you this brand's unparalleled service at the most competitive price available. Browse some of the most popular Sixt locations below and see how much you can save you when you rent your next Sixt car with Auto Europe. As European car rental specialists with over six decades of experience, you can trust us to make sure your trip is smooth and hassle free.

To learn more about our most popular Sixt car rental locations click on any of the links below.

Sixt Italy Sixt Car Rental Locations in Italy

Rome  |  Florence  |  Venice  |  Pisa  |  Milan  And More Locations Throughout Italy

Sixt France Sixt Car Rental Locations in France

Bordeaux  |  Nice  |  Paris  And More Locations Throughout France

Sixt Germany Sixt Car Rental Locations in Germany

Berlin   |  Frankfurt  |  Munich  And More Locations Throughout Germany

 Sixt UKSixt Car Rental Locations in the UK

England  |  London  And More Locations Throughout the United Kingdom

Sixt Spain Sixt Car Rental Locations in Spain

Barcelona  |  Madrid  And More Locations Throughout Spain

Sixt Portugal Sixt Car Rental Locations in Portugal

Lisbon  And More Locations Throughout Portugal

Sixt Ireland Sixt Car Rental Locations in Ireland

Dublin  And More Locations Throughout Ireland

Sixt Belgium Sixt Car Rental Locations in Belgium

Brussels  And More Locations Throughout Belgium

Sixt Austria Sixt Locations in Austria

Auto Europe Offers Car Rental Service with Avis in all Major Destinations in Austria

Sixt Switzerland Sixt Locations in Switzerland

Auto Europe Offers Car Rental Service with Avis in all Major Destinations in Switzerland 

Auto Europe's 20,000 Locations Around the World Make it Easy

We understand that travelers need peace of mind, a great price and flexibility and that's why we work with trusted suppliers around the globe - offering great rates, great service and flexibile pick-up and drop-off destinations for your rental car booking. If you love to rent with Sixt we invite you to give Auto Europe a try - you'll love our rates, our friendly service agents and you'll still enjoy the local customer experience provided to Sixt customers. As a bonus we'll also show you the rates of other local suppliers when you search online ... allowing you to compare and save, choosing from brands you recognize and some fantastic companies you may never have heard of.

Book Your Sixt Car Rental with Auto Europe

There are some car rental brokers who will book your car with any company available, but at Auto Europe we value our client's experience and pre-screen all local car rental companies in your destination - only booking your car with companies that have a positive track record that offers additional peace of mind. The last thing our clients want is to have an issue at the rental car desk and when you book with Auto Europe you can rest easy knowing that you'll enjoy a hassle free rental experience upon arrival. To learn more about booking your Sixt car rental with Auto Europe (or about the other suppliers we work with) just click on any of the links below.

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