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    Lazio, Italy Sabina Road Trip Planner: Rome to Terni

    Experience a true portrait of Italian culture and cuisine as you discover the beautiful foothills of Sabina.

    The city of Rome is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the world, but only a fortunate few ever venture beyond the city limits. Give yourself a chance to experience the genuine dolce vita on a tour of Italy uncommon to the average visitor - journey through vineyards, dart through alpine mountain valleys, and cruise along the virgin coastline of magnificent sparkling lakes. Stop by any number of the many rustic and rural villages along the way and make sure to visit a few local eateries to gain a sense of authentic Italian culinary traditions. So many enchanting experiences can be yours to uncover when you tour Lazio, Italy in the comfort and convenience of a rental car with the help of our Sabina road trip planner!

    Your journey begins in the global hub of Rome where you'll have the opportunity to tour some of the most famous attractions in the world. From the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum, there's no better place to start a road trip in Italy. Visit historic sites and a few of the best museums in Rome before heading north into the rolling hills of Rieti. Sample some of the local cuisine, based on the world-renowned olives that are indigenous to this region, and climb Mount Terminillo before setting out towards the Apennine Range in the heart of Italy. Discover the mountain town of Leonessa, famous for a special variety of tasty potatoes, and eventually reach the enchanting village of Amatrice where you'll delight in a day spent exploring the pristine wilderness of the surrounding natural reserves. Take a scenic drive around Lake Campotosto on your way out of town and follow the last leg of your Lazio road trip through the archeological ruins of L'Aquila before reaching your final destination at Terni. Your itinerary can be full of exciting attractions and activities that you'll be free to explore at your own pace and direction when you get a guaranteed low rate on a rental car and follow our Sabina road trip planner!

    We here at Auto Europe have created a comprehensive Lazio road trip planner to help you find some of the best attractions and scenic drives in Italy. Browse the pages below to get a glimpse of the activities and sights you can enjoy on a unique holiday that can only be experienced with the freedom and versatility of a rental car in Italy, passing through sites and locales inaccessible by restrictive public transportation. Plan your tour of Italy with Auto Europe using our Sabina road trip planner and - when you're ready - get a guaranteed low rate on your rental car, and discover the exclusive pleasure of traveling in your own private vehicle!

    Locations Distance Driving Time
    Lake Albano Scenic Drive 47.4 2 Hours, 1 Minute
    Rome to Rieti 54.3 1 Hour, 48 Minutes
    Rieti to Amatrice 59.5 2 Hours, 14 Minutes
    Amatrice to Terni Scenic Drive 89.5 2 Hours, 49 Minutes
    Amatrice to Terni (Direct) (60.2) (1 Hour, 31 Minutes)
    Totals: 250.7 8 Hours, 52 Minutes

    Read on to Drive to Discover the adventures that await you in Italy!

    Roman Forum, Italy Trevi Fountain, Italy

    Lazio, Italy Sabina Road Trip Day 1: Plan a Road Trip from Rome

    What to Do in Rome:

    Sabina Road Trip Day 1Visitors flock from all four corners of the globe to the capital of Italy and mecca of tourism known as the "eternal city" - each visitor seeking the best of what to do in Rome. Plan a road trip from Rome to explore the metropolis and pick up your rental car at Fiumicino AirportRome Ciampino Airport or Rome Tiburtina Rail Station before setting out on the journey of a lifetime. You'll find a plethora of things to do in this global center of culture and history with everything from ancient archaeological sites to modern architectural marvels to culinary experiences galore!

    See an opera in the Auditorium or bear witness to the energy and excitement of a football game at the Olympic Stadium. Take a tour of the original archaic settlements on the Seven Hills of Rome or just stroll around the historic center of Old Rome; intriguing sights are all over just waiting to be uncovered and a simple walk downtown can yield some of the best free Rome attractions.  The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum all await you here! If you prefer driving to walking when exploring the historic downtown, be aware of the Limited Traffic Zones in Rome so you don't accidentally rack up needless tickets and fines. This city is a global hub among European and international travelers alike so you'll find something to suit everyone in your party when investigating what to do in Rome.

    History and art buffs rejoice at the prospect of delving into the best museums in Rome. The Villa Borghese area alone hosts a medley of galleries, like the National Museum of Villa Giulia and National Gallery of Modern Art, amidst a verdant atmosphere of gardens and parks. See iconic Greek sculptures at the Capitoline Museums, Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo, or observe some of the most well-preserved ancient stone structures in Europe at the National Museum at the Baths of Diocletian, located just outside the Rome Termini Train Station. While visiting the best museums in Rome be sure not to miss The Vatican Museum and its resplendent array of cathedrals, tapestries, and endless other works of art, too!

    You're sure to have a great time while touring one of the greatest cities in the world and with the help of Auto Europe you'll be able to find plenty of things to do in Rome amidst the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle at a guaranteed low price!

    What to Do in Rome
    Museum/Attraction Features Address
    Trevi Fountain Considered
    by many as the most beautiful fountain in the world
    Fontana di Trevi, Piazza
    di Trevi, 00187 Rome, IT
    Pantheon The single best-preserved building from ancient Rome Piazza
    della Rotonda, 00186 Rome, IT
    Roman Forum Vast archaeological
    site containing the Arch of Titus, Column of Phocas, Via Sacra and Temple of
    Antoninus and Faustina
    Foro Romano, Via
    della Salaria Vecchia 5/6, 00186 Rome, IT
    Colosseum Massive
    amphitheatre famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World
    Colosseo, Piazza
    del Colosseo 1, 00184 Rome, IT
    National Museum of Villa Giulia World's largest Etruscan art collection Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia, Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, 00197 Rome, IT
    National Gallery of Modern Art Italian masterpieces from Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, and more Galleria
    Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Viale
    delle Belle Arti 131, 00196 Rome, IT
    Capitoline Museums Famous Greek and Roman sculptures including the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius,
    Capitoline Venus, and Capitoline Wolf
    del Campidoglio 1, 00186 Rome, IT
    National Museum at the Baths of Diocletian One
    of the largest collections of ancient Roman archeology in existence
    di Diocleziano, Viale Enrico De Nicola 79, 00185 Rome, IT
    The Vatican Museum The
    Sistine Chapel among other works from Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto,
    Perugino, and more
    Musei Vaticani, Viale
    Vaticano, 00165 Rome, IT

    Nightlife, Bars, and Only the Best Restaurants in Rome:

    There are thousands of places to grab a bite to eat or a drink with friends in this bustling city center, but you'll want to experience exciting nightlife, bars, and only the best restaurants in Rome while in town. Treat yourself to an exquisite fine dining experience featuring Italian/Mediterranean specialties at Ad Hoc, just a short walk from Villa Borghese; take advantage of the unique truffle tastings here for an uncommonly delectable endeavor. Reserve a table at Ristorante Crispi 19 for a culinary adventure sampling an array of contemporary Italian dishes hand-crafted from fresh local ingredients in a modernly elegant environment just a few blocks North of the Trevi Fountain. Enjoy a meal of carefully prepared local fare after a tour of the Roman Forum at Le Tavernelle Restaurant, lauded for having some of the best pasta in the city or relax and unwind at Lupigiada with its well-stocked wine bar and artfully sophisticated atmosphere. 

    First class restaurants compose a highlight of luxurious eating experiences but some of the tastiest food can be found at cheaper options among the best restaurants in Rome, too! When you're visiting the Pantheon and strolling the neighborhoods nearby stop in at Likeat for one of the best sandwiches you've ever tasted at a price that can't be beat or La Pizzetteria for a homemade lunch of quality traditional Italian food. Vegetarians will appreciate the diverse organic offerings at Buone Maniere and don't forget to stop in for dessert at a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth like Gelateria dei Gracchi, serving traditional gelato treats. If you have enough energy after a long day of sightseeing stop at Il Baffo Della Gioconda for live Samba music and drinks, or dance the night away at the trendy Level Liquid and Sound Gallery!

    Restaurant/Bar Price
    Ad Hoc $$$ Via Ripetta 43, 00186 Rome, IT
    Ristorante Crispi 19 $$$$ Via Francesco Crispi 19, 00187 Rome, IT
    Le Tavernelle Restaurant $$$ Via Panisperna 48, 00184 Rome, IT
    Lupigiada $$$ Via Tor de Conti 15, 00184 Rome, IT
    Likeat $ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 310, 00186 Rome, IT
    La Pizzetteria $ Via Vestricio Spurinna 53, Angolo Farmacia Scribonio Curione, 00175 Rome, IT
    Buone Maniere $$ Via Tor de Schiavi 77/79, 00171 Rome, IT
    Gelateria dei Gracchi $$ Via di Ripetta 261, Piazza del Popolo, 00186 Rome, IT
    Il Baffo Della Gioconda $$ Via Degli Aurunci 40, 00185 Rome, IT
    Level Liquid and Sound Gallery $$$ Vicolo del Fico 3, 00186 Rome, IT

    Rome Hotels and Lodging

    When you visit this area with the convenience of a rental car at your side, you won't be limited to the more expensive downtown Rome hotels and lodgings. Avoid congested streets and parking woes while saving money and book a night at Park Hotel Serenissima, located in the peaceful Veio Park, for an incredible value on its 4 star facilities. You're also sure to love the elegant styling and modern furnishings at Excel Montemario just a short drive north of the Vatican or the American Palace Eur, where you can reach the historic city center in just a few minutes with a bus or shuttle service.

    For an indulgent experience second to none you can splurge and spend a night or two in the lap of luxury at your choice of fabulous high-end Rome hotels and lodgings. Awaken just steps away from the spectacular Villa Borghese gardens in a suite at De Russie; venture out to explore the experiential bounties of the city or relax in the onsite garden and courtyard. Watch your tensions melt away at Palazzo Montemartini resort and spa, directly adjacent to the renowned Baths of Diocletian and conveniently located just outside the Rome Termini train station. Here you'll find easy access to many of the best shops and restaurants in the city as well as an onsite swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and spa treatment facilities.

    There are so many great places to stay in this global center of culture and cuisine and with the help of Auto Europe you can book a great price on your ideal accommodations and kick off your Sabina road trip in style! Click the map below for directions and a detailed view of the driving route. 

    Rieti, Italy Rieti, Italy

    Lazio, Italy Sabina Road Trip Day 2: Rieti

    Rieti Attractions and Sights:

    Sabina Road Trip Day 2After you've completed your experience of Rome, set out into the Sabine hills and begin your Lazio road trip with a tour of Rieti attractions and sights. When you travel to the hilltop town of Rieti you'll find that getting there is half the fun as you pass through the endless scenic fields of the Marcigliana Natural Reserve and follow the winding Tevere River north. This region of Italy is renowned for its high quality olive products so take advantage of the opportunity to stop in at a farm stand along your Sabina road trip and pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family and some fantastic olive oil to sample and enjoy during your trip! Visit Canneto and see the oldest olive tree in Italy (2000 years old), affectionately known as L'ulivone by the locals. You'll traverse countless quaint farming villages along your route towards Rieti and with the utility of your own personal rental car you'll be free to explore at your own pace and direction!

    The capital of this verdant Sabine province is an ancient city considered by Italians to be the geographical center of the country and you're sure to delight in a wonderful array of things to do at Rieti attractions and sights! Nature enthusiasts will swoon over the endless hiking trails around Mount Terminillo, which also serves as the base of the best ski resort in the region for winter visits. You can get out and enjoy the great outdoors at one of the many natural reserves surrounding town or tour the historic structures and monuments in the city; a simple walk or driving tour makes for immersive and intriguing free things to do in Rieti! Stop by the Rieti museum in the Palazzo Comunale town hall for a glimpse into this historic locale's rich past and take a stroll around the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II to soak in a spectacular panoramic view of the area. You and your fellow travelers won't want to leave this lovely rustic bastion of Italian heritage but don't fret; there is so much more to see and do throughout the rest of your Sabina road trip!

    The Best Rieti Restaurants:

    Drawing from a prime location amidst the luscious farmlands of the Sabine hills, the best Rieti restaurants all utilize only the freshest local ingredients in creating their sumptuous offerings. A great traditional Italian meal can be had at Cantina Centro Italia, conveniently located in the center of town and serving up delectable dishes at an uncommonly great value. If you're craving seafood, stop in at La Taverna del Capitano for fresh fish and excellent wine in a refined setting that's graciously welcoming to families. Grab a quick meal at Da Antonietta for authentic home-cooked pasta dishes that won't break the bank or La Sosta, serving great rustic-style pizzas and Italian fare.

    When you're traveling with your own personal rental car you won't be limited to the locales accessible by public transportation, so be sure to venture beyond the city center where you'll find great hidden gems and some of the best restaurants in Rieti! The tiny mountain village of Greccio is home to deliciously distinctive Sabine cuisine such as potato dumplings, used in a variety of dishes, that you can sample at quaint family-owned eateries like Il Nido del Corvo, located off the beaten path on a hill overlooking the Rieti valley. Splurge on a fine dining experience amidst serene emerald woodlands on the outskirts of town at La Foresta, where you'll find an awesomely extensive wine list for the perfect vino to accompany a lavishly generous meal. If you're looking for an elegant atmosphere and meticulously hand-crafted dishes lauded as some of the finest in the country, reserve a table at Restaurant Casale Di Villa Battistini; you certainly won't regret granting yourself an opportunity to get a taste of Italy's best!

    Restaurant/Bar Price
    Cantina Centro Italia $$ Via Dei Crispolti 68, 02100 Rieti, IT
    La Taverna del Capitano $$ Via della Cavatella 14, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Da Antonietta $ Via San Rufo 12, 02100 Rieti, IT
    La Sosta $ Via Luigi Cipriani 353, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Il Nido del Corvo $$$ Via del Forno 15, 02040 Greccio, IT
    La Foresta $$$$ Via Foresta 51, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Restaurant Casale Di Villa Battistini $$$$ Via Tancia 38/D, Contigliano, 02043 Rieti, IT

    Rieti Hotels and Lodging:

    This region of Italy is rich with scenery and culture, but still widely untapped as a tourist location so Rieti hotels and lodgings provide great opportunities to stay in uncommonly quaint and charming facilities where you can immerse yourself in the unfettered Italian dolce vita ("sweet life")! An authentic rustic environment that's great for families can be found at Agriturismo Santo Pietro di Coltodino (Santo Pietro di Coltodino, 02030 Rieti, IT), set outside of town on a hilltop with rooms that overlook the lush valley below. Stay in a peaceful nook of the forests near Saint Francis of Assisi cathedral at Park Hotel Villa Potenziani (V. Colle San Mauro 6, 02100 Rieti, IT), offering luxury amenities such as tennis courts, a sparkling pool for taking a dip on hot summer days, and a scenic rooftop terrace that makes for a great place to enjoy a complementary breakfast amidst a backdrop of scenic splendor.  For a clean and comfortable no frills hotel just a short walk from downtown, book a night or two at Hotel Serena (Via dei Salici 46/A, 02100 Rieti, IT); you'll appreciate the homelike appeal and simple charm that's offered at a great value, too.

    Amatrice, Italy Mount Terminillo, Italy

    Lazio, Italy Sabina Road Trip Day 3: Amatrice

    Things to Do in Amatrice:

    Sabina Road Trip Day 3Your Sabina road trip will bring you north through quaint townships and sights widely undiscovered among typical tourists to Italy; a variety of stops along your scenic cruise will yield a bounty of things to do in Amatrice upon arriving at your destination! The first leg of this drive will lead you to the summit of Mount Terminillo where you can witness the breathtaking view without having to climb the over 2,000 meter high peak on foot. From here, descend into the valley and make a pit stop at Leonessa, a beautiful mountain town filled with medieval churches and archaic architecture. Tour the ancient cathedrals then continue on to Albaneto, Posta, and Bacugno on your way to Amatrice. Each of these lovely locales has their own unique culture and the only way to explore them all is with a rental car on your very own road trip from Rome!

    Arrive to find yourself surrounded by a delightful atmosphere of small town charm and engage in all the great things to do in Amatrice. Take a walk around the streets downtown and admire the fantastically preserved gothic buildings while you stop in at shops and cafes along the rustic cobblestone streets. Visit the Pro Loco di Amatrice (Chiesa di San Francesco, Corso Umberto I, 02012 Amatrice, IT) for detailed information on specific sights to see in the area or get out and head into nature with a hike in the Cerro Della Madonna Di Galloro Nature Preserve. There are plenty of smooth winding roads through the hills and forests surrounding this village, too, so a scenic driving tour is one of many wonderful free things to do in Amatrice.

    The Best Restaurants in Amatrice:

    Traditional cuisine in this lush area of Italy characteristically includes a local variety of potato known as patata di Leonessa, used in an assortment of dishes that you can sample at some of the best restaurants in Amatrice. Meet the friendly owner and chef at La Conca and sample a true portrayal of Amatrician food prepared with fresh organic ingredients. Enjoy a meal at a local favorite highly acclaimed for its authentic Italian fare at Ristorante Ma-Tru then stop in for dessert or a casual sweet treat at Il Gelatiere; both of these fantastic food spots are conveniently located right in the center of town. For a quick lunch or informal meal try out the homemade pizza and pasta at La Campagnola - a restaurant which offers delicious dishes at a fantastic value.

    The rural regions north of Rieti are peppered with humble towns that feature an authentic representation of Sabine cuisine. Enjoy a locally sourced home-cooked meal at Agriturismo Piccolo Lago amidst spectacular views of Lake Scandarello. Bring the whole family along for an intriguing experience at Agriturismo La Grotta where you'll dine on specialties specifically selected to represent the agrarian bounty of the province, all set in an actual cave that gives a uniquely cozy ambiance. Osteria da Bartasca is great for lunch or dinner; try a traditional fried pizza or one of many locally inspired pasta dishes! You'll love the best restaurants in Amatrice but with the versatility of your rental car you're free to branch out and explore obscure culinary offerings beyond the city limits!

    Restaurant/Bar Price
    La Conca $$ Via della Madonnella 24, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Ristorante Ma-Tru $$$ Corso Umberto 7, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Il Gelatiere $$ Piazza Cacciatori Del Tevere 17, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    La Campagnola $ Via Padre Minozzi 14, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Agriturismo Piccolo Lago $$$ Loc. Conche 22, Lago Scandarello, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Agriturismo La Grotta $$$ Via Principale 9, Fraz. Scai, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Osteria da Bartasca $$ Via Sacco 2, Localita Santa Croce, 02010 Cittareale, IT

    Amatrice Hotels and Lodging:

    The downtown area is home to several unpretentious places to spend a night or two and you're sure to delight in a stay at one of the quaint Amatrice hotels and lodgings. Book a comfortable room at Hotel Ristorante Roma (Via dei Bastioni 27, 02012  Amatrice, IT) and grant yourself a great base for exploring the area with a convenient location in the center of town. Antica Dimora (Via Cola 23 , 02012 Amatrice, IT) offers a uniquely homelike experience in a rustic building downtown, providing an unfettered perspective on the local Italian culture. For an indulgent experience you can stay in a country mansion nestled in the tiny town of Bagnolo at Villa Sanguigni (Bagnolo di Amatrice, 02012 Rieti, IT) where you'll find a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of larger urban areas amidst a romantic atmosphere of pristine woodland hills.

    Amiternum, Italy Terni, Italy

    Lazio, Italy Sabina Road Trip Day 4: Terni

    Terni Attractions and Sights:

    Sabina Road Trip Day 4Depart from Amatrice and set out into the untouched wilderness on a Lake Campotosto scenic drive through the Lago di Campotosto State Reserve before investigating all of the Terni attractions and sights upon arrival at your final destination. Hike through the scenic forests or take a swim in the immaculate waters on a hot summer day; the natural bounties are plentiful in this verdant haven of outdoor activities! If you plan on visiting in the winter, keep in mind that the highest ski resort in the Apennine Mountains, Gran Sasso d'Italia, is nearby.

    Follow the winding highway south to Arischia and visit the archaeological area of Amiternum or stop off to see some of the L'Aquila historic sites, like Saint Bernardino basilica and the Fountain of 99 Heads. This corner of Abruzzo is rich with ancient ruins and castles abound so you'll surely have a full itinerary on your way to see the Terni attractions and sights!

    Top off your Sabina road trip with a tour of Terni in all of its Umbrian splendor. Investigate the Roman amphitheater ruins and old town walls surrounding the city and admire the resplendent architecture of the Basilica of St. Valentine. Drive just a few miles outside downtown and you'll be able to see one of the highest waterfalls in Europe: the Cascata delle Marmore. These magnificent tiered falls tower over 500 feet tall altogether and were actually created by the Romans in ancient time as a means to drain the wetlands in the area above. After a full day of exploring Umbria head into town and stroll around the Piazza Tacito, see the Terni Cathedral, and tour the Romanesque churches around town.

    The Best Restaurants in Terni:

    The Sabine hills are the homeland of famous dishes like pasta Amatriciana, a hearty sauce made with pecorino cheese and cured pork, and you'll have a chance to try the original renditions of such specialties at the best restaurants in Terni! Dine in cool modern elegance at Ristorante La Terrazza, great for trying some of the best, meticulously prepared local cuisine the city has to offer or for having a few drinks in the lively and welcoming environment. Stop in for lunch at Pizzeria The Fox and taste one of the gourmet pizzas prepared from fresh organic ingredients or try a unique twist on the Italian classic at Crepesmania, serving savory crepes stuffed with your choice of delectable fillings. For a casual meal visit La Citta Vecchia with its charmingly contemporary décor or opt for a more traditional ambiance at Pizzi Cotto; both of these eateries offer a splendid portrait of the local food scene at reasonable prices that'll have you coming back again and again!

    Take a night to treat yourself and splurge on an opulent experience the finest Italian culinary traditions at one of the best restaurants in Terni while you're in town. Enjoy an unpretentious environment where the friendly servers make everyone feel like a local at Oste della Mal'ora, offering a fabulous wine selection to pair perfectly with a diverse menu of home-cooked classics; be sure to make a reservation at this popular restaurant as tables fill up quickly in the evenings. The province of Umbria is landlocked, but you'll still be able to find some of the most highly acclaimed seafood in the country at L'Antico Borgo, widely renowned for its lavish culinary prowess or stop by Osteria Anfiteatro for an array of authentic Italian offerings, from pizza to filet Rossini and fois gras, created by some of the top chefs in the region. You won't be disappointed when you savor a meal at one of these fine dining establishments and the successful consummation of your Sabina road trip will certainly call for a celebration at one of the best restaurants in Terni!

    Restaurant/Bar Price
    Ristorante La Terrazza $$$ Piazza Dante 5, 05100 Terni, IT
    Pizzeria The Fox $ Piazza Briccialdi 2, 05100 Terni, IT
    Crepesmania $ Via Tiacci 12, 05100 Terni, IT
    La Citta Vecchia $$ Via D. Giannelli 81/83, 05100 Terni, IT
    Pizzi Cotto $$ Viale Rossini 69, 05100 Terni, IT
    Oste della Mal'ora $$$ Via Tre Archi 5, 05100 Terni, IT
    L'Antico Borgo $$$$ Via De Amicis 4, Frazione Papigno, 05100 Terni, IT
    Osteria Anfiteatro $$$$ Piazza S. Giovanni Decollato 3/4, 05100 Terni, IT

    Terni Hotels and Lodging:

    The wide selection of available Terni hotels and lodging offer excellent bases for exploring the Umbrian region at the conclusion of your Sabina road trip. Find optimal all-around value with a conveniently central location at Best Western Garden, providing on-site parking and comfortable rooms for a worry-free stay downtown. When seeking a more indulgent experience look no further than La Tenuta dei Ciclamini (Localita Casa Pancallo 3, 05020 Terni, IT) where you can relax and unwind by the turquoise pool while you enjoy views of the countryside that surround this rustic Italian villa. The natural world is truly a main attraction in Umbria and you'll have a front row seat to the bounty of Mother Nature at Hotel Del Lago (Strada del Porto 71, 05100 Piediluco, Terni, IT) located on the beautiful Lake Piediluco just outside of town. If you're looking to save money on the last leg of your Italy road trip then book a clean but economical room at Hotel Valentino (Via Plinio il Giovane 3/5, 05100 Terni, IT) or Hotel de Paris (Viale della Stazione 52, 05100 Terni, IT), both centrally located in the downtown area. Regardless of where you stay among Terni hotels and lodging, you'll have a great time getting out and seeing the sights while you reminisce upon all the great experiences you had on your Sabina road trip! 

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