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    Driving Distance from Bordeaux

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    Driving Distance from Bordeaux, France

    Driving Distance from Bordeaux, France by Auto Europe

    Are you planning an upcoming trip to Bordeaux and are trying to find more information about the driving distance from Bordeaux to other major cities in France? Take a look at this helpful table we have created that highlights these distances in both kilometers and miles.

    There are so many alluring things to see in Bordeax, you wouldn't want to miss anything this exceptional region has to offer! Whether you need to know the driving distance from Bordeaux to Paris or any destination in between, let Auto Europe help you find the most direct route.

    Bordeaux Driving Distance Table

    Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles) Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles)
    Bordeaux Paris 590.58 366.97 Bordeaux Aix-en-Provence 630.98 392.07
    Bordeaux Marseille 644.73 400.62 Bordeaux Brest 650.26 404.05
    Bordeaux Lyon 548.96 341.11 Bordeaux Tours 355.35 220.80
    Bordeaux Avignon 572.27 355.59 Bordeaux Versailles 583.73 362.71
    Bordeaux Nice 802.38 498.58 Bordeaux Limoges 227.06 141.09
    Bordeaux Toulouse 245.62 152.62 Bordeaux Lille 806.00 500.83
    Bordeaux Nantes 353.41 219.60 Bordeaux Rouen 660.63 410.50
    Bordeaux Grenoble 657.14 408.33 Bordeaux Marmande 65.97 40.99
    Bordeaux Bergerac 111.00 68.97 Bordeaux La Rochelle 191.23 118.82

    More Information About Traveling to Bordeaux

    The port city of Bordeaux sits along the Garonne River in the southwest of France, and from Bordeaux, you can easily access the rest of this exquisite country. When it's time to step outside Bordeaux and see what else France has to offer, you can go a direction of ways, along a number of routes, to endless choices of towns and cities that will give you the taste of France you're looking for.

    Bordeaux is just under 600 km from Paris, and when you travel by car, you can make it to the French capital in less than 6 hours. This is one of the longer routes from southwest France to the capital, but it's nothing short of gorgeous and breathtaking. Along route A10 to Paris, you'll drive in low altitude country, with plenty of sightseeing spots to stop for a break and to take photographs. Plus, you can stop in the city of Poitiers for a meal or a stretch along the way.
    More Information About Driving in Bordeaux
    If you're seeking the French Riviera, you can travel from Bordeaux to the coastal city of Nice in 7-8 hours. If you decide to make the gorgeous 803 km trek from Bordeaux to Nice, you'll want to drive along routes A8 and A62 for optimal sightseeing. Along the way, you'll pass in between the Pyrenees and Massif mountain ranges. Then you'll drive the rest of the way, about 475 km, along the breathtaking French Riviera coastline, all the way to Nice.

    While staying in Bordeaux, you can make day trips to cities like Marmande and Bergerac. From Bordeaux, the city of Marmande is just under 66 km away along the A62 route. If you'd like to add 30 minutes of extra driving and sightseeing, you can also drive along the D671 route. From Bordeaux, Bergerac is 111 km away, and along the A89 route, you'll be there in just over an hour.

    When it's time to book your rental car in Bordeaux, look to Auto Europe for the guaranteed best rates and service! We specialize in everything from exotic sports cars and large vans for rent, to great deals on a variety of cars last minute. Whatever your needs may be, we are able to accommodate you! Simply use the secure search form on the left side of this page to make your reservation online in three, easy steps, or call us toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555 to speak with an agent directly. 

    Tips on Driving in Bordeaux

    Still looking for tips on driving in Bordeaux? This page will provide answers! 

    Spending Time in Bordeaux

    With so many exciting things to see and do in Bordeaux, creating the perfect itinerary is made easy with Auto Europe. 

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