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    Winter Car Rental

    Just because you missed the high season for travel to Europe doesn't mean there isn't still plenty to see and do during the colder months! Auto Europe has you covered with everything you could need to get out and about in a winter car rental.

    Winter Rental CarSki resorts, Christmas markets, and idyllic snowy landscapes are all yours to explore when you visit Europe during wintertime. The lack of crowds and peaceful city streets make for an intimate experience with local cultures and colder weather opens up a whole new array of possibilities in attractions and sightseeing. Picture yourself taking in the majesty of snow-covered peaks or hitting the slopes to enjoy some of the most ideal conditions at world-renowned ski resorts. Winter can be one of the best times of year to visit Europe and you'll be prepared to take it all in with a winter car rental at your side.

    Winter Driving Safety: Snow Tires and Chains

    In order to ensure a smooth rental experience and a successful vacation abroad, winter driving safety is important, which is why we make securing everything from snow tires to ski racks simple and easy. Just click on the "Product Information" tab when searching for your vehicle to see information on available extra equipment and be sure to keep an eye out for special offers that include winter tires in the given rate. At Auto Europe, we pride ourselves on making your reservation process a breeze; securing winter driving safety equipment like snow chains, winter tires, and car rental ski racks requires just a few clicks with our secure online booking engine.  

    European Countries That Require Winterized Vehicles, Including Snow Tires

    Below we have put together a list of the countries in Europe that require for cars to be winterized. There are also parts of Italy, near the Alps that require snow tires during the winter months. While it is normal for most suppliers to include the cost of snow tires in their rates for these countries, it is always a good idea to double check, which our award winning customer support team would be more than happy to do for you at 888-223-5555.

    European Countries Requiring Winterized Vehicles
    Austria Finland Luxembourg Slovenia
    Croatia Germany Norway Sweden
    Czech Republic Lithuania Romania Switzerland

    Which Months Are Snow Chains And Tires Required in Europe?

    Most northern European countries require road faring vehicles to be equipped with winterized tires from November 1 - March 31 as these are the times of year travelers are most likely to encounter winter weather, including storms. Failure to have these on your vehicle can result in hefty fines, as well as in Germany, for instance, if you are in a wreck without snow tires during these dates, not only will you be held liable for the collision, but you may also lose your rental vehicle's insurance. Most suppliers in countries that require vehicles to be winterized will provide the cost of the tires in their rental rate.

    Tips For Driving In The Snow

    Below are some tips for driving in the snow and ice. Driving conditions can deteriorate quickly, especially during a winter storm, so it is a good idea to be prepared and when in doubt, avoid the roadways. For more tips and tricks regarding driving in Europe, please visit our travel tips page.

    Tips For Driving In The Snow And Ice
    Stay Indoors When in doubt, it is always a better idea to not be on the roads during a snowstorm, especially for inexperienced drivers. It is better to arrive at a new destination a day later than not at all, so wait out that storm. Also, European countries are very good at clearing snow after storms, so there is no need to rush, as it is better safe than sorry.
    Drive At A Slow Pace Driving in snow and ice is very different than driving in rain, or clear roadways. It is wise to adjust your speed to take into account your vehicle's lower traction when driving on snow or ice.
    Easy On The Breaks (And Gas Too) Be sure to apply the gas and breaks slowly for optimum traction to avoid skidding, sliding and all around unnerving driving instances. Remember, it takes more time to slow down in slick conditions.
    Don't Tailgate Do not, we repeat, do not tailgate. This is a good rule to go by in the best of driving conditions, so it should go without saying that you should keep adequate distance between you and the car in front of you at all times, while driving in winter conditions.
    Don't Stop On A Hill When at all possible, avoid stopping on hills (up or down). Ice and snow makes it harder for your vehicle to grip the road, and stopping on an incline or decline is asking for trouble. Avoid sliding into other vehicles, light poles and pedestrians by avoiding instances where you are at a greater risk of losing traction.
    Apply Common Sense Sometimes common sense isn't that common, don't let this be one of those situations. If you see a high snowbank that you need to get through, don't try and drive a rental car through it. One, the vehicle probably isn't designed for it and two, you never know what is buried under or just on the other side of accumulated snow. This includes people, other vehicles, fire hydrants and many other objects that are best to avoid colliding with. Stay safe and like we said above, when in doubt...don't drive.

    Best Cars for Winter Driving

    If you're wondering what the best cars for winter driving might be, fear not! We offer a wide selection of different cars to choose from, including SUVs and 4x4 vehicles in select locations. In addition, winterization packages are automatically included for all Auto Europe rental cars in snowy locales during the winter months.  

    Winter Driving with Auto EuropeSUV Rentals

    Take on wintry weather in the comfort and safety of a spacious SUV rental

    Winter Rental CarsCar Rental Winter Tires

    Winter tires are important for winter driving safety. Stay in control with winter driving equipment!

    Driving in Snow and Cold Weather with an Auto Europe Winter Car Rental

    Winter Driving with Auto EuropeEven if you're renting a car in a location that isn't typically snowy, keep in mind that climates change quickly in high-altitude areas within the Alpine regions of Europe. Driving in snow and cold weather can quickly become a reality after traveling just a few hours, so you'll be able to breathe easy knowing that you've got the right cold weather rental car equipment for wherever your travels may take you!

    Have a question about booking your winter car rental? Connect with us on social media to let us know! Auto Europe is also available by phone, 24/7 and toll-free at 1-888-223-5555

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