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    What Is A Vignette Sticker in Europe?

    Vignette Information By Country From Auto EuropeA vignette is a car sticker that drivers must fix to their windshield signifying that they have paid the appropriate taxes and fees necessary to drive along the highways of any given country, whether they are driving a rental car or own the vehicle. A vignette sticker is a form of road pricing, based on a period of time the vehicle can use the road, instead of paying tolls that are based on the distance travelled. Drivers must obtain the required vignette for each required country upon entry, as there is no universal vignette sticker at this time. Don't worry though, vignettes are quite affordable and can be acquired at any border crossing into said required country.

    A Eurovignette is a road user charge for heavy goods vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of minimum 12 tons. A Eurovignette is needed for motorways and toll highways in the Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden.

    Which Countries Require Vignettes?

    There are various countries in Europe that require vignette stickers. If you plan on driving on the motorways and autohbahns (interstates) within Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia or Switzerland you will be required to purchase a valid vignette, or risk having to pay additional fines and fees, which will be passed from the local governments to your rental supplier and subsequently to you. Some of these countries accept electronic vignettes (e-vignettes), which can be purchased online. Make sure to let your rental vehicle supplier know that you are planning to take your rental across any borders as doing so without their consent is forbidden.

    Where Can I Purchase A Vignette Sticker?

    If you are renting a car within one of the countries that requires a vignette, then the rental vehicle should already have a vignette equipped to the windshield of the car (remember, vignettes must to attached to the window, otherwise it is not valid, and speed cameras can detect whether or not your motor vehicle has one installed). If you are coming in from a surrounding country, then you will be required to purchase the vignette at the border crossing you enter the country from.

    How Much Is The Fine If I Fail To Purchase A Vignette?

    Failure to purchase the appropriate vignette can result additional fines and fees starting at around €60 ($65.85), so be sure to have a valid vignette to avoid paying extra during your travels in Europe.

    What Are The Costs of A Vignette By Country?

    As stated above, vignettes can vary in price depending on country, which is why we have broken down the costs for your convenience below. Remember that you can always call our award winning customer support team with any questions regarding taxes and fees for your car rentals in the below countries.

    Country 7-10 days 1-2 Months 1 Year
    Austria €8 ($8.78) €23.4 ($25.68) €77.8 ($85.38)
    Bulgaria €5 ($5.49) €13 ($14.27) €34 ($37.31)
    Czech Republic CZK 310 ($13.19) CZK 440 ($18.73) CZK 1500 ($63.84)
    Hungary HUF 2975 ($9.79) HUF 4,780 ($15.73) UF 42,890 ($141.16)
    Romania €3 ($3.29) €7 ($7.68) €77.8 ($85.38)
    Slovakia €10 ($10.97) €14 ($15.36) €28 ($30.73)
    Slovenia €15 ($16.46) €30 ($32.92) €95 ($104.25)
    Switzerland --- --- CHF 40 ($40.21)

    If you have additional questions about vignette stickers please don't hesitate to call our friendly, experienced reservation agents toll-free at 1-888-223-5555. We look forward to offering you a smooth, stress-free rental experience. Have a great trip!

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