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    Renting a Limited or Unlimited Mileage Car Rental

    Whether you are operating from a fixed travel itinerary, or are flying by the seat of your pants as opportunity knocks, having an unlimited mileage car rental will benefit you. The amount of miles you'll be eating up on your next trip can be a determining factor in what car rental you should choose. Are you traveling for business, pleasure, or a little of both? Read on to learn about renting a limited mileage rental car or an unlimited mileage car rental with Auto Europe!

    What Car Rental Fleet Categories Have Limited Kilometers

    Car rental companies are most likely to apply mileage restrictions to specialty vehicles. These are luxury and sports cars, from economy-sized convertibles to premium SUVs. As you're perusing your car rental options on the Auto Europe website, you can tell in a glance when the results populate whether it's an unlimited miles car rental, or if there are limited mileage restrictions.

    Limited Mileage Car Rentals in Europe

    Unlimited Mileage Car Rentals in Europe

    Will Travel Be Based on Miles or Kilometers?

    If you rent a car with limited miles/kilometers it's important to note which one the car rental company who is supplying your vehicle uses to gauge distance. Why is this relevant? Because if you are trying to determine your potential cumulative car rental costs (including local fees) there will be discrepancies if you're calculating your distance in miles while the car rental company is using kilometers and vice versa.

    Unlimited Mileage Car RentalYou can easily plot your course (using the appropriate measurement of distance) with mapping tools like Google maps. From the information provided, you'll have a good estimate as to how many miles you'll be putting on your car rental. Next, operating under the tenet of "expect the unexpected," pad the number you came up with initially to account for any surprise detours.

    **For limited kilometer car rentals, take the number of days you are contracting the car rental for and multiply it by the number of miles/kilometers the car rental company has noted as the daily allowance. A car rental comparison of rates can be accomplished by taking the number of miles you calculated as your cumulative estimate against how many are available with your contracted car rental rate. From that you can readily establish an end cost.

    As an example, if you'll be in possession of the car rental for 10 days and you're permitted an average of 300 kilometers per day over the 10 days, but you're only traveling a total of 2,000 kilometers, you have a good mileage buffer.

    Why Rent an Unlimited Mileage Car Rental with Auto Europe

    Contact us to Learn more About Unlimited Mileage Car RentalsOne reason you want to rent an unlimited mileage car rental with Auto Europe is our best price guarantee that we match against any other car rental company, for an apples-to-apples rental car comparison. We also offer more than 20,000 locations worldwide from Brazil to Canada, Australia to Russia and everywhere in between. Another excellent reason to make Auto Europe your exclusive car rental broker is the 24-hour availability with our live car rental agents as opposed to an automated response system. Our rental car reservation specialists are well-versed in car rental lingo and are a fountain of information on international transportation services.

    Create your next car rental with unlimited miles with Auto Europe's secure online booking engine, or call our toll-free number (1-888-223-5555) today!

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