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    Rent a Manual Transmission Car & Save

    Manual Transmission Car RentalFor many driving enthusiasts, arranging a manual transmission car rental in Europe is akin to a pilgrimage to Mecca. Experiencing the full power of a BMW on the Autobahn or cruising the turns of Stelvio Pass in a Porsche are experiences not to be missed. Those who drive manual transmission know there is no better way to feel in tune with your car and truly enjoy the journey.The winding, mountainous roads found all over Europe are best driven in a manual transmission car rental.

    For others, a manual car rental in Europe represents affordability, control, and driving like a local. Most Europeans drive manual transmission, so driving an automatic is one way to stand out as a tourist.

    While it's true that maneuvering a stick shift can be "one more thing to think about" when driving in a foreign country, a standard forces the driver to pay close attention to the road and vehicle, potentially reducing dangerous distractions.

    Manual Transmission Availability

    Those looking for a manual or standard transmission rental car in Europe are in luck. While they are harder to come by when renting in the U.S., renters will typically find a larger selection of manuals anywhere outside of the country. Standard transmission vehicles are much cheaper to buy and insure in Europe than automatics, a major factor in their continued dominance on the continent.

    Additionally, most Americans seek out automatic car rentals when visiting Europe simply because most don't know how to drive a manual. Annually, sales of manual-shift vehicles in the US are typically under 10% of all vehicles sold.  Being open to driving a manual transmission could significantly increase your options, especially if you are booking closer to your travel dates.

    Pricing Based on Transmission

    Thanks to a larger supply combined with smaller U.S. demand, manual transmission car rentals often cost less than automatics. Like most things in life, having fewer restrictions makes things much easier. You'll be more likely to find car rental deals when you can drive any car in the fleet.

    Auto Europe's booking engine makes it easy to compare automatic and manual quotes to find the right vehicle for your trip. If you wish to view both automatic and manual rental vehicles, select both under Transmission Type as you begin to fill out your trip specifications. If you wish to find only manual transmission you can select that option from the drop down as well.

    Additionally, we have a helpful filter in our search matrix that allows you to toggle between transmission types and insurance coverage options. Selecting only manual or automatic separately gives you a clear idea of the differences in prices. 

    Driving Manual in Right Hand Drive Countries in Europe

    It can be intimidating to drive a manual car in right hand drive countries and places that drive on the left side of the road. Most who have done so for the first time report that it only takes a short while until shifting with your left hand becomes second nature.

    Although the driver is on the right side of the car, the pedal configuration and H-pattern of the gear shifter remain the same. Your feet will do exactly as they do with a left hand drive car, so you need only get used to shifting away from your body where you used to pull and vice versa.

    European Countries with Right Hand Drive & Drive on the Left Side of the Road:

    • Cyprus
    • Ireland
    • Malta
    • United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

    Manual Transmission Car RentalFind your Dream Manual Rental with Auto Europe's Fleet Guide

    Browse our rental car fleet guides either by country or car class to get an idea of the vehicles available for your trip. You can view which cars come in automatic, manual, or as both, in addition to specs, dimensions, and luggage capacity. It's important to consider all of these aspects in addition to transmission type based on your type of trip. Luggage space and fuel economy are also very important to keep in mind when packing and budgeting for your upcoming trip. Our goal is to arm you with all the information necessary to having a safe and affordable road trip in Europe or worldwide!