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    Malaga Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions Malaga | Touring Malaga | Weather in Malaga

    Popular Attractions in Malaga

    What to See When Traveling to Malaga, Spain

    Looking for the perfect mix of old-world European charm and tropical beach relaxation for your next vacation abroad? Look no further. Malaga embodies all of the rich European history and architecture you desire, while being conveniently nestled on one of the most beautiful, sun-soaked coastlines in the world. Whether you have been planning your trip to Malaga for months in advance and just need to round out your itinerary, or you are still in the initial vacation planning stages looking for further information on destinations, Auto Europe has the travel resources you need!

    Below you will find a comprehensive list of Malaga's top sites and attractions: from ancient cultural landmarks, to relaxing family-friendly outings.

    Things to Do in Malaga Spain Alcazaba Castle

    Alcazaba Castle -  Widely considered as the most well-preserved Arabic citadel in all of Spain, Alcazaba Castle is a must-see location when visiting Malaga. Built in the early 11th century, the castle, bordering an ancient roman theater, contains lush verdant gardens and ramparts offering one-of-a-kind views of the city below. Admission is €2.00 EUR per person, but if you happen to be visiting on Sunday, admissions are free after 2:00pm.

    Things to Do in Malaga Spain Picasso Museum

    Picasso Museum - Many museums throughout Europe and the US have Picasso pieces as part of their collections, but none even begin to rival the excellence of Museo Picasso Malaga. Not only is Malaga the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, but the museum is home to over 285 unique works from the artist, chronicling his lifetime as a world renowned master of multi-media art - from cubism and collage, to constructed sculpture and stage design. Make sure to take a day-trip to the Picasso Museum, a bastion of Malaga's cultural identity and history, sure to engage even the most art-skeptic of visitors.

    Things to Do in Malaga Spain Malaga Cathedral

    Malaga Cathedral - Built between 1528 and 1782, and located within the limits of what once were medieval Moorish walls, the Cathedral of Malaga sits as a proud representation of Malaga's deep-rooted ancient history. Both outside and inside are designed completely in Renaissance style, characterized by ivory pillars, a heavily detailed façade, and an epic collection of multi-era artwork donning the interior walls. Beautiful stained-glass windows are spread throughout the entirety of the cathedral, and the north tower affords visitors breathtaking views of the city from all angles.

    Things to See in Malaga Spain Roman Theater

    Roman Theater - Tucked away in the center of Malaga, sits the ancient Roman Theater, an incredibly well-preserved, Colosseum-esque structure, dating back to 1st century BC. All the surrounding walls, and stone arena seats are in good condition, providing tourists with a unique glimpse into the past. Only recently discovered, and subsequently excavated in the early 1950's, the Roman Theater gives visitors a chance to experience history like never before, as they walk the ancient grounds, basking in the glow of Malaga's storied, cultural pastimes.

    Things to See in Malaga Spain Playa de La Malagueta

    Playa de La Malagueta - For those travelers eager to hit the beach and soak up some sun on Malaga's iconic coastline, the Playa de La Malagueta is the ideal beach. Less than a 10 minute walk from most downtown Malaga hotels, Playa de La Malagueta is easily one of the most postcard-worthy, picturesque beaches in all of Spain, and its convenient location affords all visitors unfettered access to its sandy shores. A variety of restaurants, street vendors, and parasol rentals line the beach, perfect for a relaxing afternoon in between other site-seeing excursions.

    Things to See in Malaga Spain Conception Botanical Garden

    Conception Botanical Gardens - Being blessed with both stunning white-sand beaches, and lush green mountains, one would think that Malaga couldn't get any better, but it does. This ancient Spanish city is home to one of the largest, and most comprehensive, botanical gardens in all of Europe, boasting a large variety of tropical and subtropical flora, intertwined with serene walking paths and ornate fountains. Entrance fees range from €3.00 EUR - €6.00 EUR, a small price to pay for access to the garden's beautiful and tranquil setting - don't miss out: it's one of the most popular things to do in Malaga.

    Touring Malaga, Spain

    Things to Do in Malaga

    When exploring a new country for the first time, it's always a good idea to balance your sightseeing activities between spontaneous meandering, and expertly guided tours. This provides a well-rounded cultural experience, led by your own curiosity as well as a guide who knows the area and can provide you with unique insight and the local know-how you lack.

    If you're looking to experience Malaga to its fullest during your tour of Spain, then you've come to the right place. Auto Europe has assembled an assortment of guided tour options to help round out your travel itinerary.

    Gourmet Tapas Tour - Malaga continues the Spanish culinary traditions with great pride, and its coastal locale makes for a near limitless amount of fresh fish, mollusks, and crustaceans year round. Visitors should take a Gourmet Tapas Tour in Malaga, the perfect way to experience all the intricacies and flavor profile characteristic of the region. Sample a variety of top-notch dishes as an expert guide leads you to some of the best restaurants and bars that Malaga has to offer.

    Bike through Malaga - Feel the calming tropical breeze brush past you, as you cruise the ancient city streets of Malaga on a bicycle, leisurely exploring the city's many exciting destinations. Bask in the sun, zipping through alleyways and cobbled streets, as an experienced guide gives you the run down on all the rich history and cultural complexities represented through Malaga's timeless destinations.

    Andalusian Wine Tasting - Located in Andalusia, Spain's southern coastal region, Malaga is home to a number of famous vineyards and wineries, known for producing region-specific sweet Sherry varietals. On this guided tour in Malaga, patrons will be given the opportunity to visit a number of wine tasting destinations throughout the region, all while being safely chauffeured along the breathtaking southern coastline on a lavish ferry boat.

    Malaga, Spain to Tangier, Morocco   - Discover Malaga's many fruitful attractions, and explore the North African city of Tangiers all in a single day, when you book this exciting, culturally diverse guided tour, spanning from Spain to Morocco via the straight of Gibraltar. Guests will start the day with a condensed tour of Malaga's most prominent sites, then board a high-speed ferry across the straight of Gibraltar, landing in Tangiers. Spend your afternoon exploring this exciting city, taking in the vibrant Moroccan lifestyle through local cuisine, shopping bazaars, and national monuments.

    Gibraltar Wildlife Tour - Spain's southern coast is home to massive variety of regionally-unique flora and fauna, ranging from Macaque Monkeys and towering palm trees, to Orcas and Fin Whales. Visitors interested in the local wildlife should make it a point to take a guided tour to Gibraltar, one of the last remaining British Territories in the Mediterranean, conveniently located just south of Malaga. On this tour, patrons will receive an all-access pass to explore the ancient Greek and Roman monuments scattered throughout the Gibraltar Peninsula. A guided tour to Gibraltar is the perfect day-long excursion and considered one of the most popular Malaga Spain attractions.

    Weather in Malaga

    What to Expect from the Weather in Malaga, Spain

    During the planning stages of any overseas vacation it's important to understand the weather and climate implications of traveling during each season. Every season has its inherent travel benefits and pitfalls depending on your destination, and having a comprehensive understanding of what you are getting yourself into prior to your visit can help you to have a care-free vacation, marked by enjoyment and exploration when you discover the best time to visit Spain.

    Fortunately, if you are reading this guide and considering a trip to Malaga as the next chapter in your travels, you have stumbled upon one of the most idyllic destinations in the world. Malaga's pristine sub-tropical climate, characterized by incredibly mild winters and hot summers, makes every season a good time to plan a trip to Spain.

    Can't decide whether to spend your vacation relaxing in a tropical paradise, or exploring Europe's many awe-inspiring historical attractions? Well now you don't have to decide, as Malaga provides visitors with the perfect union of quaint beach town vibes, and modern European discernment.

    Summer Weather in Malaga - During the Summer months there is a fair amount of humidity, making the high 70's feel like the low 90's - perfect beach weather! Rainfall sees its seasonal low during the summer, with less than a quarter inch of rainfall per month on average. The only downfall to summer travel to Malaga, is the price increases of hotel, airfare, and car rental reservations which take effect as annual tourist traffic peaks.

    Average Temperature: 75 Degrees F

    Fall Weather in Malaga - Travel related costs are particularly affordable compared to the spring and summer months, and many travelers prefer the cooler Malaga, Spain climate during this time of year. Rainfall is surprisingly low until November in Malaga, at which point it picks up just before winter arrives. Overall, travel to Malaga during the fall is a smart choice - popular thanks to light tourist traffic, low costs, and persistent warm weather.

    Average Temperature: 65 Degrees F

    Winter Weather in Malaga - Known for having some of the warmest winters in all of Europe, Malaga is a prime destination for travelers eager to escape the cold and bask in the eternal sunshine of Spain's Mediterranean coast. A minor downfall is the short daylight hours, and the increase in intermittent rainfall. On the upside, vacation costs for lodging, plane tickets, and car rentals are at an annual low, making it a great time to tour Spain on a budget, spending your discretionary cash on family outings and souvenirs, when everything is at its cheapest.

    Average Temperature: 55 Degrees F

    Spring Weather in Malaga - For the travel savvy, a trip to Malaga in the spring may be the most advantageous, as the weather is warm and comfortable, and tourist traffic is still fairly manageable. Like the summer months, the sub-tropical climate lends to increased humidity, making it feel hotter than it actually is. As the spring progresses, rainfall begins to decline as Malaga transitions into the dry summer weather it's famous for. 

    Average Temperature: 60 Degrees F

    Anytime is a Good Time to Visit Malaga

    Malaga's favorable warm weather throughout the seasons makes it an excellent destination for year-round vacationing. Deciding when to visit is mostly a matter of personal preference, prioritizing what attractions you plan to see in Malaga, and determining a reasonable travel budget. Each season has its inherent travel benefits and pitfalls, so if you are still in the beginning stages of your vacation planning, we recommend that you take a look at our comprehensive Spain Travel Guide.

    More Information on Traveling in Malaga