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    Guide to Parking in Venice

    Guide to Parking in Venice, ItalyYou might know Venice, Italy for its gondolas and, more specifically, for its charming lack of cars.

    But you may be surprised to learn that there are actually many ways to drive to Venice and park around it to maximize your time and use less public transportation, and it's easy for travelers to find and take advantage of parking in Venice, Italy.

    In this guide we'll share all the information you need to know about where to park to make the most of your time visiting the romantic city of Venice. Booking a rental car in Venice is your key to exploring this enchanting city.

    Is there parking in Venice? 

    Is There Parking in Venice Italy?There are 4 specific types of parking in Venice, near the historic center, on the mainland, on the Lido di Venezia, and at the Marittima cruise basin.

    Near the historic center the parking areas are on the Tronchetto, which is an artificial island made for parking, and the Piazzale Roma which is the last place that cars, taxis and buses can reach in Venice. These are good options to get as close as possible to the center.

    Piazzale Roma is going to be the most expensive place to park, but it is also the best option in terms of being close to the center.

    To park at Tronchetto it is a flat rate of 21 euro per day.

    Another area that has actual parking lots is behind the Marittima cruise basin terminal buildings. This is the best option if you plan to leave your car for a longer period of time and leave on a cruise from this port. 

    The Lido di Venezia is an area of a strip of beaches, resorts and neighborhoods that is between the Venitian waterways and the Adriatic Sea. This is a good option if you would like to take the car ferry or if you are staying on the Lido di Venezia. 

    The mainland is considered anywhere that is beyond the causeway. There are a few places to park that are considered on the mainland in Venice.

    There are a few hotels in which you can park at in Mestre or Marghera. It is recommended to get a train ticket into Venice Santa Lucia Railroad in order to access the canals of Venice in the historical center as driving is not allowed in the historic city of Venice. Parcheggi San Giuliano is the closest place to park that is on the mainland. At a lot called “Porta Gialla,” translated to “Yellow Gate.” Here you can park your Venice rental car for only 5 euro per day and take a bus or boat to historic Venice.

    Parking on the mainland is definitely the most economical option if you are willing to take some form of public transport for a few minutes into the city center, and it's what we recommend for most travelers.

    Parking Garages in Venice

    One great option for parking in Venice are public parking garages called ASM Venezia. They are located in Mestre and Tronchetteo.

    Park your Rental in a GarageParking in Tronchetteo is going to be somewhat expensive, where up to one hour is 3 euro, and 24 hours is 21 euro. But if your budget allows for this, it's convenient. 

    There is a garage named Piazzale Roma, located at Santa Croce 496, 30135 - Venezia. This garage is open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. There is space for over 2300 vehicles and the daily rates are around 26 euro.

    For public parking near Mestre railroad station, the best rates are Garage Europa which is 14 euro per 24 hours, this will be the cheapest option for parking garages, and it's a popular choice for travelers who plan to take a train for a day trip to a nearby Italian city before returning to their rental vehicle. 

    Venice ZTL Zone: Where you Can't Drive or Park

    In Mestre, which is part of Venice, there are zones called ZTL or “Zona Traffico Limitato” which is translated to limited traffic zones.

    Most historical cities have many ZTL zones in Italy, but in Venice they only exist in Mestre.

    You must be very careful to avoid these ares, as they require a permit and carry a fine of 75 euro for anyone who enters these zones without a permit.

    While it is easy to fret about ZTL zones, but don't forget that they have their advantages to you as well! While exploring this part of the city you're unlikely to encounter much traffic, and if you rent an electric car you can actually be one of the few to go freely in these zones at will with no fine.

    Parking Signs and Symbols in Venice

    There are a few signs and symbols that you should be aware of when parking and driving in Venice.

    As described above, the ZTL zones are very important to keep track of or you could be facing hefty fines (they'll capture your license plate and your local rental company will charge your credit card on file).

    Guide to Parking in Venice, ItalyWhen these zones are open and anyone is allowed to drive through, you will see a green light. When they are closed there will be a red light and you will obtain the fine if you drive through.

    In Venice any signs that are circular and have a red outline are maximum speed limit signs, so take note of these as you're driving to avoid a ticket.

    No parking or stopping signs are blue circles with either a red diagonal stripe, or a red X through them.

    One way street signs are a blue rectangle and have an arrow which will show you which way traffic on the street flows.

    Finally a very important sign is the no passing sign. This will have 2 cars, one of which is red and one of which is black. The car that is red, is the lane that is allowed to pass. 

    Call Us With Questions About Parking and Driving in Venice, ItalyThe driving regulations within Venice are a bit easier for travelers due to the fact that most of Venice is consumed by boats and water. If you plan to rent a car while in Italy and drive to Venice, realize that your cheapest options are most likely going to be finding affordable garage parking near a public transportation hub like the ones mentioned above. Getting into the historic city center will only take 10 minutes or so.

    As with any city you visit, we recommend that you never leave objects of value or which may be viewed as potentially containing items of value visible in your car.

    You will have a wonderful time if you abide by the rules of the road, and enjoy your trip to the beautiful Venice, Italy.