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    Guide to Parking in Rome

    Parking in RomeIf you're planning a trip to Italy, you'll be happy to learn that parking in Rome is easier than the parking situation you'll find in many other cities in Italy and even big cities in the rest of the world.

    The most important thing to be aware of when seeking a place to park in Rome, Italy is that there are 4 colors that mark the different parking zones in Rome: blue, white, yellow and pink.

    • Blue is paid,
    • White is free,
    • Yellow is for handicapped drivers, and
    • Pink is for pregnant women or mothers with newborns.

    Being aware of these basic parking rules while in Rome will make things easier, but in this guide we'll provide some additional rules and tricks of parking while in Rome and answer some of the most common questions drivers visiting Rome have about where they can (and can't) drive and park in this beautiful Italian city.

    Is there Free Parking in Rome? 

    To the surprise of many, there actually is free parking in Rome.

    Free parking zones in Rome are marked by white spaces, and have a maximum time limit of 3 hours. These areas are most often found near Rome's 6 hospitals: 

    • Bambino Gesù,
    • Santo Spirito,
    • S.Giovanni-Addolorata,
    • Oftalmico,
    • Nuovo Regina Margherita, and
    • Policlinico.

    There are also free parking areas in other parts of the city, but most of these are found within the ZTL zone, so you are only able to enter here with a permit, and most travelers renting a car in Rome will not be permitted to drive into these restricted parts of the city. 

    Is there Parking at the Colosseum in Rome? 

    Is There Parking at the Colosseum in Rome?Yes, there are a few parking lots around the Colosseum. However, there is not any free parking in this part of Rome and you will most likely pay per day, around 25-40 euros.

    This can be worth it as it is for the entire day, and usually you'll only have a 10 minute walk to this iconic landmark.

    There is a way to book your parking online ahead of time (though it's usually not necessary). One of the sites you can use for this is The advantage of planning your parking in advance in this way is that you can compare your options and decide which is the cheapest and closest option for you.

    Is there Parking in Rome Near the Vatican? 

    Yes, there are many car parks near the Vatican in Rome.

    Parking Prati is one, located on Piazza Unità, 62 – 193.  Another is Garage San Pietro, on Via di Santa Maria alle Fornaci, 26 – 165.  Additionally there is garage Dacar, on Via Buccari, 5 – 195. Roma.

    There are more parking areas as well, but these are the most convenient ones and the ones we recommend.

    ZTL Zone Rome: Where You Can't Drive or Park

    When driving in Rome there is a very important traffic law that you need to be aware of and consistently remind yourself about while driving in the city. 

    This law concerns Rome's ZTL zones (ZTL stands for “zona a traffic limitado” or limited traffic zone).

    As a traveler driving in Rome, you need to be aware that these areas are not accessible for private cars. Only taxis and cars belonging to disabled drivers or residents that live and work in these areas are able to enter the ZTL areas.

    The areas are specifically in the center of Rome’s historical area. At the entrance to each ZTL area there will be a sign stating that it is a ZTL zone, and whether or not it is currently active. A green light will mean it is not currently active and you can enter, a red light means the ZTL zoning is active and you cannot enter with your rental car.

    The fines for violating this traffic law can be very hefty up to 330 euro, and will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle, meaning you will receive a fine from your rental car company after you return home from your trip, and it will typically be charged to the credit card on file.

    ZTL accessibility varies based on the day of the week and the time of day. From 6:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Saturday the ZTL areas are not accessible.

    Additionally Friday and Saturday from 11:00 pm - 3:00 am the ZTL area is active and not accessible.

    ZTL areas are never active on Sundays or most holidays but always be sure to check the website to check around holiday times such as Christmas.

    Additionally, wherever you plan to visit, we recommend that you check to confirm what the hours are for the ZTL where you're considering driving in Rome.

    Parking is never accessible in the ZTL historic area, so plan to park elsewhere. Occasionally you may be added to the list of whom can go into the ZTL areas if you are staying at a hotel in this part of the city, so be sure to call your hotel ahead of time and see if this is possible (if it is, lucky you!).

    Noteworthy Rome Parking Signs and Symbols

    Parking Signs in Rome ItalyThere are a few important signs and symbols to recognize when driving in Rome, and while this isn't a comprehensive guide to road signs in Italy, we wanted to give you the basics that you should know before you go.

    The no parking sign versus the parking sign is probably the most important one to be aware of.

    The no parking sign is simply a blue circle with a red slash through it.

    The parking sign is a blue square with a white P.

    Another sign that you may want to watch out for when driving in Rome is the roundabout sign. This is typically a blue circle with white arrows that flow in a circle stating which way the traffic will go around the roundabout.

    This should be fairly obvious, but always good to watch out for, because heading into a roundabout (rotary) in the wrong direction can quickly ruin your day. 

    Special Considerations when Parking Your Car in Rome

    Rome Parking InformationWhen parking a car in Rome there are certain considerations you should have in the back of your mind at all times.

    Some of these considerations are in regard to theft, and others concern the size and space of the garages you intend to park in.

    To begin with, Rome is a very safe city in terms of walking down the street at night. While you do not need to worry about being robbed while walking in Rome, we do recommend that you remove all valuables when leaving your car in the city.

    It is somewhat common for cars to be broken into if there is an electronic device left in a visible part of the car, or if a purse is left unattended and in view. As a precaution and general best-practice while traveling in a European city, do not leave luggage in the trunk in case someone decides to break into your car. In the unlucky event that something like this does happen, make a report with the police. Even if the police cannot do anything to retrieve your goods, you want to have proof for your rental car or insurance company of what occurred.

    Regarding the size of parking garages in Rome, many of the garages you'll find have ramps that lead into parking lots underground. This is important to be aware of, because if you have a low clearance  under your car, or your car is very heavily weighted with people and luggage, there may be problems for you entering and exiting the garage.

    To avoid damage to your vehicle (and extra charges upon its return), it will be important to use a parking garage that does not require you to go below ground.

    Another option is to park on the street in Rome (remember to look for a white zone that is free), but if you do choose to park on the street, always remember not to leave valuables and luggage in the car.

    Directions and Navigation When Driving and Parking in Rome

    Let's be honest ... it can be quite easy to forget where you've parked at the grocery store, let alone in a foreign country.

    For travelers visiting Rome for the first time, it can be easy to get lost in the small streets and get confused about which of the many parking garages in the city you've parked in.

    One tip that can help is if, before leaving your car anywhere, mark your parking location on your phone’s digital map. We also recommend that you record the garage’s phone number (it will probably be available on a sign near the door). When leaving your car for any type of parking, request a business card, this way you will always have a record of where you left your venicle. 

    Call Auto Europe with Questions About Parking in Rome, ItalyTwo other apps that are constantly updated by real drivers, but do require you to have an internet connection (which can be expensive while traveling in a foreign country), are Waze and Google Maps. Waze has a bit more information regarding road closures, and the detours you can take in these situations. 

    Driving and parking in Rome is not incredibly difficult, but as with any foreign destination, it is good to be aware of local signs and regulations. If you know where ZTL zones are, keep a good digital map of your parking locations to avoid losing your car (it happens), and remember the rules of the road in Italy, you will have no issues on your Roman getaway.

    Drive safely!