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    Guide to Parking in Naples, Italy

    Guide to Parking in Naples ItalyAs with many cities in Italy, Naples is quite crowded and many tourists find it difficult to find a parking spot.

    It is also always important to remember there are ZTL zones where you are not allowed to drive or park your car (more on these below). We also recommend that when you park your car in Naples that you keep valuables out of your car.

    It can seem daunting, but by keeping a few things in mind you should have no trouble parking in Naples, Italy. In this guide we'll give you the information you need to find safe, affordable parking to have the best experience navigating the city of Naples by rental car.

    Is There Free Parking in Naples?

    Parking Naples ItalyThere are some small areas of free parking in the city of Naples, Italy.

    These spots are identified by a white lining, but it can be difficult to find an empty one at any time of the day. It can be more luck than anything else to find free parking in Naples, but if you are on a strict budget you can definitely see for yourself and try.

    Free parking is only available within the city center, so a good plan if you can find parking here, is to park the car for the entire day, and explore Naples by foot. This way you can keep your parking spot and have access to your car to drive yourself back to your hotel or villa at the end of the day.

    There is one thing to keep in mind regarding these spots. Oftentimes there are “car park attendants” surrounding these spots. They are not official attendants, and will convince you that you need to pay them for keeping your car safe. They might even threaten that something might happen to your car if you do not give in and give them money.

    It may be a good idea to pay them the few euros that they ask for, as it will be substantially cheaper than paying for a lot all day, but you can make this determination for yourself. Just know that they aren't there in an official capacity.

    Where is it Safe to Park Near Napoli Center? 

    Generally if you are careful about not leaving anything of value in your car, you shouldn’t have an issue with break ins in Naples because there will be nothing to steal.

    There are exceptions of course, so always be prepared with the right rental insurance.

    There are a few places that are known specifically to be “safe” parking areas near the center of Napoli. Marriott Mediterraneo as well as Via Napoli are both places that charge per-day parking, but anywhere with an attendant on duty should be safe to park your car. 

    Garages & Parking Lots in Naples, Italy

    There are a few places in which you can find garages and parking lots in Naples.

    There are closed car parks in the downtown area. You will most likely be stuck in a bit of traffic on the way, but you can leave your car without worrying if it will be broken into. One website some travelers have reported having a good experience with is Parclick, which helps you find nearby car parks. You are able to search online and book the spot in advance if you want. The prices range from 9-100 euro per day, so be sure to do your homework and compare rates so you don't overpay. 

    There are a few popular car parks in Naples.

    Naples Parking InformationBrin car park is a very well priced garage in Naples. It is less than 10 euro per day and close to downtown. There are 800 parking spots here, so if you arrive early there's a good chance you'll be able to take advantage of this location's low daily rate.

    In the event Brin car park is filled or you would like to be directly in the city center, there is also Supergarage. Supergarage is slightly more expensive at 20 euro per day. The advantages of Supergarage are that it is directly in the city center, and near line 1 of the metro.

    You should weigh your options and decide what works best for you, but we consider both to be good options for tourists visiting the city of Naples by car.

    Parking Outside Naples City Center

    If you really do not want to drive into the city center of Naples, and prefer to park outside and take transport in, there are a few options for you to consider.

    These options are actually not a lot cheaper than parking in the city center at the car parks we just mentioned, but you can avoid driving in traffic which many travelers consider a plus (driving in Italian cities is not for the feint of heart!).

    One way to avoid the city center is to park at the airport. It is 10 euro per day, but you will have to take a shuttle which will cost an additional 5 euro. If you plan to leave your car there for a while it can be worth it, but if you plan to park at Naples airport every day, that extra money will add up. 

    ANM car parks are also another option which are located on the outskirts of Naples. These are usually located near different forms of transportation, and the prices are quite cheap. The prices start at 1.50 euro per day, but the negative side of these car parks are that most are only open during the day, and there is no guard. There are only two that are open 24 hours, and these are almost to the city center.

    If you plan to just spend the day in the city, seeking out an ANM car park near a rail station is a good option as it allows you to take public transportation into and out of the city ... just don't leave any valuables in your car.

    Naples ZTL Zones: Where you Can't Drive or Park

    Naples ZTL ZonesIn most Italian cities, there are areas of historic significance and they have ZTL zones within them that limit where you can drive and park.

    ZTL stands for “Zona Traffico Limitato,” or limited traffic zone.

    In Naples, Centro Storico, Mezzocannone and Piazza del Gesù are part of the ZTL zone. Access to the ZTL is only reserved for residents with a special permit, and the ZTL is controlled by cameras at the entrances of the zone.

    If you are staying at a hotel in one of these zones, you may ask them to register your car to have permission to drive or park within the zona traffico limitato in Naples.

    Most of the ZTL are active starting at 9am and end either at 5pm or 10pm on Monday through Thursday and 9am through midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    We've put together a guide to reading Italy's ZTL zone signage here to help you recognize and read these signs when driving your vehicle in Naples or other Italian cities.

    Parking Signs and Symbols in Naples, Italy

    One obvious road sign to look out for in Naples is the ZTL sign (pictured above), which is characterized by a white circle outlined by red.

    Additionally it is important to look out for signs dictating the direction of traffic.

    When there is a sign with two arrows, the arrow that is in red will dictate who has the right of way. This can be important for small streets that are not wide enough to fit two cars at the same time.

    Generally any sign that has an X, means no. So a blue sign with an X means “no standing,” or “no parking.”

    • White spaces indicate free parking,
    • Blue indicates paid parking,
    • Yellow is a sign for disabled parking so make sure to avoid these spots if you do not have a legal disability registered with your rental car.

    Contact Auto Europe with Questions About Driving or Parking in Naples, ItalyDriving and parking in Naples shouldn't be stressful if you plan ahead and take the time to study the major roadways and the location of the parking lots and garages you plan to utilize during your stay.

    Plan where you are going to be parking, follow ZTL zone signage, and pick a parking lot that adheres to your budget and we think you will have a wonderful trip.

    Always remember to secure all of your valuables in your hotel room and leave nothing on the seat of your car that could entice a local thief. Enjoy your trip to Naples and enjoy the historical sights you will find there.