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    Guide to Parking in Milan

    Guide to Parking in Milan, ItalyHaving a rental car in Milan is a great way to be able to get around and see everything you want to see in the city on your own terms. As with any rental car situation in a foreign city, you should always be aware of the rules of the road and the differences that you may encounter there.

    As long as you remember a few important rules of Milan, you will have an incredible vacation in the fashion capital of Italy. On this page we will offer some helpful information about parking in Milan, Italy. 

    Is it Easy to Drive in Milan? 

    Generally driving in another country might be a challenge, but driving in Milan, Italy is not too difficult.

    If you are comfortable driving in any city, then you will do well in Milan. Unlike some other major cities in Italy where traffic can be overwhelming for tourists, most visitors find that driving and parking in Milan is manageable and familiar.

    One thing that is good to know would be that honking the horn and flashing lights is a normal way of communication in Milan, so try not to feel offended if someone honks at you. The general rule is to worry about what is in front of you, and not worry about what is behind you. Try to be alert and confident and you should not run in to any issues.

    Is There Free Parking in Milan? 

    Surprisingly there are areas of free parking in Milan.

    There are three color areas to watch out for when parking, white, blue and yellow.

    • White means free parking,
    • Blue means you must pay to park, and
    • Yellow is for those with resident permits only.

    Milan Parking InformationFor free parking, there are white zones all over the city except, Centro Storico, La Cerchio dei Bastioni, La Cerchio Filoviaria of lines 90 and 91, Fiera Milano, San Siro and Zona Bicocca.

    There are also free parking areas near any cemetery, including Monumentale, Lambrate, Maggiore and Baggio cemeteries in Milan.

    The entrances here have roads that access the area that are all white zones. The parking lots do not have attendants so just be sure to place all valuables out of sight when you park in one of these unattended lots (a best practice anywhere in Italy).

    Additional free parking areas in Milan exist all around many train stations, but around Milan historic center there is limited traffic.

    Cost of Parking in Milan

    If you don't park in a white (free) space, then most of the parking in downtown Milan starts at 3 euro per hour.

    Where to Park in Downtown Milan, Italy

    Outside of the city center, the streets surrounding downtown there will be a chance to find free parking at via Cadorna (in the section from Piazza Venezia to the intersection with Via dell'Annunziata), Parco Sempione (near La Triennale) and via Díaz.

    We generally don't recommend that you plan on finding free parking downtown, especially in the summer. This is a high traffic area and it's not recommended to try and park here unless you arrive early in the day, or you  may find yourself driving in circles and feeling frustrated that you can't find a space.

    Every day after 7:00pm, and all day Saturday, Sunday there is free parking at Cerchia Extrafiloviaria in Bicocca.

    As a general rule, there are many parking options in Milan as long as you look, have a bit of patience and luck on your side regarding timing.

    ZTL Milan Zones: Where You Can't Drive or Park

    There are specific areas of Milan, similar to other cities in Italy, called ZTL zones or congestion zones.

    These are areas that most cars cannot enter between certain times, or be subject to a fee. Unlike other areas of Italy, where ZTL zones are completely forbidden and carry a hefty fine, the ZTL zones in Milan are accessible, but you must pay a congestion fee to enter. If your budget allows, and you arrive early in the day when parking is likely to be available, this can be a great, convenient option when driving a rental car into Milan city center.

    The ZTL zones are also known as Area C which is the centro storico (Historic Center) of Milan:

    Access is only possible from Monday- Friday from 7:30am-7:00pm, and on Thursday until 6:00pm local time. To be able to enter and pay the congestion charge you must purchase an Area C ticket and activate it at the entrance of the Area C zone. These tickets can be bought at the parking meters, ATM points (Milan Transport Company), news stands and tobacconists throughout the city. The ticket costs 5 euro, and you can expect to pay additional parking fees at lots, garages, or street meters once you enter the city center as well.

    One note: If you happen to rent a hybrid, bi-fuel or electric car, you will not have to pay the congestion charge.

    Lampugnano Parking in Milan: The Best Option

    Lampugnano is a specific area in Milan which is part of the Zone 8 administrative division of the city.

    There is a major station in Lampugnano that can easily access Milano Central. There is parking in the center of Milan, but it can be difficult and crowded, so a better option (and one that many travelers choose) is to park their rental car at Lampugnano and take the M1 metro into the heart of Milan.

    To park your car, there is an 1800 space car park managed by Milan’s public transportation company called ATM. The prices range from 1.50 euro for 5 hours to 7.50 euro for 24 hours, so it's safe, convenient, and reasonably priced.

    Weekly parking is also available for up to 11.50 euro, so if you're primarily visiting Milan but plan to take a train to other Italian cities, this can be a good place to leave your rental car for day trips and outings by train.

    The most important thing to remember if parking at ATM Lampugnano, is to not leave any valuables in the car. While the lot is managed, you never know when someone might break your window and even if things are in the trunk it is not worth it to lose your property, so take any valuables with you when leaving your car in this lot.

    Parking Signs and Symbols in Milan

    Parking in Milan, ItalyThroughout Milan there are a few signs and symbols to look out for to make sure you are obeying local laws.

    There is a general guideline in terms of shapes and colors which can be helpful while driving in Milan and elsewhere in Italy.

    Signs that Are Circles usually mean that something is not allowed, or that you must do something. For example, a blue circle with a red diagonal line through it will mean “no waiting,” and with a red X through it means “no stopping.” A blue circle with a number on it refers to minimum speed, while a white circle with a red outline and a number on it, refers to maximum speed.

    Rectangle or Square Signs mean that it is an informational sign such as a sign letting you know if incoming traffic has the right of way, or if there is a dead end ahead.

    Triangular Signs are generally warning signs such as “yield,” or “two way traffic ahead.”

    By paying attention and making an educated guess for any sign you do not understand, you should be just fine while driving in Milan. 

    Contact Us 24/7 with Questions About Parking in Milan, ItalyAs we've mentioned, Milan is actually a great city to drive in, and it's one of the easiest Italian cities to drive in as a tourist. This is, in large part, due to the fact that the Milan ZTL zone is much easier to drive through, and that it's accessible (for a modest fee) is great for tourists.

    As long as you follow the rules of the road and always watch what's in front of you while driving, you should have no issues exploring the beautiful fashion and business capital of Milan, and it's likely that you can find and enjoy free parking in most places in Milan while driving your rental vehicle.