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    Guide to Parking in Florence

    Parking in Florence, ItalyParking in Florence, Italy can sometimes leave you a bit frustrated, as the streets are small and there are specific zones that are pedestrian only. Although it may seem difficult, there are parking options you can pay for such as lots and garages, street parking and some small amounts of free parking as well. As long as you know what you are looking for, you should be fine, and your rental car in Florence will help you to enjoy all of the many great things to do in the city.

    Where Can I Park My Car in Florence

    Before deciding where to park your car in Florence you need to decide whether or not you want to pay for parking, or try to find free parking. There is not any free parking in the city of Florence, but if you are really trying to save money, there are some options.

    Starting with garage parking, a few places you can pay for parking within Florence in a garage can be found at the Santa Maria Novella railway station, at the Fortezza Fiera, underground parking at Porta al Prato, Piazza Ghiberti near Sant'Ambrogio and Piazza Beccaria to the west, and Porta Romana to the south. These are all about a 10 minute walk to the ZTL areas where you are not allowed to drive or park your rental car, making them good options for most travelers who want to park in the city of Florence.

    Florence Parking InformationStreet parking may be the same cost or a bit more than garage parking depending upon where you are located and how long you plan to park your vehicle.

    Be aware when looking for street parking that you can take note of the color of parking spots around the Viale (avenues) surrounding the historical center of Florence:
    • Blue spaces are for anyone,
    • White parking spaces are for residents, and
    • Yellow spaces are for handicapped drivers.

    For leaving the car overnight, there are certain days where street cleaning is done in Florence, which takes place from 12am-6am and there is a risk for your car to be towed if you park on the street.

    A few areas where you may be able to find street parking in Florence are, Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, Torre della Zecca and Porta San Frediano.

    If you have a hotel in the city of Florence and wish to park your car, our advice is to contact management in advance to get the address of a nearby lot or garage.

    How Much is Parking in Florence?

    In Florence garage parking will generally be more expensive than street parking.

    For garage parking, the cost is around 1.60-3 euro per hour and generally for an entire day it will cost no more than 20 euros.

    Overnight parking will be a bit cheaper and will cost 10-12 euro.

    There are some garages that offer parking in the historical center of Florence, which is very convenient and a good option if your budget allows. They will communicate your license plate to the authorities to avoid a fine, but they come at a cost of 25-30 euro per day, so this can add up if you're visiting the city for several days. 

    The cost for street parking is anywhere from 2-3 euro per hour, with a maximum of 12 hours, as the meters go from 8am-8pm. It will be free after 8pm, but as stated above there may not be overnight parking available due to street cleaning, and if your rental car is towed not only will you waste part of your vacation sorting that out, but you'll have a fine to pay.

    How Do You Pay for Parking in Florence?

    Florence Parking GuideParking in Florence can be paid in a few ways.

    If you plan to park in a garage, then you will receive a ticket upon entry to the garage, and pay after leaving.

    For street parking, there should be a ticket machine on the street. You'll pre-pay for your parking, collect your ticket, and place it on your dashboard.

    ZTL Florence: Where You Can't Drive or Park

    ZTL areas in Italy, also known as “zona a traffico limitato”, are common in historic cities like Florence. These zones are traffic restricted, and are typically within the historical city center.

    In Florence, ZTL zones are within the historic center and require a permit. They are essentially closed to all traffic besides actual residents, taxis and buses. If you drive your rental vehicle into Florence without being aware of where these zones are, your day in Florence can quickly become complicated, but if you remember where they are at you can avoid them and avoid a fine as well. Here's a map of the ZTL zones in Florence:

    There are specific hours in which you can and cannot drive within ZTL areas. In Florence this is indicated by a red or green light. A green light means that you CAN enter the restricted zone, and a red light means that you cannot enter without a permit.

    You should know that this is enforced. There are cameras which capture the license plate of any car that goes into these zones, and you will receive a fine if you do not have a permit (if it's your rental car, your credit card on file will be charged).

    There is usually an option to turn onto a roundabout right before the entrance, so it is advised to be aware of where the ZTL zones are, but if you make a mistake there is a chance you can avoid paying the fine by quickly reversing direction in the rotary.

    There are 3 subgroups of the ZTL areas in Florence, they are A, B and O.

    • B and O areas do have green light periods meaning you may enter at certain times, but
    • A areas are always off limits unless you are a resident, so this will not apply to someone visiting Florence and driving in a rental car.

    The areas around Piazza del Duomo, Via Tornabuoni, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Pitti are fully pedestrian-only areas, with only taxi traffic allowed during daylight hours.
    Generally the timing for ZTL areas remains the same but there are some exceptions due to the time of year.

    Generally the active ZTL times are weekdays from 7:30am-8:00pm, and Saturdays from 7:30am-4:00pm. That means you may drive in these areas after 8:00pm and before 7:30am on weekdays, and after 4:00pm but before 7:30am on Saturdays.

    The exceptions to these times are during the summer, which is when Florence sees the highest volume of tourists. 

    The summer is considered to start the first Thursday of April through the first Sunday in October.

    During these summer months on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the zones are active from 11:00pm-3:00am in addition to the hours mentioned above. This also includes Sunday morning, after Saturday night, from 12:00-3:00am.

    What is important to remember is that during the summer the ZTL is not active between 8:00-11:00pm on Thursday and Fridays, but it is reactivated at 11:00pm-3:00am. On Saturdays you may enter the ZTL between 4:00-11:00pm, but you must stay out from 11:00pm-3:00am local time.

    Understanding the ZTL zones and times can seem tricky at first, but if you print out this information and keep it with you in your rental car, you should have no issues.

    Additionally, if you are staying at a hotel in the ZTL, you may be able to have them register your license plate to be allowed to park and enter the ZTL zone where your hotel is located.

    Inquire with your hotel in advance and see if this is possible before ever driving into the ZTL without a permit, or be prepared to pay a fee. 

    Parking Signs and Symbols in Florence

    One very important sign to watch out for in Florence is the ZTL sign as we have discussed above, but there are a few other signs that may be different than in your home country.

    Parking Signs and Symbols in FlorenceOne sign that is important to learn before driving and parking in Florence, is one which looks like two arrows, each pointing in the opposite direction. One of these arrows will be red. The red arrow indicates the direction for who has the right of way. These signs are important and can be very helpful for foreign drivers who may not be familiar with the rules of the road in Italy.

    Another important sign is that of two cars next to one another, and one vehicle is red. If the red car in this situation is on the left side, that means you cannot pass. If there is a red car on the right side, it means you may pass.

    Any sign that is blue with a red line or red X across it means “no standing anytime,” and a sign with a large P, and a red X means no parking.

    A sign with a large ‘T’ means, “not a through road,” and a white circle with a red outline means “no entry” (a very important road sign to be aware of before driving in Florence). 

    Call Us With Questions about Parking Your Rental Car in Florence, ItalyAs with any country always look for the speed limit and never follow local driver’s speed.

    Generally, if you pay attention to the parking signs, remember about the ZTL areas, and always pay for your parking, you should have no issue driving in Florence.

    It is a wonderful city with simple but important rules. Obey these and you will see incredible things on your exciting vacation.