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    Dusseldorf Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions Dusseldorf | Touring Dusseldorf | Weather in Dusseldorf

    Popular Attractions in Dusseldorf

    What to See When Traveling to Dusseldorf, Germany
    No trip to Germany is complete without a visit to Dusseldorf, a city which is home to pristine attractions that pay homage to German history, culture, and the city's notoriety as an international fashion hub. Visitors will find that there are innumerable exciting things to do in Dusseldorf. Spend some time exploring the many exciting destinations peppered throughout Dusseldorf's beautiful, sprawling cityscape. Nestled on the banks of the Rhein River as it wends its way toward the North Sea, Dusseldorf offers travelers unforgettable vistas at nearly every turn.

    Curious travelers of all backgrounds are sure to discover one, if not many, uniquely intriguing attractions in this city. Here at Auto Europe, we understand it can be difficult to plan the perfect vacation, especially when your time abroad is limited and there are so many sights and attractions available to choose from. To help you make the most of your time in Dusseldorf we have compiled a short, yet comprehensive, list of the top things to do in Dusseldorf, Germany. Backed by over 60 years of travel industry expertise, and a penchant for worldly exploration, let Auto Europe be your guide to the exciting world of travel.

    Things to See in Dusseldorf Germany: St. Lambertus Basilika

    St. Lambertus Basilika -  The St. Lambertus Basilika is widely considered the architectural highlight of the area, renowned for its unique design, and historic lore. The church's most prominent, and storied feature is its twisted steeple, rumored to have been molded into its unique shape by moistening the wooden boards used in its construction. The interior is equally curious as well, housing an extensive collection of one-of-kind stained glass windows, done in a modern style using extremely light colors. St. Lambertus Basilika is rarely crowded, and its combination of intriguing exterior architecture, and ornate interior design, make it a must-see!

    Things to See in Dusseldorf Germany: The Burgplatz

    The Burgplatz- The Burgplatz, or Castle Square in English, is a historic plaza located in the old town district of Dusseldorf on the banks of the Rhine River. Throughout the centuries, a number of castles, baroque palaces, and manors have called the Burgplatz home, only to burn down or be destroyed. Currently, the last remaining architectural icon, representing the squares storied history, is the Schlossturm Castle Tower. The castle tower houses an inland navigation museum, gift shop, and rooftop vista which offers un-rivaled views of the Rhine River and Dusseldorf's city skyline.

    Things to Do in Dusseldorf Germany: Media Harbor

    Media Harbor - Situated at the southern-most end of Dusseldorf's Rhine River promenade, is the newly renovated, and diversely accommodated, Media Harbor. Until fairly recently, the area was becoming derelict, and lacked economic purpose, and as a result was slated for redevelopment. Since its urban landscape makeover, the Media Harbor is home to numerous restaurants offering a diverse selection of culinary styles, fashion design companies, retail shops, and a beautiful mix of old and new architecture - crafted by famous German architects and designers, most notably Frank O. Gehry.

    Things to See in Dusseldorf Germany: North Park

    North Park - Dusseldorf's North Park is without a doubt one of the city's most beautiful and serene natural landscapes, its rolling green hills and shady grasses tucked away along the right-bank of the Rhine River. North Park contains a large garden which totals approximately 5000 square feet - an oasis which was gifted to the city by the Japanese community and serves as a permanent home to a variety of traditional Japanese horticulture, including vibrant red maple trees, zen stone gardens, and crystalline koi ponds.

    Things to Do in Dusseldorf Germany: Benrath Palace

    Benrath Palace - Designed and erected under the supervision of the famed builder Nicolas de Pigage, the Benrath Palace is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations in all of Dusseldorf. The palace consists of 3 adjoined wings, and an enormous 62,000 sq/m park, designed to represent the unity of artistic architectural innovation and the natural beauty of earth. Visitors are encouraged to explore the palace, and surrounding park at their own leisure, basking in awe at the structure's dynamic display of symbiotic harmony.

    Things to Do in Dusseldorf Germany: Rhine Tower

    Rhine Tower - Travelers eager to capture the essence of Dusseldorf's vibrant city culture, should definitely plan a stop at the Rhine Tower, located on the bank of the Rhine River, a short walking distance from Media Harbor. Near the top of the Rhine Tower, nearly 170 meters in the air, sits a fancy restaurant, boasting a one-of-a-kind, 360 degree view of the city. Visitors can dine from a delicacy-filled menu and enjoy an extensive wine list while basking in the glory of Dusseldorf's sparkling skyline. A visit to the Rhine Tower easily makes our list as one of the top things to do in Dusseldorf.

    Touring Dusseldorf Germany

    Things to Do in Dusseldorf

    When traveling abroad and discovering a new city for the first time, it's always a good idea to keep your itinerary diverse, splitting your time between spontaneous exploration, and guided tours. Whatever your preferred method of exploring Germany is, a vast array of breath-taking Dusseldorf Germany attractions await.

    To help ease the tensions of creating a well-rounded vacation itinerary, we at Auto Europe have put together a comprehensive, detailed list of the many guided tours you can partake in; allowing you to maximize your time visiting Dusseldorf.

    Rhine River Boat Tour -  Dusseldorf's idyllic location, nestled amid the twisting waters of the Rhine River, make it the perfect destination for those hoping to enjoy a river boat cruise. A variety of boat tours are available on the Rhine River, ranging from daytime site-seeing tours to romantic moonlit dinner cruises. Prefer to move and shake while taking in the city? Try a late night disco or jazz cruise along the Rhine. Whether you desire a relaxing morning or an upbeat evening, a Rhine River boat cruise is sure to offer something for the whole family.

    Dusseldorf Culinary Adventure- Since the drastic revitalization campaign undertaken by the city of Dusseldorf, to spruce up Media Harbor, a vast number of high-profile restaurants and hole-in-the-wall local eateries have taken up residence in the area, coming together to create a community characterized by diverse ethnic cuisine offerings. Join in on a culinary adventure, tasting the local fare at a variety of top-tier restaurants; all while learning of Dusseldorf's rich history, and exploring the newly remodeled Media Harbor.

    Walk Old Town - What better way to get some exercise, soak up some sun, and discover Dusseldorf's many enchantments, than by taking a walking tour of Old Town, the cultural and historic epicenter of the city. Check out the "longest bar in the world," the Rhine Promenade, and St. Lambertus Basilica, among many other Dusseldorf Germany attractions, when you embark on a walking tour of the city's Old Town. Each tour is lead by an expert guide, full to the brim with historic knowledge, eager to provide each and every patron with a behind-the-scenes look into Dusseldorf's attractions.

    The Ultimate Beer Safari - Germany is a world renowned producer of craft beer, with a long-standing history of brewing innovation and expertise. Craft beer is a large part of the German cultural identity, and nearly every part of the country is known for brewing different varietals, unique to each region. Dusseldorf's specialty style is called 'Altbeer,' a distinctly crisp and clean tasting beer, brewed with the old-style, top-fermenting method. Traveling beer connoisseurs should rejoice and spend the day on the ultimate beer safari, visiting 5 original microbreweries, engaging in Dusseldorf's rich beer culture, and tasting your way through the many bold flavors and subtle notes brought to life in Altbeer.

    Christmas Market Tour - Visiting Dusseldorf during the winter? What better way to celebrate the holidays, than to take a guided tour of the Christmas Market, and partake in the numerous festivities. Enjoy the fantastic display of Christmas lights, jingling of bells, and melodic musings of carolers, as you are whisked from place to place, savoring the aromatic frangrances of cinnamon, gingerbread, wine, and chestnuts. The tour concludes with a sampling of German holiday staples, mulled wine, and sugar biscuits.

    Bicycle Tour of Dusseldorf - A bicycle tour is far and away the most efficient, and comprehensive way to explore the best Dusseldorf Germany attractions in the city during a short period of time. Get your bearings in this German metropolis as you leisurely pedal your way through serene river pathways and picturesque urban landscapes, stopping at many of the major destinations such as Barbarossa's Imperial Palace, and enjoying the avant-garde architecture of Media Harbor. Tours last an average of 3 hours, covering around 20km, though adjustments can be made to accommodate your party's needs.


    Weather in Dusseldorf

    What to Expect from the Weather in Dusseldorf, Germany

    Dusseldorf's location, in the lower Rhineland region of Germany, bordering the country's north-eastern coastline, contributes heavily to its weather, often considered a maritime climate. Warm sea breezes blow in from the North Sea, keeping the climate in Dusseldorf relatively mild, though the humidity increase is noticeable in comparison to popular German destinations which lie farther inland.

    Below you will find a detailed, informative breakdown of seasonal climate conditions and local Dusseldorf Germany weather changes throughought the year. Not only will this help you decide what to pack if you're planning a trip to Dusseldorf, but the information may also prove useful in determining the best time to visit Germany.

    Summer Weather in Dusseldorf -  As expected, summer weather in Dusseldorf is characterized by the warmest, most humid climate the city sees all year. Tourist traffic is at a seasonal high during the Summer months, clearly reflected in the increased travel prices associated with summer. The advantages of visiting Dusseldorf during the summer is readily apparent, taking the form of clear blue skies and long sunlight hours. The picturesque weather patterns representative of summer don't come without an expense, however, as the terrific weather leads to an annual surge of tourists which can lead to higher prices and larger crowds.

    Average Temperature: 60-70 Degrees F

    Fall Weather in Dusseldorf - Savvy travelers know that traveling anywhere in Europe during the fall is a smart choice, and Dusseldorf is no exception. The average temperatures during the fall are nearly identical to the spring averages, the major difference being the decreased hours of sunlight as the seasons moves towards winter. As usual, travel expenses can be kept to a minimum during the fall, towards the end of tourist season. Pack warm clothes as the nights to tend to get a little chilly! Overall, traveling to Dusseldorf during the Fall months is a good idea. Tourist traffic is exceedingly low, costs are friendly to tight budgets, and the weather is fairly consistent.

    Average Temperature: 50 Degrees F

    Winter Weather in Dusseldorf - The winter months in Dusseldorf are less than prime for vacation travel, though the holidays in Germany do have a certain undeniable charm. Skies are commonly overcast during the winter in Dusseldorf and the days are short. Snow is fairly rare in the winter but rainfall is not, with an average of 3 inches of rainfall a month, during December, January, and February. Not all hope is lost for winter travel though ... like much of Germany, Dusseldorf hosts a number of grandiose holiday events during the season, these offer the few remaining brave winter travelers a taste of German heritage and culture.

    Average Temperature: 35 Degrees F

    Spring Weather in Dusseldorf - Visiting Dusseldorf during the spring is probably the best alternative to summer travel, as the weather is nearly as good, costs are low, and tourist traffic is yet to skyrocket. Travelers looking to experience the glory of Dusseldorf, while still maintaining a reasonable budget, should visit Germany during the spring, as hotel, airfare, and car rental prices are relatively low. With that said, Auto Europe's guarantee of the best rates and service on rental cars in Dusseldorf means that regardless of the season you'll enjoy comfortable rates.

    Average Temperature: 40-60 Degrees F

    Visit Dusseldorf All Year, Anytime

    At the end of the day, traveling abroad is a uniquely personal experience, and deciding when to visit your dream destination is mostly a matter of individual preference.

    Before finalizing your reservations, take the following into consideration: What is the tourist presence like? Are the prices right? How much of our vacation is dependent on fair weather? By assessing these factors and doing your homework about Dusseldorf Germany weather conditions, you'll be well-equipped to decide on a season which best suits your travel needs.

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