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    Berlin Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions Berlin | Touring Berlin | Weather in Berlin

    Popular Attractions in Berlin

    What to See When Traveling to Berlin, Germany
    When planning to visit Berlin, it can be difficult to decide which sights to see within your travel time window. Chances are you already have a few spots in mind, but if you are still in need of some attractions to fill the itinerary, look no further! Here at Auto Europe we have compiled a list of top destinations within the confines of Berlin for you to mull over.

    Things to Do in Berlin Germany The Brandenburg Gate

    Brandenburg Gate -  Probably the most iconic destinations in Berlin, this former city gate, designed in neoclassical architecture style, was originally built in the 1700's, and since has been restored, to its original glory. The gate consists of 12 massive, Grecian styled, pillars, atop which sits a sculpture dedicated to the great monarchs of Prussia. Visitors to the gate have an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of some of Europe's most famous leaders, touring the storied grounds where Napoleon marched his triumphant military processions through Brandenburg Gate.

    Things to See in Berlin Germany the Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall- Though the majority of this iconic wall was demolished in 1990, a short portion still remains as a symbolic reminder of the former delineation of East and West Berlin, and the implications of a culturally segregated Germany. Visitors to this monument can walk along both sides of wall, learn about the historic impact of the Cold War on Berlin, and view the famous East Berlin graffiti art.

    Things to Do in Berlin Germany the Bauhaus Archive

    The Bauhaus Archive - One of the most famous collections of architecture, art installations, and literature by one of the most famous design schools in the 20th Century, visitors to The Bauhaus Archive can view, and learn about the designs that changed the face of modern art forever. Bauhaus design, colloquially known as International Style, was known for its absence of unnecessary ornamentation, and for crafting designs that exemplified the harmony of form and function. The Bauhaus design style is still evident in much of our world, and will forever hold a place in history as an innovative force that changed the standards for which we judge modern artistic creations.

    Things to Do in Berlin Germany KaDeWe Department Store

    KaDeWe Department Store - Avid shoppers rejoice, as Berlin's famed KaDeWe is the largest department store in all of Europe, featuring an overwhelming assortment of shops, from vintage and thrift to high-end designer. For those in need of souvenirs to bring back home for the family, KaDaWe has something for everybody and should not be overlooked.

    Things to Do in Berlin Germany the Berlin Zoo

    Berlin Zoo - For a family friendly adventure in the sun, a visit to the Berlin Zoo may be the perfect outing. The Berlin Zoo is the most popular zoo in Europe, and for good reason, as it houses nearly 14,000 creatures, among them some of the rarest and most endangered species on the planet. The zoo is also home to a world-renowned aquarium, with glass tunnels giving you a 360 degree view of sharks, rays, and crocodiles as they swim around you. Fancy a picnic in the park? The Berlin Zoo has you covered with expertly landscaped gardens with an ample sitting area.

    Things to See in Berlin Germany Reichstag

    Reichstag - Originally situated in the military zone between East and West Berlin, the Reichstag was completely renovated and redesigned upon the inception of Berlin as the capital of Germany. Visitors to this excellent monument can climb the stairs to the buildings glass dome, overlooking the city, providing unmatched views of Berlin's many districts.

    Touring Berlin Germany

    Things to Do in Berlin

    For those travelers that prefer expertly guided tours over wandering about with a guide book in hand, Auto Europe has you covered with a comprehensive list of all the best guided tours in and around Berlin, Germany. Let those that know the city best, the locals, take you on a journey through Berlin, and its many districts as you discover new food, and learn about the rich cultural history that sets Berlin apart from the rest of the major European destinations.

    Berlin City Segway Tour -  Explore all the famous historic sites of Berlin's past, while navigating the city on the vehicle of the future, when you book a group Segway tour in Berlin. Cruise through the Brandenburg Gate, and The Berlin Wall without tiring your well-traveled legs, all while an expert guide breaks down the many historic intricacies and secrets of Berlin's greatest treasures.

    Kreuzberg District Tour- The vibrant and colorful Kreuzberg district is an excellent location to tour for the creatively minded and those that enjoy experimental culinary endeavors. This tour takes patrons to a variety of mixed-cuisine restaurants, providing an unabashed view of the many cultures that call Berlin home, and their associated delicacies. The tour also journeys along vast swaths of famous graffiti lined walls, painted by famed urban artists.

    Tour Cold War Berlin - Transform a day of your vacation into a spy novella, when you take a guided tour of the Cold War frontier in Berlin. Walk the Berlin Wall, explore the remnants of Eastern Bloc guard fortifications, and learn about the infamous Stasi - East Berlin military police who kept the population under surveillance for 40 years. This tour takes patrons through the many eras of the formerly divided city, and shines light on the many intricacies, and struggles of living in East Berlin during GDR occupation.

    Berlin Pub Crawl - Berlin's reputation as the nightlife capital of the world is far from unfounded, and this guided tour of the nightlife scene will show you why. Escape the tourist trap destinations and get unfettered access to underground nightclubs and bars frequented by locals, when you take this pub crawl guided tour. Skip the lines to hear world famous DJ's and musicians perform while enjoying the free drinks, and VIP access provided on the guided tour.

    Stop, Drop, and Roll-Out - Bus Tour - For travelers interested in a more tradition touring style, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour is an ideal method of exploring Berlin's incredible attractions. There are over 20 stops throughout the city, with a fleet of red tour busses running every 15 minutes for pick-ups and drop-offs. One ticket grants travelers 48 hours of tour bus usage on your own time, so hop on and listen to the guided tour, or hop off and explore one of the many destinations at your own pace, only to be picked up at your convenience and shuttled away to the next spot.

    Berlin River Cruise - Cruise down Berlin's River Spree, enjoying the many sites from a new and unique perspective, as you sit atop the shaded deck of a river cruise ship. After a multi-hour river cruise past some of Berlin's major destinations, enjoy a top quality dinner at the Charlottenburg Palace, while being serenaded by the sounds of the Berlin Residence Orchestra. The perfect romantic evening typically sells out weeks in advance, so jump on the opportunity as soon as possible ... you won't be disappointed.

    Weather in Berlin

    What to Expect from the Weather in Berlin, Germany

    Like many of Germany's major cities, Berlin's climate is considerably average, with a narrow temperature range. Short bouts of more extreme weather conditions are scattered throughout the seasonal changes, but under most circumstances the climate stays within a reasonable range of 37-77 degrees. Due to the extensive list of tourist destinations in Berlin, open year round, the average climate is largely overlooked, as it plays very little a role in determining the best time to visit Germany.

    Summer in Berlin -  Summer is far and away the busiest season in Berlin, as a wide range of street vendors, open-air markets, and sidewalk performers are out soaking up the sun. Temperatures in the summer are moderate, though excess heat is trapped within the high-rise confines of the Berlin downtown, causing temperatures in the city center to be significantly warmer than other districts in the area. Due to the high volume of tourist traffic during the summer months, it's a good idea to book everything, from car rentals to hotel rooms, far in advance, to avoid the price-hikes that come with the busy season.

    Average Temperature: 65 Degrees F

    Fall in Berlin - The fall marks the official low season of Berlin tourism, providing the perfect time to save some money on the low priced hotels, cars, and destination cover charges. November brings in early temperature drops most commonly associated with the winter months. Though hours of sunlight began to wane during the fall, precipitation is still fairly low, and the absence of other tourists makes the fall an excellent time to visit Berlin.

    Average Temperature: 40-50 Degrees F

    Winter in Berlin - Though Berlin's winter temperatures can drop below freezing, Berlin is an excellent destination for winter travels. A host of holiday-esque festivals take place as well as Berlin Fashion Week, queues for museums and nightclubs are few and far between, and Christmas markets begin popping up all over the city. Travelers willing to bundle up and face the cold are in for a treat, as the snowy rooftops and frost covered parks make for an enchantingly quiet and serene city-scape that many visitors rarely experience.

    Average Temperature: 35 Degrees F

    Spring in Berlin - Despite the moderate temperature of Spring, rainfall is near an annual minimum. The spring mid-point brings the most sunlight the city will see all year without raising temperatures to uncomfortable highs. A fair amount of festivals take place during the spring, providing the perfect time to experience Berlin to its fullest. Without swaths of tourists overwhelming the many breath-taking destinations throughout the city, but still basking in the sun.

    Average Temperature: 40-60 Degrees F

    Visit Berlin Year Round

    Berlin is one of those cities that no matter when you choose to visit, be it the sun-soaked summers or relaxed falls, you will be pleased. Berlin is jam-packed with worldly attractions, multi-cultural culinary offerings, and a healthy mix of natural beauty and urban sprawl. Festivities are present year-round, and travelers of all types will easily discover an event, or destination that will spawn find memories for years to come.

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