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    Guide to Parking in Munich, Germany

    Parking in Munich GermanyMunich is known for many things, one of those being Bavarian culture and Oktoberfest. If you are planning a trip to Munich and have decided on arranging a rental car there are a few things to be aware of and know.

    You will need to understand the parking system, where you can and cannot park, and how much you should plan to pay for parking. Once you have this under control you should have no issue driving and parking in Munich, Germany. It's one of the best cities in Europe to navigate by car, even if it's your first time driving in Germany.

    What is Parking like in Downtown Munich? 

    Parking in downtown Munich is not specifically difficult, but there are a few things to be aware of to ensure that you don't have any trouble.

    First off, blue lines indicate places where visitors can park, and green dictates where locals can park.

    The day time hours are paid parking, and some areas are restricted for visitors.

    Parking in most of the central area of Munich is Low Emission Zone (Umweltzone), which we will discuss below: 

    Low Emission Zone (Umweltzone)

    Similar to other parts of Europe, Munich has created a low emission zone known as the Umweltzone. This zone can be found in the city center of Munich and requires a special stick or badge to be admitted. If you have a green environmental badge on your car you can drive within this zone. Inquire with your car rental company if the car you are planning to rent has one of these.

    An Auto Europe representative will be happy to help you modify your rental if you plan to drive and park in the Umweltzone in Munich.

    Is it Free to Park in Munich? 

    There are some places in which you can find free parking in Munich.

    Check out this website which has an interactive map to help find these lots. Make sure to use google translate in order to read the stipulations on the different lots and areas of free parking.

    Parking is always free on Sundays and Holidays in Munich. 

    How Much Does On-Street Parking Cost in Munich? 

    Munich Parking InformationOn street parking can be quite affordable in Munich, although there are limited areas where this is available. For the districts of: Altstadt, Hackenviertel, Kreuzviertel and Graggenauviertel on Monday-Saturday there is paid parking available from 8am-11pm.

    There is a restriction of only 2 hours until 7pm, and after 7pm parking is unrestricted.

    The cost from 8am-7pm is .50 euro cents per 12 minutes, and after 7pm-11pm it is 20 euro cents.

    Any location in Munich besides the above-mentioned districts the parking rate is 20 euro cents per 12 minutes with a daily maximum of 6 euro.

    One thing to remember is that street parking is always free on Sundays and holidays, so if you can schedule your trip itinerary to explore downtown Munich on a Sunday, you'll save a few euro.

    What is a Parking Disc? 

    A parking disc is a blue plastic card with an adjustable time dial. You can get one of these usually for free or very low cost from any gas station, police station or tobacco shop once you arrive in Germany.

    You may already have one within your rental car, so ask for this before leaving the pick-up counter.

    In some parts of Munich (and any city in Germany), there will be signs indicating that a parking disc needs to be used, and this will also dictate how long you are allowed to park.

    A German parking disk will show your time of arrival which should be rounded up to the next half hour. This will be left on your dashboard for authorities to check as they pass your car. Make note of the time you set, as you will need to return within the allotted time mentioned on the parking sign you are parking near.  

    Parking in Munich: Marienplatz

    Marienplatz is the city's most famous square that is located in the old town district of Munich.

    This is a great place to experience the local culture, visit a pub or have dinner. If you have rented a car, you will want to find parking as close as possible to Marienplatz. Your best options for parking will be at the lots located quite close to the Marienplatz stations.

    Contipark Parkgaragengesellschaft is one option, located at Rindermarkt 16. This garage has over 260 parking spaces available to visitors, and it is just a 3 minute walk to Marienplatz. You can expect to pay about 8 euro per 2 hours, which is the going rate of parking near Marienplatz.

    Another car park which has 400 spots and is slightly cheaper is MÜHOGA Münchner Hochgaragen, located at Färbergraben 5. You will pay 6 euro per 2 hours if you park here, but you will also have an 8 minute walk to and from Marienplatz, so you be the judge of which is a better deal.

    There is also street parking located on the streets surrounding Marienplatz for a much lower rate of 60 euro cents per 2 hours, but this parking can get taken quite quickly. Most travelers choose to just park in one of the above parking lots to save time and not have to worry about finding a space on a street. 

    Munich Train Station Parking

    There is something called “Park and Ride” or ”P+R” from many of the train stations in Munich. These allow you to park your car for a pretty good price and then take public transport closer to the city center. It's a good option for tourists and travelers who are renting a car and driving in Germany for the first time.

    The daily parking rates range from 1-1.50 euro. Just be aware you may not park longer than one whole day or you will be responsible for a charge of 30 euro. So don't use this and then take a weekend trip to a neighboring country.

    Parking in Munich Airport

    Parking Munich AirportIf you have decided you want to park at the Munich airport, you should definitely book ahead of time and compare rates which start at 19 euros per day.

    For terminal 1 you will want to park in P1-P8.

    If you are leaving from terminal 2, P20 and P26 are the post convenient parking options.

    More information can be found here:

    Munich Zoo Parking

    If you decide to visit the Munich Zoo (and you should, it's terrific!), there are two options for parking.

    The first is to park at any train station and then take the U3 train to the zoo. This is cheap, convenient, and easy.

    Additionally there is some parking near the zoo. These parking space are located at Tierparkstr. 30. There is a parking area near the main entrance as well as the flamingo entrance, so if you're driving there in your rental car this is where you should plan to park.

    Parking Signs and Symbols in Munich, Germany

    While parking in Munich, there are three main signs to look out for.

    The sign for no parking is pretty common sense: it is a blue circle, with a red line through it. This means, no parking, do not park here etc.

    The two other parking signs to be aware of are the allowed parking signs.

    Normal allowed parking will look like a square blue sign with a large P. One thing to be aware of is that in Germany there are signs that denote if you are allowed to park on the sidewalk. This will look like a car that is half on the sidewalk, half on the road (makes sense, right?). If you see this sign, it means you may park your car as such without any issue. This is a method to allow more room in the roadways for traffic. You'll probably see other cars parked in a similar manner.

    Contact us for Helpful Travel Tips in MunichParking in Munich, Germany should not be stressful. There is a plethora of parking options and the traffic is not nearly as bad as other major European cities. If you watch where you park and avoid the low emission zone, you will have no issues on your trip to the home of Bavarian culture.

    And remember - if you're nervous about driving your rental car into downtown Munich, simply find a rail station on the city outskirts. You can park there inexpensively and hop a train into the city center for the day.