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    While Electric Cars are Arriving, Eco Travel is Already Here

    No longer just fodder of sci-fi films, or the dreams of gentle idealists, electric cars are coming, and along with it, a network of supportive charge stations. Last week, Elan Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, a California electric car company, announced a plan to release an affordable model in the next three to four years. Soon, a greater number of everyday people will be able to choose emission-free electric travel.

    Electric Cars and Eco Travel Have Arrived

    Tesla, itself, is a revolutionary newcomer to the car manufacturing scene. Founded in 2003, the company has only produced electric vehicles. The luxurious Model S, Motor Trend's 2013 'Car of the Year' made headlines when, during safety testing, the celebrated vehicle actually broke the roof crusher applying pressure to it. It is currently outselling the luxury vehicle standby's Porsche and Jaguar in California. And Tesla is not the only 'green on the scene'. Nissan has been steadily shipping thousands of emission-free Leaf models worldwide since 2010. It would be surprising if other auto makers around the world didn't board this bandwagon.

    We at Auto Europe, like many of our clients, hold tightly to green travel. We hope that the pristine beaches and mountains that you love to visit will stay gorgeous for generations to come. And while the brave new world of electric travel is emergent, and not everyone can just go and buy or rent an electric car right away, you don't need to wait the three to four years for widespread electric car availability and conveniently placed charge stations to practice more sustainable travel. Our green travel tips can help you conserve the world as your explore it, starting today.

    When you travel, remember that your fabulous destinations are homes for local people and wildlife. As you seek travel lodging accommodations, keep in mind that a lot of hotels and villas, especially in Europe, adhere to green sustainability standards. When you buy foods and souvenirs that are actually made in your area of travel, you are supporting the local economy, reducing the emissions for importation, and truly savoring the region's unique characteristics.

    The rule of thumb with environmentally friendly car rentals is to select the smallest vehicle that can accommodate you in comfort. We've previously discussed how to select the right car size for your journey. Saying 'no' to a free upgrade that you don't need could save you gas money in the long run. Packing lightly, checking the tire pressure and carefully planning your itinerary can go far toward maximizing the value of the miles you drive. If your trip has several destinations, you may consider parsing it into a couple of short rentals with trains or planes in between. Auto Europe services through so many locations worldwide that you are sure to have plenty of eco travel options.

    Even if you aren't traveling abroad, a car rental can reduce your fuel emissions. For instance, if you are planning a long road trip, you might consider renting a tea-sip economy instead of the larger vehicle you use for every day life. Wherever you do travel, Auto Europe's wide rental car fleet options can help you choose the greenest way to go!

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