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    Bizarre laws in Utah

    Car rental image Utah

    Did you know that in Salt Lake City, it is illegal to walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag? Just as prohibited in the Beehive State is fishing while on horseback or hiring trombone players to perform on the streets to promote an auction. While Utah reminds many people of Mormons plus the Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion national parks, this Southwestern state definitely has some of the most peculiar laws in the United States.

    Even though there are multiple Utah car rental locations and tourist attractions, parts of the state's legal code will make you scratch your head and wonder how on earth any of this could be possible. Yet perhaps this is part of the fun of renting a car in the USA and having an immersive experience in Utah.

    Whether you’re renting a car in Salt Lake City for business, flying into Salt Lake City Airport, or road tripping across the Southwest, take a moment to read over the strangest laws in Utah. Who knows, maybe they will help you avoid getting into trouble or at least having something to chuckle about during the long scenic car rides.

    10 of the weirdest laws in Utah

    No catastrophes

    Utah car rental image

    If this wasn’t already a given, don't forget that it's illegal to cause any sort of catastrophe in Utah. According to the criminal code, a catastrophe entails a “use of a weapon of mass destruction or explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, collapse of a building or other harmful or destructive force or substance that is not a weapon of mass destruction.”

    No snowballs

    Utah car rental image

    Sorry, kids. Throwing a snowball could result in a US$50 fine in Provo near Sundance, meaning snowball fights are a definite no-no. Luckily, this law doesn’t apply if you're visiting some of Utah's other famous ski resorts like Park City, Alta and Brighton.

    No riding bikes without hands

    Utah car rental image

    No matter how skilled you are riding a bike without touching the handlebars, this could also result in fines. Law dictates that at least one hand needs to be touching the bars, so you may be able to get away with drinking a coffee while peddling.

    No swearing, ladies

    Utah car rental image

    Definitely one of the most controversial, women can’t use profane words in Logan without risking a fine of some sort. Equally contentious is how a husband is responsible for every crime his wife commits in his presence, so this could really be a double-whammy in Logan.

    No convenience stores after dark without ID

    Utah car rental image

    You read that right! People must present identification to enter a convenience store after dark in Kaysville, Utah. This also reinforces the facts that alcoholic beverages can't be stronger than 3.2 percent nor can individuals possess beer containers larger than two liters. Retailers are the only exception.

    No gunpowder to remedy headaches

    Utah car rental image

    Who would've thought that pharmacists once prescribed gunpowder to cure headaches in Utah! At least this is prohibited in Trout Creek, so be sure to bring along plenty of alternatives like Tylenol and Aspirin just in case.

    No throwing missiles at buses

    Utah car rental image

    Another no-brainer, Utah wants to emphasize the criminality of hurling missiles at buses in code 76-10-1505 by making it a third-degree felony… yet law enforcement is exempt as long as it's within the scope of their job.

    No detonating nuclear weapons

    Utah car rental image

    Along those lines of strange and unusual laws, there shall be no detonation of nuclear weapons. Hobbyists can have all the nuclear weapons they want but essentially can’t use them. Huh, we had no idea.

    No biting in boxing

    Utah car rental image

    Could this be the reason why Mike Tyson never boxed in Utah? If biting is one of your go-to boxing methods, you may encounter an issue or two here in Utah based on code 76-9-705. With this comes no striking of Adam's apple, groin, eyes, and temple of the head, either.

    No complaining about milk

    Utah car rental image

    As far as the interpretation of the criminal code goes, Utah says it’s illegal for milk consumers to “unfairly discriminate” against milk distributors and criticize the grade or quality. So, you better not be too selective about milk while renting a car in Utah!

    Rent a car in Utah with Auto Europe

    Salt Lake City Car Rentals

    Keeping these outdated and quirky laws in mind, Utah is still an incredible Southwest tourist destination between its many national parks full of canyons, mountains, badlands, and more. When it comes to adventure tourism, Utah is the place to be. Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing; it's all here!

    No matter if you plan on driving to Arizona or touring Northern California in a car rental after Utah, you can do it all when reserving a vehicle through Auto Europe! We work with the most trusted car rental suppliers in the industry to ensure that our customers have access to the best car rental fleets in the USA. Thanks to these partnerships, Auto Europe has developed a network of 20,000 global car rental locations, even in smaller cities in Utah like Ogden, Midvale, and Orem. With Auto Europe, booking a car in Utah is as easy as three clicks of a button over our search engine located at the top of the page! Likewise, give one of our 24/4 agents at +1-888-223-5555 for personalized assistance.

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