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    Unique Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

    Thanksgiving, for all intents and purposes, is primarily an American holiday. It is one of the core holidays that the citizens of the United States use to plan their entire year around and it is certainly one of the most beloved holidays in the United States. Beyond that, it is also an economically and historically important holiday. Most people will tend to try and have a small event on or around the fourth Thursday in November; inviting over their close friends and family to partake in a delicious meal and enjoy each others company. Each family or group of friends have their own unique set of Thanksgiving traditions that they have come to embrace and anticipate all year long.

    If you're still in the process of making your way home for the holidays, don't fret because Auto Europe is still offering great rates on last-minute car rentals this Thanksgiving! Being one of the few holidays that Americans get off of work during the year, it is the perfect time to spend enjoying the annual Thanksgiving traditions we have become accustomed to, while maybe also trying out some things that are not so typical of the rest of the year.

    Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions in America, Auto Europe

    Here are some of the more unique Thanksgiving traditions that one might find in America:

    • Alternative meal planning - Some families choose to forego eating the traditional turkey on Thanksgiving and, instead, opt to use an alternate meal. One type of meal which is often considered for this purpose is Italian, such as spaghetti or lasagna. This is not something that all families do, but enough do for it to be worth mentioning.
    • Volunteering together - Another unique Thanksgiving tradition is donating time to charity. Usually this is something akin to passing out food to the homeless, or working at a soup kitchen. Many families find the holidays are the perfect time to give back to their communities. If your family is one that is looking to give back this holiday, volunteering is a great way to be together, while also making a difference in the world around you.
    • Planning a trip - It's easy to get sad when the holidays are over, but why not take the quality time you're spending with your loved ones this Thanksgiving to plan an upcoming trip. Whether you'll all be traveling to another part of the country to be together, or are looking to travel together somewhere a bit more exotic, planning a future trip ensures your family time doesn't have to end when the leftovers are gone.

    Unique Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

    Unlike the United States, the majority of other countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving as Americans know it. With that being said, you don't have to look very hard to find some unique celebrations that take place during the same time of the year, which might be worth checking out for people who are planning to use the Thanksgiving holiday as a travel occasion. This is especially true in the countries surrounding the United States. It is also true in some European countries. In Canada, the celebration is very similar to the one in the United States, though it falls during a slightly different time of the year.


    Here are some of the various traditions someone might find during Thanksgiving in other parts of the world:

    • United Kingdom - Thanksgiving in the UK is generally known as the harvest festival. It is one of the oldest and most well-known festivals in the area. This tradition began in churches in cities throughout the UK in 1843 and grew into a custom of decorating churches and home-grown products. This is primarily out of respect for the importance of the harvest in centuries past.
    • Korea - Chu Suk is the harvest festival during the Thanksgiving season in Korea. This is celebrated to both help celebrate the crops themselves, the harvest, and to give some extra respect to the elders of society. This is a time when happiness and feasting is extremely common in the country. Memorial services are often held during this time at the grave sites of family members who have passed away.
    • Canada - Citizens of Canada celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in the month of October, rather than in late November, as is done in the United States. This is meant to help celebrate the harvest and to express their thanks for everything that has happened up to that point. This is a different time period than in the United States simply because the harvest falls at different time periods in the two countries. Other than that, the two festivals are generally the same.

    Recommendations for Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Traditions

    One of the uniform expectations that many people have when they think about Thanksgiving is family, being with your closest network of people is one of the best aspects of the Thanksgiving season. For something a little different, consider shaking things up a bit this year. Bring something new to the table. Maybe develop a new tradition. Something to keep in mind this holiday season is that your family is one of the core groups that you will have with you throughout your lifetime. One way to strengthen your bond with your family is through travel. Many Americans will be traveling this Thanksgiving to be near their loved ones, but what about planning a family trip together? Few things can offer a group a more special bond than being on the road together, seeing new sights, and relying on each other.

    Unique Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World, Auto Europe

    Should you choose to use this extra time with your family to plan your travels around the world, it is the perfect time to select a company. If you are planning to visit Europe, in particular, you will want to find a trusted company who you know that your family will be in good hands with. With that being said, you should look into Auto Europe, one of the premier brands in the European marketplace providing travel services. Not only do we help serve your needs through low daily rates on family car rentals, we also have staff who are trained to help you find discount flights and lodgings once you are there. With deals like that it is hard to pass up the excitement of the deal! Call Auto Europe today toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555 and start a new Thanksgiving tradition today!

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