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    Unique Reasons to Travel Abroad This Winter

    Finding the Best Winter Travel Excursions

    Europe's top destinations for winter travel excursions are numerous, ranging from skiing in Switzerland to Christmas Markets in Germany, but if you're planning on visiting Europe as soon as the snow flies, there's far more on offer than just winter sports and seasonal magic. Although skiing is the standard outdoor winter activity, it certainly isn't everyone's cup of hot chocolate. But before you throw in your mittens, remember that there are a multitude of other snow-filled opportunities that won't require you to even touch a ski pole. The crowds are sparse, the pubs are cozy, the fireplaces are roaring, and baked goods and hot toddies seem to round out every action-packed day. For every excuse you can scheme up to stay home this winter, Auto Europe has come up with an array of unique reasons to travel during the winter months.

    Indoor Culture

    Europe is rich in 'indoor culture' and offers a multitude of renowned attractions, including everything from museums and art galleries to performance spaces and incredible architecture. Cultural events come alive during the winter months throughout Europe's historic halls, and with a rental car, travelers are able to see them all. Cold weather means that the opera, theater and symphony seasons are in full swing, especially in larger cities like Paris and Rome. If you happen to be traveling with children in London, a world of possibility awaits your arrival; whether your child is interested in meeting a dinosaur at the Natural History Museum, star-gazing at the Royal Observatory, or finding Nemo at the Aquarium, anything is possible with a rental car at your disposal!

    Ice Hotels

    Part novelty, part exhilarating adventure, ice hotels illuminate dreary winter nights, creating a truly one of a kind sleep experience when you notice that everything from walls to beds to shot glasses are carefully carved from frozen blocks. Drive your rental car to Alta, Norway, which is considered to be the northernmost city in the world, and hunker down for the evening in the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Boasting a dazzling aesthetic and a welcoming atmosphere, this cutting-edge space was one of the first of its kind. Wherever you happen to be traveling this season, there's a good possibility that your host city will likely be harboring an ice hotel. From snow hotels in Andorra to entire igloo villages in Austria, there are ample opportunities to experience this crisp concept.

    Seasonal Cuisine

    When temperatures cool down, European kitchens heat up; serving up dishes made with tantalizing cream sauces, roasted wild game, and a number of enticing baked goods that will make you wish you could stay in Europe forever. As soon as the leaves fall off the trees, Dublin's streets begin to sparkle with festive lights, and traditional pubs offer a cozy retreat from the nipping temperatures outside. Thaw out over a pint of Guinness as you enjoy a hearty meal by a roaring fire while chatting about your day's adventures. Seafood aficionados will appreciate a trip to Scotland during the winter months, as many local chefs include some of the best tasting lobster, sea bass, scallops and halibut in their recipes. Travelers vacationing in Italy will be able to drive their rental vehicles to different regions in the country, sampling unique local delicacies as they go.

    Wildlife Encounters

    Before snowmobiles and SUV's, dog sledding was the original form of transportation in cold-weather locales. Breathtaking scenery combined with the opportunity to work with a pack of gifted four-legged athletes makes for a truly one-of-a-kind way to spend your vacation. Sparkling white glaciers set against a turquoise sky will leave you speechless as you zip by on a canine-powered vehicle on your way to your evening accommodations, a charmingly rustic cabin. Whether you're new to the sport or a mushing master, there are plenty of places to play in the snow and perfect your dog-driving skills, including in powder-packed Greenland, mountainous Sweden and densely forested Finland.

    Hot Springs

    Hot springs, which are sometimes referred to as geothermal springs or thermal spas, are natural reserves of groundwater that are heated by magma under the Earth's crust. Spending even a short amount of time soaking in one of these pools makes for an invigorating thermal thaw when paired with an ice-laden atmosphere. Situated in Grindavik, roughly a 40-minute drive outside of Reykjavik, and easily accessible by rental car, is Iceland's Blue Lagoon. This steamy source of crystal-blue water, surrounded by vast expanses of open fields may leave visitors feeling as though they have traveled to a far-away, dreamlike dimension. If you're headed to Switzerland, the UK, Germany, or France this season and are looking to get in on the thermal spa action, you're in luck, as these countries all boast locations where travelers are able to bathe in basins of warm mineral water.

    Perhaps you're like thousands of other travelers, and the appeal of a tropical getaway sounds far more alluring than any of the previously mentioned activities. One thing is for sure, no matter where you're headed this season, adding the convenience of a rental car to your winter travel itinerary will be one of the best decisions you make. Auto Europe is able to help you find the car rental that will best suit your travel needs for the guaranteed lowest price. From motorcycles to motorhomes and everything in between, Auto Europe specializes in making your rental experience as hassle-free as possible. Contact our 24-hour reservation line today at 1-888-223-5555 to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents and start planning your adventure!

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