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    Scenic Drives in Germany

    There are miles of themed roadways scattered throughout the German countryside that are brimming with history and are just waiting to be explored. Autumn is one of the best times to visit the region, and what better way to discover each dazzling route than with an Auto Europe car rental. Each scenic drive provides visitors with a unique variety of landscapes and exciting cultural offerings.

    Along the Fairy-Tale Road, travelers are able to wander through Little Red Riding Hood's forest, visit the castle of Sleeping Beauty, and climb up the tower where Rapunzel let down her hair. Follow your heart and fall in love on the alluring Romantic Road. Retrace the footsteps of famed lords and ladies on the historic Castle Road, or choose from over 150 other diverse routes, each highlighting a different aspect of German heritage. With a multitude of convenient pickup locations throughout the country, renting a car in Germany has never been easier.

    Castle Road in Germany

    Heidelberg, Germany

    When driving your German rental car on this picturesque route, you may believe that you have traveled back in time to the Middle Ages. Venturing from castle to castle, on the trail of former emperors, kings, princesses, and knights; the road will bring you through a myriad of charming towns, filled with sacred and secular architecture from a variety of historical eras.

    This road, beginning in Mannheim, is virtually unsurpassed, not only in terms of its architectural presence, but also in regards to its cordiality. Stop in the Old Town of Heidelberg and attend one of the city's famous festivals in authentic surroundings. These celebrations are complete with period costume performances, and travelers are also able to visit medieval markets housed in the secluded castle courtyards. Traditional banquets are held in the evenings, where guests are able to sample historical recipes within castle walls.

    Fairy-Tale Road in Germany

    The endearing characters from the stories of the Brothers Grimm spring to life along the 370-mile stretch of road that connects two legendary towns that were the inspiration for beloved fairy tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Red Riding Hood. This stretch of road begins in the small town of Hanau, and stretches all the way north to Bremen. Travelers with children will especially enjoy driving through this part of the country, as almost every town you visit along this stretch offers family-friendly activities such as puppet shows, storytelling performances, parades, concerts, historic Christmas markets and theatrical productions.

    German Wine Road

    The German Wine Road in Rhineland Palatinate is the country's oldest scenic roadway, and can best be explored from the driver's seat of a sleek and sophisticated Rolls Royce Phantom. or the Rolls Royce rental of your choice. This fascinating route begins in Southwest Germany, and stretches through one of the largest wine-growing regions in the country, all the way to the French border. Travelers are able to fully immerse themselves in the area's viniculture, by visiting the small wine villages, colorful vineyards, and vibrant harvest celebrations held throughout the autumn season.

    Alpine Road

    The Alpine Road boasts an elaborate palette of sights, scenery and stopping-off points, with a multitude of intriguing places to visit. Panoramic alpine views are at their best when driving through this region's scenic mountain passes, and the surrounding towns feature a variety of treasures, including pristine mountain lakes, impressive castles, and intricately designed baroque churches. Sports enthusiasts, culture vultures and famished foodies will all be in their element here, and whether you are looking for a lively Bavarian adventure, or are just looking for a little rest and relaxation, there is something for everyone along this captivating stretch of road.

    Romantic Road

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    The majority of this route's many charms lie within the scenic walking trails, sprawling through the vineyards in the Tauber Valley, along with the traditional walled villages and stunning landscapes in the surrounding communities. Architectural jewels scattered along the road include magnificent stately homes, breathtaking palaces, medieval timber-framed buildings, and nestled in the foothills of the majestic German Alps is the stunning Castle Neuschwanstein.

    This route is also considered to be Germany's festival road, and from May until late fall, it is bursting with historical activities offering exciting entertainment, delicious food, and handcrafted beer.These are only several of the scenic drives in Germany, as the entire countryside is entwined with expanses of beautiful roads that run along rivers, through valleys and over mountains. There are stunning routes available to suit every taste and curiosity, from clocks and architecture, to beer and wine.

    Let Auto Europe help you take to the open road and make the most of your time in this enchanting country. Contact a reservation specialist today at 1-888-223-5555 to arrange your car rental in Germany and receive the guaranteed best rates and service.

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