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    Milan to Lake Como Day Trip: Driving Tours of Italy

    Milan is one of the most exciting cities in Italy. Not only is it known for its fashion, haute cuisine, and culture, but it also located close to some of Italy's most stunning sights and towns. Take a Milan to Lake Como day trip, and visit the surrounding destinations along the way, sampling local fare, exploring historic attractions, and relaxing along scenic vistas.These must-see stops are in close proximity to both Milan and Lake Como and make for wonderful driving tours of Italy.
    Monza, Italy


    Drive your Milan car rental northeast out of the city to the town of Monza, just a 45-minute drive from Milan. While Monza is known for its world-famous Formula One racing circuit, Monza was once a city of great political significance. You can still see signs of its historic past in the cathedral's Cappella di Teodolinda. Founded in 590 and rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries, the cathedral is the center of the town's culture and legacy, although it's also worth checking out the Piazza Roma and its 13th century town hall. Spend some time wandering around the cobbled streets of this small city, and come away with a greater understanding, and appreciation of Italy's culture and history.
    Pavia, Italy


    Take a short detour to the south of the city on your Milan to Lake Como day trip, and explore the beautiful town of Pavia. Once an important Roman capital city, Pavia has since grown into a university town with some incredibly well-preserved Renaissance and medieval architecture. Visit Pavia's impressive cathedral, based on the designs by Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante, and be sure to visit the Ponte Coperto, a 14th-century arched Roman bridge that was destroyed in World War II and has since been restored to its former glory. Explore just outside the city for even more architectural beauty, and head to the Certosa di Pavia, one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Italy. Inside you can find marble inlay, columns, statues, and friezes - it's a saturation for the senses.
    Bergamo, Italy


    Discover the city of Bergamo on the road to Lake Como, a city of old and new, co-existing side-by-side, and experience the contrast of well-preserved historic excellence and modern Italian amenities all in the same place. The old city, with its stone-paved streets, dates back to the Italian Renaissance and the Middle Ages, but you can also find many modern influences, including luxury and boutique hotels throughout Bergamo. The historic town has a number of popular attractions, including the 12th century Palazzo della Ragione and the Santa Maria Maggiore, with its Gothic entrances and Renaissance choir stalls. Bergamo's rich history and culture, coupled with its off-the-beaten-path feel, allows you to enjoy many of the sights without the interference of too many other tourists.
    Lake Garda, Italy

    Lake Garda

    Italy's largest Lake, Lake Garda is both captivating and grand. The lake has been a popular holiday destination for tourists on driving tours of Italy, and as such you can find a number of impressive holiday homes here. As the halfway point between Venice and Milan, Lake Garda is just a short drive from both cities, and its landscape offers a natural alpine beauty that many city-goers long for. If you can, try to spend more than just a day here as the areas around the lake offer some very unique cultural points of interest, with the three regions surrounding the lake, including Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino Alto-Adige.
    Verona, Italy


    The fictional home of Shakespeare's best known play, Romeo & Juliet, Verona is a must-see part of Italy, that is just a few hours from Milan and even closer to Lake Como. The city is also the location of one of Italy's best-preserved Roman arenas, which today are often used as a summer music festival locations. Explore the city center and discover its impressive landmarks of Italian architecture and decorative art, including several archways and excavations from the Roman period.
    Lake Como, Italy

    Lake Como

    One of the largest lakes in the Italian Lake District, Lake Como is bordered by some of the most beautiful lakeside villages, including the quaint town of Bellagio with its narrow streets and stunning villas. Head to the main town of Como to see some of the region's most famous sights, including the 11th century Basilica of Sant'Abbondio, and a climb to the top on the Brunate funicular for some impressive views of the region. Como is also a popular stop for its silk production, and you can find a number shops selling locally-produced silk scarves and other garments.

    Driving Tours of Italy with Auto Europe

    Trust Auto Europe to find you the best rate on a car rental in Italy, and enjoy a Milan to Lake Como Day Trip, stopping at one, or all, of these incredible destinations on a driving tour of Italy. Whether you're in need of international airfare, hotel accommodations, or even an Italian luxury car rental, Auto Europe can help, so you can have the vacation of a lifetime.

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