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    Luck and Travel

    In this highly technical and scientific world, there is a logical cause and explanation for most things that a person may encounter. Every year, we make incredible strides in human understanding of this magnificent universe and the factors that power all instances of our lives. Still, many of us hold on to a sense that invisible forces affect the favorable outcomes of our lives and do many things to appeal to fortune. When traveling, there is no substitute for thorough planning well in advance of your departure, and flexible back-up plans. Among the many challenges you face in life and in travel, it never hurts to stack the odds in your favor a little bit. There are two ways to involve luck with your travel planning. One is to include destinations known for providing blessings to visitors. Many of the destinations are atmospheric gems which make one feel lucky to simply have the chance to see. The other way is to carry your luck with you.

    Lucky Locales

    Taking the time to see the many wonders that are tucked at all corners of the world can certainly help a person to feel lucky. There are local traditions and superstitions peppered throughout the world. Here are some of the most beautiful and unique!
    Capulet Courtyard of Verona
    Casa di Giulieta in Verona, Italy - In the Verona courtyard where Shakespeare supposedly placed the famous balcony scene in 'Romeo and Juliet' there stands a statue of star-crossed maiden herself. The rumor is that the Capulet family once resided here, among the medieval stone piazzas. There is a tradition of leaving love letters and flowers to Juliet on the walls of the house for luck in love. For the daring and romantically destitute, there is also a tradition of touching the statue's right breast, though it's hard to say if that would really garner much favor with the chaste spirit of the Shakespearean heroine. Review our driving guide for more information about exploring Italy in a rental car.

    Upwey Wishing Well of England - There is generally an old fashioned appeal to wishing wells, but the one in Dorset Village, England takes the cake. Placed in a charming borough near the beach city of Weymouth is a wishing well fit for a king, quite literally! King George III was fond of the well, and visited it often to drink its water, which was considered medicinal. The romance of the surrounding gardens and gently meandering River Wey adds a lot to the charm. Today, instead of drinking water from the well or river, people visit the peaceful little gardens and toss coins into the well. It is said that people experience better luck almost immediately after parting with their pennies in this picturesque park. This is all within an easy drive from Bournemouth and the gorgeous southern coast of England!

    Hagia Sophia of Istanbul - In the astonishingly beautiful city of Istanbul, there stands an ornate and historic museum called the Hagia Sophia. While there is so much to see in this monumental Byzantine building, including the towering domes, and underground tunnels, you should definitely include the wishing column in your tour. The ancient legend is that a headache-stricken 6th century emperor wandered the building in search of relief and, in anguish, rested his head against the column. Shortly thereafter, the ruler was delighted to note that his severe migraine had dissipated, and he was set to right. Those who want to experience a similarly miraculous recovery still flock to the well-worn column. They place their thumb in the column and then rub the place on their body that has been afflicted.

    Fushimi Inari Taisha, Japan - It can take a lot to get ahead in this world, like abundant resources, skilled networking and some good old fashioned follow-through. If you really want to go an extra mile, however, then a visit to Kyoto might be in order. This millennia-old temple is a shrine to Inari, the Japanese rice deity, and it's believed that a visit to the temple brings blessings into one's business ventures. If nothing else, the setting is gorgeously atmospheric, with the famous torii (tunnels) leading from the shrine at the base of the mountain to additional shrines at the top.
    Kissing the Blarney Stone
    Ireland's Blarney Castle - If you are tongue-tied and looking for a cure, then a rental car in Cork may be just what the doctor ordered. The time-honored tradition of climbing the medieval fortress and kissing the Blarney Stone is believed to endow participants with the gift of charm and eloquence. The grounds feature elegant gardens and a network of paths that are a delight to explore, and as always Cork is a righteous destination any time of year, widening your selection of the best times to visit Ireland. Afterward, you can take your newfound skills for flattery and witticisms to authentic Irish pubs. Be sure to include the breathtaking cliffs at Mizen Vision and the Elizabeth Fort in your rental car travels. The views from both are spectacular!

    Good Luck Charms

    If you need a more readily available source of luck, you may try to carry your luck with you. While I am not sure enough to say if there is a ritual for ensuring that a flight will depart as scheduled, or a charm to ensure that you always find the best parking spot, lots of people seem to claim that they do something to improve their lot in life. For luck in travel, some might pray to St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel, while others find it helpful to carry a bit of amethyst in the pocket. Whatever you do, a sunny outlook and a lot of work will ensure that the warm rays of good fortune will shine upon you.While it's great to get Lady Luck on your side, you can seize control of your travel destiny in a tangible way by booking a rental car with Auto Europe. You're sure to save time and money when you rent with us; we guarantee the best rates and service. We have more than 60 years of experience in providing top-notch car rentals throughout the world. Auto Europe's expert reservationists are available 24/7 to assist you with travel planning at our toll-free number 1-888-223-5555.Auto Europe Contact Us

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