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    How to Be Happy After a Breakup: Solo Traveling Europe

    If you have just suffered a heavy breakup, and need to getaway, then where better to go than Europe? This diverse continent offers everything from sun-kissed beaches to fun and friendly cities. Pack your bag and forget your recent relationship woes by taking off to Europe. It's the best medicine for how to be happy after a breakup!

    Europe has a number of great solo travel destinations, from exciting and bustling cities with so much to do and see, to relaxing getaways for you to spend some much needed time with yourself. Solo traveling in Europe is a great way to find yourself, rediscover what makes you special, and move on from the past.

    What's more, you will find a number of solo travelers in Europe that are traveling alone out of choice. And everybody that tries it says: It's something you have to do at least once in your lifetime. Traveling alone encourages you to meet new people, have conversations you may never have had, enables you to do exactly what you want when you want, and attract a lot of attention. People tend to feel sorry for you when you are alone and give you some extra special treatment; there really are a lot of positives to traveling by yourself. The best time to visit Europe can depend on a lot of things from where you are going to what you intend to see and do but, when it comes to solo travel, there's no better time to go than now! 

    Here's our guide to how to be happy after a break up, just go ahead and visit these places in Europe:

    Additional Solo Travel Resources

    Best Travel Destinations for Single Ladies 10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Europe Alone

    The Best Cities in Europe to Travel to Alone:

    Be prepared to meet lots of fun people, try at least one new thing and sample some incredible food in these cities.

    Berlin, Germany - Solo Travel

    Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is less about love and romance and more about art. The expressive and individualistic culture in Berlin is astounding. You instantly want to become a part of the movement that is this city. Public transport is easy to use, and a lot of the sights of Berlin, such as the Berlin Wall, are free to see and are part of the city, plus the nightlife is thriving. What's also great about Berlin is that the people are super friendly and love to dance!
    Dublin, Ireland - Solo Travel

    Dubin, Ireland

    Famous for their friendliness, the Irish folk in Dublin are warm, welcoming and happy. With plenty of music to see, Guinness to sample and locals to chat with, that happiness is bound to rub off. Walk into a local pub in Dublin and expect to be there all night, locals will be interested in you and will probably offer to buy you a drink...or five. While you're here don't forget to check out Temple Bar, the home of Dublin's nightlife, the 12th century cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and do a bit of shopping on Grafton Street - Dublin is a great place to treat yourself.
    Seville, Spain - Solo Travel

    Seville, Spain

    Voted the 10th friendliest city in the world, Seville's flamenco history and charming character has a number of festivals and events that can be enjoyed throughout the year. And with some of the friendliest people in the world, the Sevillanos are likely to invite you into their home for some traditional Spanish fare most nights. Visit Seville's Alcazar a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the palace started as a fort and has a long history of being rebuilt and added to since the 10th century.
    Copenhagen, Denmark - Solo Travel

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    This large city has almost two million people living there, but is a safe and exciting city for lone travelers to explore. Discover Copenhagen's beautiful architecture, magical history and excellent shopping options. Enjoy sitting by one of the city's many canals with a Danish ice cream in the evening and spend the day exploring the city by bike like a local, as the city in fact has more bicycles than people!

    The best relaxing destinations in Europe to travel to alone:

    Grab your favorite book, or two, turn off your smartphone and fall into complete bliss in these European beach destinations:

    Agia Pelagia, Crete, Greece - Solo Travel

    Agia Pelagia, Crete, Greece

    Greek islands are the answer to every worry - with perfect weather, white sands and a deep blue sea surrounding you, nowhere can feel further from home and more relaxing than Greece, and Agia Pelagia. This small coastal village is picturesque from every angle, take long walks around the cove, visit the most beautiful monastery in Crete, Savanthiana, relax on the beach and eat some of the freshest and most delicious fish on the island.
    Sabbie Nere Beach, Catania, Italy - Solo Travel

    Sabbie Nere Beach, Catania, Italy

    For a more unusual beach experience, try Sabbie Nere Beach and its black sand. Located on a volcanic island, the sand is colored by the volcano, which last erupted in 1890, and its inactive crater can now be visited (Gran Cratere). Rent a car in Catania to visit this beautiful beach, but be careful the black sand gets very hot!
    Sesimbra, Portugal - Solo Travel

    Sesimbra, Portugal

    This small fishing harbor on the west coast of Portugal will give you a holiday you will never forget. White sands, blue seas, and traditional charm. You can even swim with dolphins here in the beautifully clear waters and enjoy divine freshly-caught fish dishes. For a bit of culture, climb the hillside to the Moorish castle, and the surrounding fort and church.

    Discover the Beauty of Solo Traveling Europe with Auto Europe

    Now that you've discovered how to be happy after a breakup, it's time to begin solo traveling Europe, freeing your mind, and discovering happiness in the least expected places. With the help of Auto Europe, you can pick up a car rental anywhere in Europe, and embark on a journey of self-discovery as you explore this amazing continent in search of inner-peace. Whether you need hotel accommodations, international airfare, or just some quality travel planning advice, Auto Europe has you covered. Give us a call today, toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, and prepare to feel a sense of freedom akin to no other.

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