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    Visitors Welcome: Ways to Save on Historic Travel

    Historic Travel Opportunities Await

    The remnants of Europe's vibrant and tumultuous history attract millions of tourists every year, from ruined and renovated structures, to cultural events that hearken back to days of yore. As you're pouring over pamphlets, and cross-referencing maps, to see how much you can squeeze into each day, you're also considering the cost. From solo travelers to groups, the price of a cultural education can add up faster than you think, leading your wallet to financial anemia with the cumulative cost of entrance fees!

    At Auto Europe, we know you want to get the best price possible for all segments of your trip. We've got helpful tips to save on all your historical meanderings AND the guaranteed lowest prices on car rentals in Ireland and the United Kingdom!

    Maximize your budget by taking advantage of comprehensive discount passes instead of paying singular admission fees during your upcoming historic travel tour. These are sold at a reduced rate for most countries at both a national and city level, as it encourages vacationers and scholars alike to diversify their travel and expand their explorations.

    They are similar to buying a theme park seasonal pass, like Six Flags, except you gain access to museums, monuments and other commemorative sites instead of roller-coasters. Some passes will include further price breaks and incentives that may be redeemed at participating retailers and dining establishments.

    England - English Heritage Pass

    Stonehenge: One Adult Pass £8.00 - £13.90 on/off season
    Tintagel CastleOne Adult Pass £5.90
    Hadrian's Wall: One Adult Pass £5.10 - £6.20 separate costs
    Dover Castle: One Adult Pass £17.00

    The funds required to maintain and staff these classic locations to receive tourists is an expensive endeavor. This is just a sample of some hot spot destinations, and the variable pricing applicable to viewing them. Now imagine a family of four visiting, JUST these places alone - it can quickly add up, exceeding your budget expectations!

    The English Heritage Passes are available in varying increments. Short-term travelers may purchase one of the daily or weekly passes. Students or those abroad for a more protracted period of time would benefit from an annual membership. For those that have a deeper love of English history, there is a lifetime membership for a one-time flat rate!

    London - London Pass

    A country-wide touring pass is nice if you're planning on driving from the shores of Brighton to the borders of England and Scotland, but what about exclusive city visits?

    London offers two levels of its pass that will provide you with entry to more than 60 attractions for a one time fee. You can also upgrade to include an aspect applicable to public transport. The Tower of London, Kensington Palace, the Charles Dickens Museum and Thames River Cruise are a sampling of the attractions awaiting you. Passes come in 1, 2, 3, or 6 consecutive day use options.

    Scotland - Historic Scotland Explorer Pass

    Edinburgh CastleI'll admit it, while I used the English Heritage and London Pass liberally, the HSEP was held together with scotch tape and hope by the end of my trip, from its extreme use, and abuse in my pack. A few of the locales that I recommend are:

    Edinburgh Castle and the surrounding park are both quintessential stops on any tour of Scotland. If you're lucky, you might catch a wedding processional with a traditional bagpiper, as I did. Hopefully you don't leave your camera home that day - I did, however, stumble upon a William Wallace actor along a cobblestone path behind the Castle later that afternoon! In the Orkney Isles, Skara Brae is a Neolithic settlement in a surprising state of preservation. It is reminiscent in landscape of a miniature golf course - minus the flags and putters. Urquhart Castle in itself is a point of interest, combined with the fact that it is located on the banks of Loch Ness and you have an absolute deluge of traffic. Sadly, Nessie never made an appearance during my visits.

    Fall in love with Scotland, from the islands, the highlands or the lowlands, and see why a pass is a beneficial investment in your travels! The HSEP comes as daily, annual or a lifetime membership. Your level of commitment to immersion in Scottish culture will weigh in on what you choose.

    The Republic of Ireland - OPW Heritage Card

    Ross CastleThe OPW (Office of Public Works) Heritage Card is an annual pass that guarantees free admission to all the state managed OPW sites where fees would typically be applicable. An advisory is given pertaining to additional charges that may be assessed for parking and subsidiary services. The site also offers the humorous addendum to their family pass, explaining that it covers 'two adults, and a reasonable number of children.' While we're unsure of what a 'reasonable number of children' is, we're quite certain this would exclude a particular, well known reality television family.

    During the summer months Adare Castle, in the region of Shannon, is a fortification with a position near the River Maigue, still boasting the solid walls and moat that were part of its original defensive strategy. Ross Castle near Kerry, embodies a true bastion of an Irish Cheiftain. The winner of the 2013 Trip Advisor Award of Excellence, this site is a booming with tourist traffic, so plan accordingly! Glenveagh National Park and Castle offer thousands of acres to explore from lakes to glens, then interested parties may partake of afternoon tea at the keep. With the OPWHC, you'll gain access to these locations and more. It is valid until a year from the first use.

    Cultural and Historic Travel Decisions

    While you can't see and do it ALL, passes afford you more options, time and money for other endeavors while offering you insight into new opportunities you may not have been aware of! All costs reflect current available information and further terms and conditions can be found on the applicable pages. Ensure you reference the appropriate sites for changes to these offerings as you're planning your itinerary! Did you have a tip, picture or a video to share about an experience using one of these passes? Let us know!

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