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    Getting Fit for Summer Travel

    A fabulous vacation may be shining on your horizon, a sunny beacon of hope after a long, rough winter. If you haven't planned a getaway yet, perhaps you should check out the Auto Europe website for inspiration; we have great deals on airfare, hotels and rental cars in thousands of exquisite worldwide destinations. After all, you definitely deserve an adventurous getaway at discounted prices! Travel is great, especially in the summertime because the entire world seems to blossom, revealing the best in carefree and joyous outdoor adventure. But there is a small caveat; after being cooped up for the past six frigid months, you may start to envision challenging hiking trails, or vast beaches populated with idyllic, sculpted physiques. Don't get intimidated, my brave travel reader. By taking steps to feel great now, you won't be able to stop yourself from strutting throughout your vacation, whether you are exploring ancient ruins in Greece, or taking a fashion tour in Milan.

    Personalize your goals

    Alright, so I don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to fitness. If you're looking for an article about 'how to get a bikini body in 10 days', whatever that even is, you may want to look elsewhere. The human body is a miraculous configuration of natural engineering, each system just as fascinating as the last, and every single body contains a person with seemingly endless potential for compassion and creativity. So relax, because you're already beautiful! That being said, you know yourself and you know what you want to accomplish, fitness-wise. 
    Bike Family
    Even if you're already active, you can expect to be more so when you travel.

    It's even better to customize your goals to your travel plans. It's probable that your travel plans involve a certain amount of activity, whether you are kayaking the fjords of Norway or viewing the breathtakingly beautiful works of art in Rome. Even urban vacations that don't sound physically challenging will involve a lot of walking and climbing of steps. A little bit of extra cardio can go a long way, if you're just trying to avoid looking winded and dazed in your landmark selfies. Whatever you are planning to do, you can best prepare to by engaging in similar activities at home. In a lot of ways, this is cool, because it's like you're starting your vacation long before you embark. You may even find parts of your own town that you have never explored before.

    See a doctor

    As a holistic health practitioner, I would be remiss if I didn't encourage people to make decisions that are medically responsible. It's always a good idea to get a checkup before you travel, and any major changes in your diet or exercise regime should always be discussed with your primary care physician. Discuss your goals candidly to be sure they are realistic and safe. Depending on where you are traveling, you may even need certain vaccinations to protect you. Since air travel can put you in a closed space with many dozens of other people, and simultaneously weaken your immune system through stress, you want to be sure that you're as healthy as possible before you travel. Ample rest, moderate exercise and healthy foods will also go a long way toward keeping any sniffles from ruining your good times.

    Give yourself time

    Stir Fry Chef Healthy eating takes a little bit of time, but the results are as effective as they are delicious![/caption]The old adage is that Rome wasn't built in a day. I know that it took me an entire winter of pasta and long naps to pack on the extra 10 lbs that I don't particularly want to take with me on my next vacation. Similarly, unless I feel like making myself uncomfortable it will likely take about half of spring to dissolve it. No regrets, though! Never regret pasta or naps. The American Dietetic Association believes that severe calorie restrictions permanently alter your base metabolism and make long-term weight loss less sustainable, and sabotage your long term fitness goals. Excessive exercise after a period of sedentary activity can put you at risk for injury and puts wear and tear on knees and hips that you may want to use to explore the world for decades to come. I guess what I am saying is to keep your expectations reasonable for the timeline that you have.Similarly, there is a time commitment associated with healthy eating and exercise. A lot of people like to do food prep over the weekend so they will have healthy meals already planned out. You also need to commit the time to exercise classes, gym time, or neighborhood jogs. Not only does the extra effort support your vacation plans; it makes you feel vital and refreshed in the here and now.

    Make a playlist

    I am not saying that it takes a good and an anthemic power ballad to get fit, but it sure helped when Rocky Balboa was preparing to do battle with Apollo Creed. A well-curated playlist is a great way to raise your energy and keep your mind just busy enough while you exercise. When you are searching for your own 'Eye of the Tiger', look for songs that make you feel uplifted, powerful and motivated. This could mean pretty much any type of music from Mozart to Macklemore. Some people also just like to pull the headphones out and listen to the sounds of the world. Just go with what feels right for you. A really special thing to do might be to book concert tickets for your trip and include your chosen musician on your repertoire. This will remind you of how pumped you are for both travel and fitness. Cities throughout Europe, like London and Barcelona are frequent stops on most world tours.

    Reward yourself

    Jogging in London England Travel and fitness: both are always worth it![/caption]It can be helpful to reward yourself at regular intervals for reaching mini-goals. Outline a series of check points, and reward yourself for performance. If you stuck to a work-out schedule for two straight weeks, maybe that's worth a cool new outfit that will make you feel special in the outdoor cafes of Toulouse. If you reached a reasonable weight goal, maybe that's worth a really nice wheeled carry-on and a really good, high-end sun lotion. Regular positive reinforcement helps you stick to the plan, and the little luxuries that you choose can go toward making your vacation that much more special to you. And with the money you save by renting a car through Auto Europe, you can definitely justify a nice little splurge, or two!Travel is its own reward. So, too is healthy living. Both can take a little bit of planning but the outcome is always to your benefit. While you may want to talk to a personal trainer for more fitness ideas, you can always depend on Auto Europe to help you book the vacation of your dreams. Our expert reservationists are here 24/7 to help you save on car rentals in 130 countries throughout the world. Through the last six decades, we have specialized in partnering with industry leaders to ensure quality travel at a bargain. You can book your rental car on our intuitive website booking engine, or call us at 1-888-223-5555.


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